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Top 5 Best Regulated Mods – February 2016
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Top 5 Best Regulated Mods – February 2016

3. Wismec Vapor Flask Classic

If you’re familiar with the original Vapor Flask, then you may want to know that Vape Forward was the company behind the innovative product.  The original Vapor Flask was an amazing device and offered the most comfortable design.  Although many believe the flask design was made to fit the hand, it was actually made to go along with the curvature of a person’s hip, which is why the original and appropriate name is “hip flask”.  The hip flask dates all the way back to the 18th century and was used to hold a small amount of liquid.  Not only did the hip flask have a comfortable feel on someone’s hip, but it also lined the inside portion of the hand in a resting position.  And, that’s just one of the reasons why this particular design became popular so quickly when it was released by Vape Forward as a modified device.

Vape Forward Vapor Flask Classic: Powered By WismecHowever, the original Vapor Flask carried a hefty price that many vapers weren’t too enthused with.  This is what led Vape Forward and Wismec to partner up.  With the incredible design of Vape Forward’s Vapor Flask and Wismec’s proprietary chipset, the Vapor Flask Classic was born, featuring that same appealing and comfortable design, but a huge reduction when it comes to the cost.


Though a nice feel, great looks, and a reasonable price will result in a purchase that can be understood, the Vapor Flask Classic also has some features packed inside that are worth mentioning.  For example, this beauty gives the ability to range from 1 watt and up to 150 watts.  And remember, this is a Wismec designed chipset, so like most of its recently released mods, this one too offers an upgradeable firmware.  If it’s the latest tech you seek, it has that too.  The Vapor Flask Classic features temperature control spread through three modes: Ni200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel.  While using the temperature control feature, you can fire atomizers down to 0.05Ω and range in temperature from 200 to 600 degrees.  Other notable features includes the three button control face, which holds the signature Vapor Flask rounded firing button, the two adjustment buttons that have been aligned with the facing, a micro-USB port, and an OLED display screen that has a two line organization.  And last but not the least, the Wismec Vapor Flask Classic has the ability to hold dual 18650 batteries, which are ran in series, and sealed in the battery compartment by a magnetic battery cover.

There’s just something about holding this device that feels perfect.  Maybe it’s the 18th century kidney design, maybe it’s the knowledge that a whopping 150 watts rests just below your fingertip on a rounded firing button, or maybe… just maybe it’s knowing that you’re getting all of this for an unbelievably low price.  Whatever the case may be, you’re in for quite the experience with the all new Wismec Vapor Flask Classic by Vape Forward.  Get the new Wismec Vapor Flask Classic at the link below!

Wismec Vapor Flask Classic: GET IT HERE

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