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UD Clapton Wire Review
ud clapton wire review
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UD Clapton Wire Review

The Clapton coil is essentially the base of all complex coils, so in order to step up your coil building game and to start building very intricate coils, you’ll need to know how to build the Clapton coil.  However, if you’re like me and fumble on that build, then the next best option is to use pre-made Clapton wire that is made by UD (Youde).  Feel free to watch the video I’ve provided at the top of this post, where I review the UD Clapton wire and show you how to build a dual coil with the Clapton wire and show you how well this wire performs.

ud clapton wire


The UD Clapton wire is made with Kanthal A1 round wire, its inner wire is 26g and the outer wire is 32g.  The Clapton wire comes in a black plastic spool and is 15ft long.  This wire is thick, being that it is a combination of 26g and 32g, making it rather easy to work with since it’s strong.

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clapton build


The Clapton wire is great, it holds liquid well and performs great.  This wire is great for flavor, but even better for producing big clouds.  Since you’re using a combination of the two wire gauges, it does take a bit of time to ramp up, so if you’re wanting those quick hits, you probably won’t like this wire too much.  However, once ramped up, you can quickly feel the thickness of the vapor.

clapton vapor production

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