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Scientists Say To Avoid Dry Burning Coils


Nearly one year ago, a scientist began focusing his attention on materials vapers use, resulting in the scientist recommending that dry burning coils should be avoided.  Dr. Farsalinos originally brought attention to this topic and was the scientist who showed concern of dry burning coils.  He expressed this concern during an interview on May 22nd, 2015 and followed with an in-depth explanation, along with the help of Pedro Carvalho – a material sciences expert with a background on metal structure, composition and degradation.

There are some of you that aren’t familiar with the term, so please let us explain.  Dry burning is a term used for describing the act of preparing a coil for use.  This process consists of the user applying power to a bare coil without wicking material or e-liquid being present.  Once the power has been applied to the coil, it would then heat up to a level in which the coil will glow red.  Users will dry burn a coil for several reasons:

  • To eliminate any potential hot spots.
  • To clean the wire from manufacturing residuals.
  • To help stiffen and form the coil.

The scientists share that even though dry burning a coil wouldn’t make vaping worse than smoking, it will increase the risk of releasing potentially harmful compounds that may be inhaled by the user.

If you were one that would want to avoid this dry burning process, Dr. Farsalinos and Pedro Carvalho shared alternative measures that could be taken, such as “spending some time making a new coil rather than cleaning a used coil using dry-burns. If you want to remove residues from the manufacturing process of the wires, you can use alcohols and water to clean the wire before preparing the coil. If you feel the setup could result in hot spots, it will make little difference if you decrease your power levels by few watts, or spend more time preparing the coil appropriately.”

The blog recently brought birth back to this topic and touched base on a new alternative that’s beginning to gain more traction within the vaping market, which is heating elements made of ceramic.  Jérôme Harlay of PGVG says “the testing of such elements is underway and results may be made public shortly. On paper, such material appears to be a safer option compared to alloys or metals.”

Though this topic was originated nearly a year ago, one might wonder if it has changed how some vapers prepare their coils for use.  Since this rise in ceramic heating elements, does it look like this will solve an issue that has seemingly been swept under the rug?  Until further research has been made public, it’s simply speculation, but it is beginning to seem as if the market is slowly gravitating to the use of this new product.

The truth is, there are many topics that relate to one’s just like this.  We must understand that even though we believe that vaping as a whole is perfect, it most certainly isn’t.  This industry is still very new, and by taking up vaping you are subject to an experimental process just like those before you.  At one time we were subject to blue foam methods, removing the bridges from disposable atomizers, and we thought LR (low resistance; 1.5Ω etc) atomizers offered the best experiences, but even though those methods and uses were great then, we’ve come to learn that they are easily less than perfect.  By continuing to blossom with this industry, its marketplace, and its uses, we are making way for those that follow in our footsteps.

I’m not saying that you are being forced to vape under these conditions; you make your own choices in what you do with your body.  However, I am telling you that we’re still learning about vaping as we move forward, manufacturers are continuously striving to develop the best products, and as a vaper in this day and time, you must come to terms with the information that is available to us now.

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