WudBX WUD Real Wood Skins Review
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WudBX WUD Real Wood Skins Review


If you’re looking to completely transform your device into a true natural beauty that you know it can become, WUD offers real wood skins for some of the most popular devices on the vaping market.  This company was nice enough to send me a WUD Skin for my SX Mini M-Class, and another for my X Cube 2.  Before tackling this review, I wanted to install the wood skin onto my M-Class, and later for this review, I would show off the skin, and how to properly apply it to your device.  As always, you can enjoy this review in both written and in video.

Note: This product was sent by WudBX.com for reviewing purposes.


The WUD Real Wood Skins look outstanding.  The natural and real wood definitely has a way of transforming your device into something that gives off an appearance of a true natural beauty.  What’s impressive about this is that it isn’t some wood look-alike… it’s a real thin slice of wood that has the ability to bend and perfectly fit the shape of your mod.

x cube 2 wud skin


Applying the WUD Skin to the X Cube 2 was fairly simple.  However, when you’re stuck behind a camera and large microphone, it certainly made things a bit more difficult.  When I wasn’t bombarded by video equipment and was able to get closer to the device, it was a quick and easy process to apply the WUD Skin to my SX Mini M-Class.


sx mini m-class wud skin

There is one thing to really note about applying this skin – once you stick it, it’s there, and since it’s real wood, if you mess up and try to pull it off, the skin will break apart.  Let this be a warning before you purchase, ensure that you take the time applying this skin and also ensure that when you apply it, you always use the bottom of your device as the guide.

wud skin break


These skins are great!  When I first received these skins I was blown away that someone actually made “real” wood skins for our devices.  I understand that there are vinyl skins out there that have a wood appearance, but trust me, there’s nothing quite like this real wood skin.  Once it’s on your device it gives it a whole new look, a different feel, and makes it appear more unique and high-end.

Great product for sure WUD, and thank you for letting me share it with the Guide To Vaping viewers!

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    • Over time? I don’t know yet. I put these skins on devices that I honestly never use anymore. I update to using a new device so often, I doubt I’d ever be able to put one of these skins through any long-time use to answer your question, unfortunately. However, they are real wood and I don’t know if they’re actually coated with anything to protect them – it didn’t really feel like it was.




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