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Tesla Hits The Market Hard With New Stunning Mods

Though Tesla has been around since 2010, for the most part, the brand has been highly overlooked since it struggled to release a truly innovative device to capture the majority of the vaping audience.  However, things are a’changing as Tesla hits the market hard with new stunning mods.

Indeed, we’ve seen Tesla in the past create intriguing devices, the “Tesla” and Sidewinder being some of the most popular, but not enough to really capture an audience like its competitors, and it’s apparent that Tesla understands that quite well.  This assumption comes from its latest burst of new and innovative products that are beginning to turn some heads and place the brand on the map.  With manufacturers research and design departments working vigorously around the clock to produce the next greatest device to the vaping market, the Tesla brand has quite the ladder to climb to compete with leading brands, such as Pioneer4You, Kanger, Sigelei, and others. But, we have a strong feeling we’ll start seeing more devices and better designs emerge from this company that’s destined to catapult it into that leading list.  Below we’re going to list some hot, new and innovative devices being released into the mod market from Tesla.

Tesla 80W TC Starter Kit

tesla 80w tc starter kit
Tesla 80W TC

Hot on the heels of the iPV D2 is the 80W TC Starter Kit by Tesla.  The Tesla 80W TC is constructed of Zinc Alloy, delivers optional colors with a metal flake paint job and sports quite the appealing design.  It has a quick access battery cover, holds a single 18650 and features an OLED screen.  Furthermore, it packs up to 80 watts of vaping power, can fire down as low as 0.05Ω while using temperature control and 0.15 while using a standard wire coil.  To make this package complete, the Tesla Tornado Sub-Ohm Tank is included, which comes pre-installed with a 0.4Ω coil and has an optional 0.2Ω coil.  This starter kit comes complete with the Tesla 80W TC mod, the Tesla Tornado Tank with a pre-installed 0.40Ω coil, as well as an optional 0.20Ω coil.  Moreover, the kit comes with an additional battery cover, a USB charging cable and a user manual.

Authors Thoughts: The Tesla 80W looks fantastic, was designed with comfort in mind and has a battery cover similar to the iPV D2, which makes replacing the battery a breeze.  It packs a very reasonable 80 watts, can fire down super low ohms, has temperature control and comes with the Tornado sub-ohm tank as a complete starter kit.  Did I mention that the Tesla 80W TC looks fantastic too? – I see this kit easily becoming a top seller within the vaping market.


Tesla Nano 100W TC Starter Kit

tesla nano 100w tc starter kit
Tesla Nano 100W TC

Simplistic in design, yet fancy with its colorful flake finished paint job, the Tesla Nano 100W TC is certainly a pleasing sight to look at.  This device is constructed of Zinc Alloy, giving it a hefty feel.  Having a weighted feel to it, it backs it up by offering a large 4500mAh internal battery and produces up to 100 watts of vaping power.  It utilizes two buttons at the top of the button, and one large one on the side, which is followed by an OLED screen.  As a starter kit, this package comes complete with the Tesla Tornado Sub-Ohm Tank that features a pre-installed 0.40Ω coil and an optional 0.20Ω coil.  To fire these two, the Tesla can reach a resistance as low as 0.15Ω with a normal coil and 0.05Ω with a Nickel 200 or Titanium coil.  This starter kit comes complete with the Tesla 100W TC mod, the Tesla Tornado Tank with a pre-installed 0.40Ω coil, as well as an optional 0.20Ω coil.  In addition, the kit comes with a USB charging cable and a user manual.

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Authors Thoughts: Another new, simplistic, yet very appealing device made by Tesla.  The Tesla Nano 100W TC comes as a complete starter kit offering you everything you’ll need to start vaping like a champ.  It delivers an incredible amount of power, has a large battery life, has the markets latest technology – temperature control, and even comes with Tesla’s Tornado sub-ohm tank.  You really can’t go wrong with this setup.


Tesla Metal 160W TC Mod

Tesla Metal and Wood 160W TC Mod
Tesla Metal 160W TC / Tesla Wood 160W TC

Featured with two color options and one that sports a carbon fiber panel that acts as a magnetic battery door, the Tesla Metal 160W TC mod offers a stealthy appearance with a bit of flare.  Where it lacks in being bedazzled, it surely makes up for by delivering a massive 160 watts of vaping power.  Furthermore, you won’t find yourself lacking one bit with the Tesla Metal, as it offers the latest temperature control feature with MOSFET protection.  It can back up its large power offering by coming with enough room to house two 18650 batteries.  So that it’s compatible with all tanks currently on the market, the Tesla Metal 160W TC can fire down as low as 0.08Ω in temperature mode, and a low 0.15Ω in normal mode, and has a temperature range of 200F to 600F.  Additionally, the Tesla 160W TC also comes in another version, where its housing is made of real wood with a Red Wood and Dark Wood option.  That version comes complete with the same features as the Tesla Metal.

Authors Thoughts: The Tesla Metal looks pleasing none the less, especially the carbon fiber version.  However, the Tesla Wood easily takes the cake and offers bragging rights because of its uniqueness.  Either device packs a large amount of power, holds two 18650 batteries, features temperature control and has MOSFET protection.  This is one serious device that will easily become the highlight of your vaping experience.

Where: GET IT HERE (Tesla Metal 160W TC Mod)

Where: GET IT HERE (Tesla Wood 160W TC Mod)

Tesla 200W TC Mod

tesla 200w tc mod
Tesla 200W TC

Boasting an aluminum construction, a corrosion resistant body and panels that are made of carbon fiber, the ultra-lightweight Tesla 200W TC Mod is a pleasing device to own.  It looks merely stunning with the carbon fiber panels that act as a battery cover for two 18650 batteries that it houses.  Stealthy, simplistic, yet beautiful all in one will sum up this guy.  However, there’s more to it than looks.  It’s capable of reaching up to 200 watts of raw vaping power, it comes packed with the latest technology – temperature control, which ranges from 200F to 600F, and can fire resistances as low as 0.08Ω, making it compatible with just about every tank currently on the market.

Authors Thoughts: It’s obvious the Tesla 200W TC mod has the looks – I don’t know what it is about carbon fiber covering a body that holds up to 200W of power, but it definitely makes you feel some type of way.  This little monster not only looks good, but it will perform great, and even features temperature control, which has become a must in today’s devices.  If you’re looking for a mod that has met that medium of gaudy and modest, then the Tesla 200W TC is an excellent choice.


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