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Motley Brew Announces 1000 Bottle E-Liquid Giveaway

Ready for the ultimate giveaway?  Good, because our great friends at Motley Brew just announced that they are giving away 1,000 30mL bottles of e-liquid away, for FREE!  Now, obviously you’re assuming there’s a catch, but there isn’t at all.  In fact, Motley Brew merely wants you to just try their e-liquid with no strings attached; no credit card required, no shipping fees, no likes… just a free bottle of e-liquid!  What are you waiting for?

After a tremendous reception to the soft launch at the World Vapor Expo in Miami, Motley Brew is ready to share its line of premium quality e-liquid with fans everywhere. To do so they are thrilled to announce what may be the biggest vape juice giveaway of all time: 1000 30ml bottles all available to be claimed today. Anyone can grab a free bottle of what is sure to be the hottest new e-liquid line of 2015.

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The 1,000 bottle giveaway is available exclusively on the Motley Brew website at

Note: There are absolutely no strings attached; no credit card is required, no shipping fees are added, no Facebook likes are needed. The only restrictions are that vapers that wish to get a bottle must be US residents over the age of 18.

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