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special edition infected zombie kit mod
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Special Edition USA Made Infected Zombie Kit Mod

Though I don’t necessarily feel comfortable posting such an expensive device in the “vape deals” category, it is priced $100 cheaper than its original retail value.  Today I share with you the Special Edition USA Made Infected Zombie Kit Mod.  If you’re into authentic mods and you’re one of those die-hard zombie apocalypse fans (I love the walking dead, even though I know many of you feel it’s really soft core), then this Special Edition Infected Zombie Kit might be the perfect purchase for your collection.

This is the ultimate Zombie apocalypse survival kit and it comes with one of the most solid mods out there today. You are sure to survive the zombie apocalypse with this in hand. Don’t be the only one left behind, come and get “The Infected!” it may just save your life!

Damascus Steel is characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling, reminiscent of flowing water. Such metals are reputed to be extremely tough & resistant to shattering. The manufacturing of this mod requires very costly and rare material, but makes for an amazing look,unique feel and color that will leave any vaper incapable of comparison to any other Mechanical Mod.

This Product Features:

  • Smooth threads and close seams
  • 304 food grade stainless steel and brass
  • 145 (99% pure) tellurium copper contacts
  • Eliminates voltage drop and produces a smooth and continuous current for quality vapor
  • Magnetic switch
  • Zombie sniper scope top cap
  • Recessed firing button

You Will Receive:

  • 1x – Hand written certificate of authenticity
  • 1x – USA zombie hunter permit
  • 1x – Damascus Steel 18650 tube
  • 1x – Non-perishable food
  • 1x – First aid gauze
  • 1x – Glow sticks
  • 1x – “The Infected” Keychain
  • 1x – Zombie shoestring charm

Price: $249.95 (originally $349.99)


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