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Kanger Nebox All-In-One Starter Kit Review
kanger nebox starter kit review
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Kanger Nebox All-In-One Starter Kit Review

There have been only a handful of manufacturers that attempted the all-in-one design, but none lived up to the hype they produced.  However, Kanger has recently released yet another mod into their arsenal that features all the latest bells and whistles that us consumers have been waiting for in an all-in-one device.  Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Kanger Nebox All-In-One Starter Kit, which I received from Direct Vapor.


The Kanger Nebox looks outstanding, being themed in a light blue color, while black accent are used throughout the device.  The top of the device holds just a black 510 drip tip with what seems to be a black plastic material covering the top.  I’m not quite sure why Kanger chose to use a plastic material for that top piece, but I’m sure there had to be a viable reason.  The front of the device has the Kanger logo cutout, to the side of it says Kangertech, then the backside of the device says NEBOX.

nebox mod

The left side of the device has a small black round fire button, below it is an OLED screen, then just below that are the small plus and minus buttons, as well as a micro-USB charging port. The opposite side displays a large window that indicates how much e-liquid is in the tank.  The bottom of the device has to parts that you can unscrew, one to get into the tank and the other to get into the battery compartment.  Both can be unscrewed using a quarter.


If you’re looking for features, you’ll definitely find it with the Kanger Nebox Starter Kit.  Not only does the Nebox have an all-in-one design, meaning that the tank is built into the mod, but you’re also getting a 10mL e-liquid capacity within that tank.  On the face of the device there is a Kanger logo cutout, which not only displays your battery color, but also acts as ventilation for the device.

What’s even more fascinating about this device is that it has 60 watts of vaping power and is packed with temperature control.  The temperature control feature will help increase your battery life, while also reducing e-liquid consumption, as well as reducing the potential of dry hits.  Now, the Nebox comes with a new SSOCC Nickel 0.15Ω coil for temperature control, and a new SSOCC 0.5Ω for wattage mode, as well as an RBA head to allow you to build your own coils.  However, I prefer the older OCC Vertical coil and the gClapton coils from Atom Vapes.


nebox 10ml e-liquid tank

If you plan on using temperature control, you’ll have the ability to use an Ni200 or Titanium mode, and choosing which mode you want to go in is quite easy.  The device also has quite a few memory settings, but it’s more of a headache in my opinion… I rather just manual change my settings to whatever coil I’m using at the time.  And, last but not the least, the Nebox is also powered by a single 18650 battery.  Now, I know many of you aren’t into single battery devices, but there are plenty of 18650 batteries out there that have up to 3500mAh for longer battery life.  I personally went out and purchased the purple IMREN 3000mAh batteries and they’re working great (I plan to get the 3500mAh IMREN’s soon).


When it comes to the performance, the Nebox easily has that under control. If you’ll look at the video in this post, you’ll see that I’m blowing large clouds with little effort.  I like the way the Nebox performs, it’s a lot like the SubTank Mini, except with a little bit more airflow.  If you’ve read/watched any of my past reviews, you’ll know that I’m always using the SubTank Mini, as I love the way they perform.  With the Nebox, I’m getting the best of all worlds, very compact design, awesome appearance, temperature control, and plenty of power.

nebox vapor

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