HCigar HB40 “Heartbeat” Mod Review
hcigar hb40 mod review
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HCigar HB40 “Heartbeat” Mod Review

The HB40 Mod or “Heartbeat” is possibly the first and most affordable China made mod utilizing an authentic Evolv DNA40 chip.  HCigar is highly known for the manufacturing of OEM and ODM products, as well as developing products for its own brand, such as the HB40.  What’s unique about the HB40 Mod is that it gives consumers the ability to own a device with an authentic Evolv DNA40 chip, without having to pay the large retail price that U.S. manufactures are demanding.  Let’s dive down and pick the HB40 apart in this HCigar HB40 “Heartbeat” Mod Review.

(I received the HB40 Mod for review from GearBest.com)


The HB40 comes in a nice clear plastic case, boldly showing off the HB40 Mod to the right and a retractable micro-USB charger to the left.  A foam piece surrounds both parts and a techy looking design covers the white foam.  On the backside of the case says “HB40” at the top, then just under it HCigar bluntly states “Heartbeat by Evolv”.  Just below that is an outlining of the HB40 Mod.

hb40 packaging

The device itself has a square shape, but all of the edges on it have been rounded off to feel comfortable in the hand.  However, I honestly don’t like that square/edged feel and prefer a more rounded feel.  The top of the device has a spring-loaded 510 center pin, the face of the HB40 has a cutout to the left where a plastic piece was inserted.  On this plastic piece is the fire button at the top, the OLED screen just under it and two tactile buttons that rest below.  To the left of the device is a micro-USB port and on the back says HB40 in large print.

Thoughts:  The HB40 looks fine… there’s nothing that can be said about it that is over the top as far as appearance goes, but there’s also nothing bad to say about it either.  I’m not sure how I was going to feel about the button placement, but as I began to use it, it felt really comfortable and I actually like where they’ve placed the screen.

Quality:  Obviously paying a lower price, you’re not going to get the best quality in the world, but what you’re getting is a good deal for its low price.  Just as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  However, in my opinion, it’s a great alternative to an rDNA40, Hana Modz or any of the other DNA40 devices.


hb40 mod


The HB40 features an aluminum body, a spring-loaded center pin, a unique button and screen placement, a magnetic battery door and it’s powered by an older authentic Evolv DNA40 chip, which has temperature control and allows the device to fire all the way up to 40 watts, it reads down to 0.16Ω with standard (Kanthal) wire and down to 0.10Ω using nickel wire for temperature control.  In addition, using temperature control, you can run from 200F to 600F.

Additional Features

  • Evolv DNA 40 Temperature Sensing
  • Power (Wattage) Lock
  • Screen Flip
  • Stealth Mode
  • Auto Resistance Check
  • Variable Wattage 1 – 40 Watts (0.1 increments)
  • USB Charging (Operates as a Passthrough)
  • Spring-loaded copper center pin
  • Stainless Steel Threads
  • Battery step-down function
  • Auto resistance identification
  • Magnet back cover
  • Accepts a single 18650 (not included)

hb40 magnetic battery door


Just like all other DNA40 devices, the HB40 performs just as well.  For some, 40 watts isn’t enough, but when using the main feature on the HB40, temperature control, 40 watts is plenty.  There was a connection issue inside of the device where the ground wire wasn’t screwed down to the device properly, but a quick tighten and it’s working just as any other DNA40 mod.  The temperature control feature works flawlessly and again, just like any other DNA40 device, it has one of the most consistent vapes currently on the market.

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