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Hannya Postless RDA by Blitz Enterprises
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Hannya Postless RDA by Blitz Enterprises


The Hannya RDA by Blitz Enterprises is a member of a new and exciting breed of Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers.  At first, we had 3 post decks with a positive post in the middle and a negative on either side. Next came the four-post, and later the two post system.  Finally someone figures out how to make an insulator that can cover a third of the deck and engineer the post’s to keep them upright and secure.  In the interests of vaper’s never being happy with the innovations and products that are already on the market (I am as guilty of this as everybody else),  some companies have taken it a step further and completely nixed the need for posts.

Kick back and relax, we are going to spend the next couple of minutes looking at one of these bad boys, figure out why we would want to go sans posts, and more importantly figure out why this one may be the better deal for the masses.

Why Go Postless?

The Hannya Postless RDA: Close up of deckThe idea behind the posts in an RDA is a simple one.  Vapers needed a positive and negative connector to get their coils working properly.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a single center post, wrapped in an insulator to keep it separate from the deck and calling it the positive.  The rest of the deck is the negative side of the circuit.

The reason the posts were put in to begin with is so people like you and I had somewhere to jam in wire and call it building coils.

As it happens, the bigger the posts, the less space there is for air flow to the monsters that you just installed and having them in there can restrict your ability to build.  This is especially true now that we all think that we need around 100 feet of wire to get a decent vape.

The choices we had were to make a bigger chamber to hold our creations or make more room in the existing one.  If you can remove the blocks of metal that stick up from the deck, you have so much more room for other things, such as wire, cotton, airflow and if you should so choose a peanut butter sandwich –  just kidding, please don’t attempt to vape an actual sandwich.

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Let’s Look At the Hannya

The Hannya Postless RDA: front viewFirstly, let’s get the specifications out-of-the-way.  The stainless steel RDA is 22mm wide at its largest point and stands just 37mm high.  There is a set of seven 2mm air-holes on either side of the deck that can be used with either single or dual coils, depending on the airflow control under the cap.

The slanted Delrin wide bore drip-tip is equipped with a honey-comb style spit-back protector at the base of the chimney — it looks good and performs perfectly.

Now let’s look at the real reason we are here in the first place, whats under the hood.  The PEAK insulator built into the bottom of the juice well separates the two positive terminals from the rest of the deck.  The flush mounted system allows you to insert the coils directly into the base and secure them with the grub screws that are in the surrounding edge.

Building on the Hannya is so simple, it is actually enjoyable.  There is no attempting to line up coils with post spacing to get the airflow right.  It’s as simple as measuring the leg length, dropping them in and screwing them down.

Why Would You Choose The Hannya

As we said earlier in the post, the Hannya is not the first of its kind.  There is a reason that it is being chosen by many people right now, and that reason is not difficult to understand.  Other offerings in this category are absolutely amazing, but they come with price tags to match.  You can get the Hannya right now for less than $30, which in all honesty is a steal.  If RDA’s are your thing and you are looking for a new toy to play with, my only question for you is, why haven’t you already got one?

Hannya Postless RDA: GET IT HERE

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