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Juice Ragz Review
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Juice Ragz Review

I was recently contacted by and they’ve asked me to share my thoughts of the product with you.  Though I never imagined I’d end up reviewing a… well, rag, I do believe it has some benefit to it, even though it’s merely a rag.  As you all know, we use paper towels religiously.  And, if you’re a vaper, you know that no matter how great your seals are on your atomizer or tank, and no matter if you close off every single hole on your tank, e-liquid somehow manages to find a way to make it onto your mod and create a mess.  This is where Juice Ragz step in!



These juice ragz look great, especially when you order a custom one. sent me a custom juice rag with my logo on it, which I of course love.  However, if you’re not looking to pay $12.99 for a custom rag, you can go with something a little cheaper, like their pre-designed rags, which costs just $3.99.  These rags come in a 12×12 size and are small enough to carry along in your pocket or for those emergency moments in your car.


With a custom rag, you can have pretty much anything printed onto it.  Now, with the pre-designed rags that are much cheaper, you have a choice of up to 50 designs.  These juice ragz are made of 100% polyester, they’re machine washable, and are made in the United States.  I mean, there isn’t much to this, it’s a rag… but, it also eliminates the need of having to use paper towels, so it’s eco-friendly, they soak up e-liquid pretty good, and they look cool in the process.

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