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Vapors Anonymous Milk Of The Gods E-Liquid Review
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Vapors Anonymous Milk Of The Gods E-Liquid Review


Today, we will be taking a quick look at Vapors Anonymous Milk Of The Gods by Vape Craft Inc.  If this is not a label or flavor profile you are familiar with, don’t worry.  In the next couple of minutes, I will give you a brief rundown of the company and tell you about their products more importantly Milk Of The Gods.

Note: Vape Craft Inc sent this product in for reviewing purposes.

Who’s Vapors Anonymous?

vapors_anonymous_logoAs amazing as that would be as a company name, Vapors Anonymous is actually a product line from Vape Craft Inc.  Dedicated to bringing amazing new flavors to the public at a low price point, they have set themselves a lofty goal.  Being in business since 2013 shows that they are not the new kids on the block and that they aren’t just here to make a quick buck and run.  They actually sent me 3 flavors to try, the other 2 being from the Vape Craft line, which will be up for review in the next couple of days.  This is a company who actually believes that the price of e-liquid is too high and are looking to bring it down.  Looking out for the consumer is always a plus point in my book, and this company is literally putting its money where its mouth is.


When it comes to packaging, we all know what a glass bottle with a dripper looks like.   The product was wrapped in a tamper seal to show that the product reached the consumer without interference from any outside source and was still intact as the factory intended.  The only downside to the bottle was the fact that it was clear glass, from a UV protection standpoint I prefer to see green or brown glass, but judging on the contents of this bottle I doubt it would ever sit on a shelf for any length of time.  The label is bold and simple,


The label is bold and simple, you can see the contents of the bottle and the nicotine strength from across the room.  The only way you could possibly ever get mistaken as to the contents is to have it mixed with 30 other bottles in a light less room.  The dripper works well and retains its seal.  There are many companies who have caps that will work themselves loose over time and this does not appear to be one of them.  It is solid and child resistant.


The product appeared to look almost like runny honey in color and consistency.  As this is the Milk Of The Gods, anything other than the appearance of nectar would have been a disappointment.


The profile of the e-liquid is as follows:

“A splash of flavor from the drink beholden to the Gods as sacred! For millions of years, this drink has enriched the youth and has re-vitalized the elder.  The Gods have once again given us an extraordinary drink to quench our thirst and better yet our vape. A creamy cinnamon flavored rice milk passing to your lips and touching the tip of your tongue is something your taste buds will crave.  Experience a flavor made for the Gods.  This juice tastes like the famous mexican drink, horchata with a hint of caramel and our secret nectar sauce.”

In my opinion, the sweet flavor of the caramel and rice milk are perfect on the inhale, the flavor of the cinnamon is so slight that if you didn’t know it was in there you would probably miss it.  It is on the exhale and the scent as you blow it out that the cinnamon really comes into its own.  The truth of the matter is that it was so hard to decide if I liked this flavor that I vaped 20mls in 2 hours – just kidding, I absolutely LOVED IT!

Some of the reviews I read said that it was a cinnamon toast crunch flavor, but in my humble opinion, this has a much more nuanced flavor and if this is what horchata tastes like – I need some in my life.

Vapor Production

I ran the e-liquid through an RDA (0.25 Ω between 60 and 120 watts) and TFV4 (0.17 Ω between 60 and 120 watts) and the cloud production remained consistent throughout the test.  Each hit was billowy and creamy.  More to the point as the temperature rose the liquid did not lose any of its flavor profile.

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Originally from Manchester, England, I got bored one day and moved to the USA.
Vaping saved my life and my aim is to save as many others as I can.

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