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Heatvape Defender 50W Box Mod – $44.99

The new Heatvape Defender is a fantastic new mod.  The device can fire up to 50w, it uses a single replaceable 18650 battery, has an OLED screen and supports 0.2 ohm.  With this deal, you’ll get a 50w device for a small $44.99.

  • Compatible with 510 thread (Spring loaded center pin)
  • Variable wattage from 5W to 50W
  • Variable voltage from 2V to 8V
  • Ohm capability: 0.2Ω to 3Ω
  • Replaceable 18650 batteries
  • Incremental OLED Screen
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Low-Voltage Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection

Price: $44.99


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  • I have had nothing but horrible experience with GearBest. First I tried to order a new Mod from them that said they had it in stock when I placed the order and paid for it. About a week later I received an email from them saying it was not only not in stock but was on back order. No apologies no nothing. I emailed them back and told them to cancel it (I wanted my new mod and decided to spend a few extra dollars and purchase it elsewhere). In response I received a second email saying it was out of stock and back ordered as if I’d never told them to cancel my order! I put in a dispute with my credit card company just in case there was an issue as this was the first time I’d ordered anything from them and once they learned of the dispute they cancelled my order and issued a credit within 2-3 days!
    Some time later they had a good deal on batteries so I ordered 4 batteries from them on June 2nd. I did not receive them until mid July! After several weeks had gone by and being unable to track the order with the number they supplied, I wrote to their customer service. It took three times before I got their pre-written bull answer that it may take up to 25-30 business days to receive their merchandise.
    When the 30 business days passed I wrote them again and asked them “Now what?” A week later I was told to use the tracking number to locate the package…I was finally able to get some information as the USPS finally had it. I received it within 4 days. I could not believe that GearBest sent the 4 batteries from SWEDEN to Massachusetts!! Sweden??? 4 simple batteries???
    I’ll never order from them again for fear of something like either issue happening again. Not only that but during the time I was waiting for the batteries, they were on sale for several dollars less on MANY sites (when everyone had their 4th of July sales!!). Sadly my money was already charged to my card by GearBest and I couldn’t afford to buy them twice, nor did I need 8 new batteries.
    I caution anyone who wants to order anything from them that they want or need quickly. I’m finding that many people have had similarly negative experiences with GearBest and others have had nothing but good experiences with them so I think each person has to decide if it’s worth taking a chance with them!! I know I won’t be ordering anything from them again.



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