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Vapor Tech Moto Plus Sub-Ohm Starter Kit
moto plus sub-ohm starter kit review
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Vapor Tech Moto Plus Sub-Ohm Starter Kit

Today we will be bringing you a first look and overview of the Vapor Tech Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter kit.  This 50 watt device with smart coil technology decides the optimal power for the size of the coil you install.  There is no guessing game of trying to figure out the sweet spot, the device does it for you.  We received the device, took it out of the box and gave it a spin for 12 hours.  This is not a long-term review but what a user can expect when purchasing the Moto Plus from Vapor Tech.

First LookSnapshot_20151105_2

At first glance, the Moto Plus from Vapor Tech could honestly be mistaken for a mechanical tube mod with a matching tank attached to the top.  My first thought when I took this out of a large package that was delivered in the mail was actually who is selling a tube and tank combination..  It took about 30 seconds of reading to get my initial shock and anger to turn into intrigue,  if this device could deliver what was promised on the back of the box it may be something I use on a regular basis.  From  a choice of 4 colors: dark blue, white, black and shocking pink, I had received the dark blue.  The regulated mod, tank and drip tip all matched beautifully, the only thing breaking from the coated exterior was the brushed aluminum finish around the top of the tank, the airflow control and the base of the battery unit.  The small button on the side of the tube is reminiscent of an ego button from way back when, but in all honesty, that is about as close to a starter kit that this beast comes.

In the plastic case you will find:

  • 1 x Moto battery
  • 1 x Moto tank system
  • 1 x 0.5 Ω coil
  • 1 x 0.3 Ω coil
  • 1 x warranty card
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x user manual

The Moto Tank System

Simplicity is key for this whole device.  The 4 millilitre tank is ample for a few of hours, during 8 hours of solid use I filled the tank twice.  It is 22 mm wide and sits flush with the base unit.  As a sub ohm tank, you would expect airflow and this does not disappoint.  A twist ring around the bottom reveals massive airflow channels on each side, while the ring clicks to give you an idea of which of the airflow options are being used.  The vertical coils have juice flow ports that are on par with many of the top-selling sub ohm tanks currently on the market.   I put Max VG juice into the system, just to see how many hits it would take to get the dry hits going.  It is set up so well I managed to empty a tank of 90% vg e-liquid without it missing a beat.  The fact that this tank allows for great juice flow and massive airflow means that the clouds you get are consistently think and creamy.

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The Moto Battery System

They may call it a battery pack, I call it a pretty impressive mod.  The fact that it automatically adjusts wattage depending on the size of coil you are using is a great plus point for beginners who are getting used to the idea of vaping and experienced vapers alike.  Place a high-end APV into the hands of a new vaper and the learning curve is so steep they have gone through 5 coils before they know whats going on.  There are no guessing games with the Moto, even if you don’t use it with the tank, it will self regulate wattage as it fires down to a low of 0.2 Ω.  The system uses a built-in battery pack, 2600 MAH, which is charged through a micro usb port at the bottom of the device.  Although the manufacturers say it can be used while being charged using pass through technology this is something I never recommend on any device.  A full charge will last 6-7 hours of moderate vaping.  5 clicks turns you on, then its fire at will until you see the white light surrounding the fire button turn red.  At that point, plug the usb cord into a socket rated at a maximum of 1.5 Amps and wait for the red light to go off.  The system has built-in protection to prevent over charging, so as long as you don’t try to use a 5 Amp charger, the device will keep you happy for a while.


24 hours and 6 full tanks of e-liquid in, the device seems solid.  It hasn’t failed to fire once (except when the battery told me it needed to be recharged and exchanging the tank for an rda built to 0.44Ω gave it no problems at all.  Although this is a new acquisition I believe I would recommend it to a new vaper.

As always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!

About the author

Daniel Hall

Avid Vaper, advocate and cloud chaser. Writer for 3 vaping websites and broadcaster/presenter as Vapin Demon on Coast 2 Coast Vapers.
Originally from Manchester, England, I got bored one day and moved to the USA.
Vaping saved my life and my aim is to save as many others as I can.


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  • my motoplus’s white light stays on and I can not get it to turn off. I have had it less than a week…. What do I do?

    • While I have not encountered this problem personally, I have contacted VaporTech to see if they have any input as to the cause and solution to the problem.

  • Hi Daniel, do you know if the tank that comes with this mod has compatibility with any other coils other than the moto ones?

    Any help appreciated.


    • Tom, I know that the coils from the Playboy Vixen tank work perfectly with the system, but as far as I am aware, these are standard Vapor Tech coils.

  • FYI I’ve had this for a week. The stock tank won’t even fire anymore, no matter how hard i crank down on the atomizer. The kanger sub tank mini i have works but i can’t tighten then tank all the way down. If I do i get three flashing white lights and then the battery shuts off. This requires me to have the tank loosely attached to the battery. I’m gonna try and return this device shortly. Def not happy with it.

    • the tank is not busted. under the coil the 510 pin is adjustable just screw it in a little further until you see it protrude very slightly from the 510 screw

  • My moto just recently stoped working. I was on my way back home and my vape lit up red so I waited to get home so that I could get it on the charger. Once I put it on the charger it flashes white twice then the light completely went out instead of glowing red. Its been 2 hours and it still hasn’t charged and only lights up when I press the button.

    • The battery may be gone in it. Move on to a nice box mod. There are plenty of cheap box mod starter kits that are available, check the vaping deals section here at GuideToVaping.

  • I have had mine for less than a week and I just experienced the worst burn! I really miss my subvod that I lost. I should have just gotten another one, but the lady told me this was better. I’m very satisfied with the smoke and flavor, but this is the 2nd problem I’ve had in a few days.

  • The white light is stuck on! It still shuts off and the red light comes on, but how do I get the white light to turn off?

    • Sounds like a defect. You’ve clicked the button 5 times to turn the device off, and it still stays on?

      • No, it still shuts on and off and now it doesn’t work at all. Went to my local vape shop and they said it was a defect in the wiring so I need to go to the store I bought it from and use my warranty

        • Ah, I see. Well, I’m sorry that you’re having so many issues with it. As you know, these are electronic devices and aren’t always perfectly made, nor do they always hold up to our everyday abuse and elements. I hope everything works out for you.

  • Mine is completely charged but the red light won’t go off…. I’m able to vape but the red light stays on. Also it leaks terribly! Any ideas??

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know what is causing the red light to stay on. I would contact the store you purchased it from you gather more information on that issue. As far as the leaking, make sure that the coil head is screwed in all the way. Also, check the o-rings on the coil and tank and see if they’re warn out. If you’ve already changed to a new coil and it’s still leaking, it might be that your liquid is really thin. You can try purchasing e-liquid with a higher viscosity (thick e-liquid, high vg).

  • I ordered this unit online and just got it yesterday charged it up, filled it up and hit the button. This is my first sub ohm coil, but it sounds like I’m popping pop corn. Is this normal?

  • I just bought this and I love it. I love how it fits in my pocket compared to my other bigger vape. It does get hot pretty quickly but not hot enough that it hurts me. This is my new full time vape. Tastes great. So far I haven’t any issues with the light or leaking.

  • ive ha dmy vape or less than a month and in the past two weeks my red light hasnt gone off. its charged and im still able to vape off of it but the light just wont go away . any idea why



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