Wotofo Conqueror Postless RTA Review
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Wotofo Conqueror Postless RTA Review


Chinese company Wotofo’s reputation for knocking the ball out of the park with innovative, unique, and affordable designs has taken another step forward with the release of the Conqueror postless rebuildable tank.  While this isn’t an RTA we would recommend for new vapers as knowledge of Ohm’s law, battery safety, and coil building is a must before anyone tries to run with a tank like this, we will give you an overview of the tank and our impressions of its performance.  If, however, you are a new vaper who believes they can harness the power of this beast, more power to you.

If you’ve used the Serpent from Wotofo, you’re going to love this thing, and even if you haven’t, the concept behind this tank and its design features are likely to blow you away.  Kick back, grab a drink and let’s see what the Conqueror can do.


Conqueror-Postless-RTA-From-Wotofo-Review-front-close-upAvailable in either stainless Steel or Black, the Conqueror from Wofoto is an imposing beast that is instantly recognizable.  The reservoir appears as solid metal on the outside, excluding 2 trapezoid windows designed to help with filling and checking the juice flow control settings.  While there is a solid glass tank on the inside, this illusion acts as an interesting architectural feature.  The only marking in the external skin is the word “Conqueror” CNC machined deeply into the material.  It seems Wotofo wanted to make sure that everyone knows exactly what this tank is, even in a years time when most other companies laser etched branding has worn away with use.

The tank looks and feels solid. There are no sharp edges on the outside and everything feels machine finished to fit together perfectly; the threads are smooth, the o-rings fit right and every seam knits together as it should.


Conqueror-Postless-RTA-From-Wotofo-Review-airflowMeasuring in with a 22mm diameter, the Conqueror RTA may look and feel slender compared to some of the other RTA’s currently on the market but don’t let that fool you.  With a 4ml e-liquid reservoir and the capacity to have 2 coils installed into the postless deck.  With 2mm diameter post holes, there shouldn’t be much that you can’t install.

The main reason Wotofo, and now a few other designers are moving in the postless direction is simple:  without all the extra metal of the posts getting in the way, you can condense the space and increase the capacity for airflow around the coils.  The dual airflow control ring around the base of the tank, with 6 x 2mm holes on either side, will ensure the largest range while adjusting the tank to your personal taste.  Beneath the ring, you will find a large 510 connector, longer than most, with a gold plated protruding positive pin.


Conqueror-Postless-RTA-From-Wotofo-Review--build-deckThe build deck itself has ample room for dual coils, as long as you don’t try running a couple of 5mm low ohm build (remember, this is a tank not an rda).  4 juice flow channels built into the side of the deck work in concert with a mechanism in the top of the tank to close off e-liquid flow while you are in the process of filling it from the top.  While we are on the subject of top filling, the screw off cap gives way to 2 large openings for filling.  Whether using high vg e-liquid or a 50/50 mix, if you have the holes lined up correctly everything is simple here.

The ring beneath the screw off cap is the turning mechanism for turning the juice flow on/off.  By using the bottom of the 2 windows in the side of the chamber, you can adjust the flow control with a simple twist.


Conqueror-Postless-RTA-From-Wotofo-Review--build-deck-wickedAs far as vapor production and flavor intensity goes, the Conqueror is flawless.  Almost everything on the tank performs as advertised, the over-sized 510 fits perfectly onto the original RX200 without leaving a gap (which makes me think it may not be as over-sized as I first thought), and the stepped airflow is perfect for everything from direct lung hits to semi restricted mouth to lung hits.

Although the tank itself works well, there are a couple of small features that I really wish Wotofo had put in place.

Conqueror-Postless-RTA-From-Wotofo-Review-the-tankThey have great knurling around the edge of the top cap, this makes it very simple to install/remove it at a moments notice without any effort.  However, most of the time when you are trying to turn the slick juice flow control, you just can’t get a decent grip.  Half of the time, you’ve just filled your tank and are attempting to open the slots, the top cap ends up coming off.  It may not seem like much from the outset, but after dumping e-Liquid on yourself a couple of times it begins to get old.  The concept is solid but it needs a little tweaking.

Conqueror-Postless-RTA-From-Wotofo-Review--cloudyWhen you get the hang of the build deck, using it is a breeze, and actually a pleasure.  The sooner you realize the space is limited, the better.  You have to make sure that the coils don’t accidentally touch the airflow channels at the bottom or aren’t so big that they short out on the chimney.  Another little performance tip is making sure that you cut the wicks short and fluff them around the juice flow channels.  If you block the channels you will be in dry hit city.

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