CoilArt Coil Kit Review & Giveaway
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CoilArt Coil Kit Review & Giveaway


It’s great having many tank options, but there are many manufacturers that release tanks with limited coil options.  CoilArt solves this issue by now providing plenty of coil options to turn your favorite tank into the beast that it wasn’t meant to be.  If you want to get the most out of your tank, be sure to read or watch this CoilArt Coil Kit Review!

Note: I’m giving away the CT BVC Kit and the CT CL Kit.  In order to participate in the giveaway, you must go to the CoilArt video: @GuideToVaping on YouTube and follow through with the instructions that was stated in the video.


As far as the appearance goes, there’s not too much to say being that, well… it’s just a coil head.  The CoilArt Coil’s look pretty much the same as what you would receive from the manufacturer for your tank, except its inner-workings are obviously different.  However, there is one thing that I like and can mention in the appearance section of this review, and that is that these coil’s are stamped with the CoilArt name/logo, and they have clear indication of what type of coil it is, as well as the maximum recommended wattage.

coilart coils


The features section is filled with plenty.  This Coil Kit by CoilArt is truly a game changer to say the least.  It’s literally a kit that is devoted to offering you the best experiences, and many of them at that, that you can get from your current tank.  There are 3 different coil packs in this kit: the TC Combo, the Clapton Combo, and the Twisted Combo.  Each pack offers a slew of different coil types, and one’s that you would normally only see installed in an RDA.


  • CT OCC
    • Nebox
    • SubVod
    • SubTank
    • SubTank Plus
    • SubTank Mini
    • SubTank Nano
    • And, of course compatible with the new TopTank etc.
  • CT BVC
    • Atlantis
    • Atlantis 2
    • Triton
    • Vixen
    • Vixen Mini
    • Melo 2
    • iJust 2
    • cCell Tank
    • Herakles
    • X Tank
  • CT CL
    • Tron (eVic Kit)
    • eGo One

coils for giveaway

The List:

  • TC Combo
    • Titanium Coil
    • Ni200 Coil
    • NiTi Clapton Coil
    • TiNi Clapton Coil
    • 316L SS Clapton Coil
  • Clapton Combo
    • Tiger Coil
    • 24GA Clapton Coil
    • 26GA Clapton Coil
    • Alien Clapton Coil
    • Fused Clapton Coil
  • Twisted Combo
    • Hive Coil
    • Twisted Coil
    • Mix Twisted Coil
    • Flat Twisted Coil
    • Quad Twisted Coil

So, as you see there are plenty of different options to truly transform your tank into a beast.  If you think your old tank is a dud because the manufacturer lacks in offering multiple coil options, like the TFV4, then you’re in for a world of an awakening with this CoilArt Coil Kit!


For someone like myself, I’m not huge on a lot of change on the products that I use.  However, I found using and even switching to these coils to be quite easy.  The 26GA Clapton is what I have sitting in my Kanger TopTank Mini and I absolutely love it!  Though I’m not too fond of the slow ramp up time from 26GA at a lower wattage, the vape that it offers, with both the flavor and vapor, makes it all worth it.  I’ve only used just this one coil so far, but I’m definitely diggin it in my daily tank.  I look forward to exploring the rest of these coils — which will take me quite a while.

coilart vapor

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  • Really really enjoyed this review. Sure want to try these out! I too haven’t been overly impressed with what’s being offered but I’m gonna give these a shot! Good information as always.



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