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Herakles Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Review
herakles sub-ohm clearomizer review
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Herakles Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Review

The Herakles Sub-Ohm Clearomizer by Sense has become a big hit within the vaping market here recently, but very few know much about the manufacturer that created it.  Shenzhen Sense Technology Co., is based out of Guangdong, China.  The company manufacturers original products, as well as acting as a wholesale distributor for other various products related to electronic cigarettes.  Sense Technology has been thriving from the electronic cigarette market, but hasn’t been in the public eye.  It has developed other products, such as the E Bull Mechanical Mod, but has really emerged into the spotlight with its latest creation, the Herakles.  Today, I’ll be reviewing just that, the Herakles Sub-Ohm Clearomizer.

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Though this tank has received a bit of hype, it isn’t reflected from its packaging one bit.  The reason why I say this is that, for the Herakles to be such a talked about sub-ohm clearomizer, its packaging is mediocre.  I would honestly expect more than the typical thick paper box with a black foam piece inside to hold the contents.  Obviously, the packaging doesn’t mean that the product is bad, but I personally think higher of a manufacturer when they devote more time to the presentation of a product.

herakles packaging

herakles foam


However, don’t let my thoughts on the packaging detour you from this device, because where the Herakles Clearomizer lacks in packaging appearance, it certainly makes up for with its own.  The Herakles has a stainless steel body and utilizes a pyrex glass tank.  It has a medium-sized 510 drip tip that sits on a staggered top base.  Just below that is the pyrex glass, then the bottom base and just below that is a ring for the adjustable airflow.  Covering the air holes are 3 heat sink fins, and at the very bottom is the bottom plate, which holds the 510 connection.


herakles sub-ohm clearomizer

Quality:  Being that the clearomizer is made of stainless steel, there’s obviously some durability there.  The threads are the main focus with these devices, as well as the o-rings and overall fitment.  The threads seem fine, both at the 510 connection and the base.  Additionally, the threading on the replacement coil seemed smooth as well.  The o-rings reminded me of an Aspire tank, so they were thick and placed very well, but I did notice on the base, when refilling the tank, the o-ring will stick to the bottom of the glass sometimes and may not seat right when inserting the base back on (be sure to keep an eye out for that).  The fitment of the device was fine… in fact, the o-ring (or grommet) stuck to the glass, then slipped off the glass without me knowing, and I placed the device back together without it.  Even without the o-ring, there was minimal leakage, but enough where I realized the dumb mistake I made.


Aside from the Herakles Clearomizer being made of stainless steel, it also features a pyrex glass tank that has a 3ml e-liquid capacity.  The tank also features adjustable airflow, which is very pleasing for those looking for big clouds, and has heat sink fins to disperse the heat from the device.  In addition, this tank has sub-ohm capabilities, so a 0.6Ω replacement coil is pre-installed and another provided as an extra.  This coil uses Japanese Organic Cotton, which is highly favored amonst the vaping market.

herakles coil


The Herakles’s 0.6Ω coil definitely performs well, and matched with the tanks large airflow, blowing large clouds is very easy.  The coil is rated for 50 to 75 watts and it will do that easy, without any wicking issues.  However, the vapor becomes so hot past 50 watts (showing 5.9 volts on the iStick 50w) that I didn’t enjoying going any higher.  Filling the Herakles with e-liquid is a pain in the ass, as there isn’t much room between the metal piece that surrounds the replacement coil and the glass.  You have a real small space to pour your e-liquid, so a needle bottle will work best, but I managed to use a normally dripper bottle fine.  Again, it’s just a pass in the ass and I rather not try to be precise when pouring my e-liquid into my tank.  The drip tip is pretty nice… it’s wide bore and insulted with delrin, so I didn’t have any issues with heat on my lips, no matter how high I took this device in wattage.  I’m pleased with the way this tank vapes, especially since I’m not getting any wicking issues at 50 watts.  There are plenty of sub-ohm tanks claiming to hit those high numbers, and they can, but do they wick properly is the question… and, the Herakles Sub-Ohm Clearomizer wicks just fine.

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