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Wismec Reuleaux RX200S Review
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Wismec Reuleaux RX200S Review

In today’s submission, we’ll review the all new Reuleaux RX200S by Wismec.  For those that are familiar with the RX200S, you already know that it’s the best mod on the market, especially since it’s an upgraded version of its predecessor, the original Reuleaux RX200.  However, for those of you that aren’t familiar with this uniquely designed piece, I want you to really study this review so that we can guide you to one of the best purchases you’ll make when it comes to vaping gear.


The RX200S by Wismec looks remarkable, and happens to be the first mod in the triangular shape that hit the market.  What you have to understand about this device first is that it’s essentially 3 parts, all which can be customized to truly personalize to your own liking.  The front faceplate has a gun metal coating and can be removed, giving you the ability to customize in the future if you like.  Furthermore, removing this faceplate will allow you to customize the screen color.  The main base of the device has a silver coating, while there’s also the back battery cover that has the gun metal coating.  This being noted, if you want to change the look of your RX200S, you have options to buy different colored face plates and back battery covers that are available on the market.  And, if you wanted to go further than that, you could polish the main base, paint it, or wrap it with vinyl.

rx200s side

Continuing with the appearance of the RX200S, at the top you have a 510 connector and a small drip well surrounding it.  The front has an inset control face, which has the fire button at the top, below that is a large OLED screen, two adjustment buttons, then off of the inset area is a micro-USB port.  Each side has three ventilation holes towards the top, the back of the device is merely just the back battery cover, while the bottom has four sets of five ventilation holes.

rx200s connector


As for features, you’re basically getting the same thing that was offered with the original RX200.  However, there has been some great changes to this device to improve it over the first version.  Let’s go over those changes first, then we’ll continue with listing the rest of the features.

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The first change with the RX200S Mod is that it now has a gold-plated spring-loaded 510 connector.  The next change is in the battery compartment, where you’ll see the tiffany blue battery sled that used to only be available with the Reuleaux DNA200, the left adjustment button has a dimple to indicate the right from the left, which was also only available on the DNA200 version, and lastly the screen is now much larger.  The OLED screen is 0.96″, has a vertical stack, and looks stunning!

rx200s battery sled


To share the rest of the Reuleaux RX200S’ features, it offers a triple 18650 battery setup, you get a new and improved Wismec chipset, and you’ll get to enjoy the 200 watts that it offers and temperature control functionality.  In wattage mode you can range between 0.1Ω to 3.5Ω in resistance.  However, in temperature control mode you can use Titanium, Ni200 Nickel, Stainless Steel, and TCR that offers three memory modes.  As for temperature, you can range from 200F to 600F, and range in resistance between 0.05Ω and 1.0Ω.  Lastly, there are plenty of built-in protection features, such as no atomizer warning, short-circuit, temperature alert, 10 second overdraw cutoff, weak battery, low power, USB, and battery imbalance protection.

RX200S 200W Screen


As for the performance, you can expect one of the best ‘hits’ offered from a chipset.  In fact, it truly feels like the closest thing available to an actual DNA chipset (which is considered the best vaping experience).  I’m not sure what the difference is with the old RX200 chipset versus this new one, but the hit just feels so much more consistent.  This thing is great, doesn’t miss a beat, and with 200 watts to explore, you can truly experience the best vaping has to offer.

rx200s vapor

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