Pioneer4You iPV5 200W Mod
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Pioneer4You iPV5 200W Mod

Pictures have made their way through social networks, claiming the Pioneer4You iPV5 will be released and available soon.  However, after doing some research on this device, it seems as if there are two different versions of the supposed iPV5 Mod floating around the web.  One version looks similar to the past iPV4 Mod, while the other carries quite the different appearance.  I haven’t received a confirmation yet on which is an authentic iPV5 device.

However, we do know that the Pioneer4You iPV5 will store up to 200 watts of vaping power, it of course utilizes a YiHi chip, houses two 18650 batteries (sold separately), and it has temperature control.

Origin Vape, Ecigarette Empire, and Vaporizers Distributor says claims that this is the new iPV5:



While Efun Top and Eciggity claims that this is the new iPV5:


At this point, I’m not sure who has the true iPV5 200W Mod, but out of the two, I like the large screen the most.  However, the second picture looks more like something Pioneer4You would actually manufacture.  When whichever device becomes available and I get more information on it, this post will be updated with links on where you can purchase it.  If you have any information before then, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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  • Ugh, the 1st picture is hideous! God, please don’t let it be that one as I just preordered it lol I love the 2nd picture (obviously)…..

  • The IPV5 Is on the market now, you can purchase them on Ebay already, the pictures are also now confirmed and also viewable on the Internet or Ebay!!!

  • I purchased the IPV 5 over a year ago, It works great, mine had fallen a few times quiet hard and still works. I do beleif there is a short in it from all the damage done from constantly getting knocked over or dropped. The fire trigger would work then all of a sudden stop and i would ahve to repress it to get my hit. Sometimes it stalled right in the middle of a hit, just became a little bit of a pain…. So i replaced it with an IPV5. I figure if the first one could last that long and that much damage this is an extremely solid product. Im a little forgetful how to access the control panels but i figure it out after a few moments. love it!



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