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Hohm Slice TC Box Mod Preview
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Hohm Slice TC Box Mod Preview


The Hohm Slice from HΩTech hit the market with some mighty claims from a small box.  Designed and engineered at their California base of operations, this is the latest mod in the HΩ family.  If their other offerings are anything to go by it should quickly become a fan favorite and we are going to spend the next couple of minutes looking closely at the specifications and claims.  The previous versions lived up to the hype and went above and beyond, the HΩ WreckerII had temperature control capabilities for every metal type thrown at it and was built like a tank.  The specs for the HΩ Slice are equally as impressive and there are many people already wondering if it can pass its predecessor.  Sit back, grab some popcorn and lets see if the Slice will cut through the competition.

The Hohm Slice Unveiled

Running on a single 26650 cell, the HΩ Slice has a maximum output of 101 Watts and is designed to abuse it’s own power.  Believing in no limits and high efficiency, HΩtech has incorporated the latest version of the Flagship Killer (FSK) chip — the FSK TC-XT.  Upgraded from the HΩ Wrecker chip to work differently with voltage conversions as this is a single, rather than dual battery device, built-in charging, and on certain editions the ability to fast charge with a 3Amp limit.Hohm-Slice-TC-Box-Mod-Preview-colors

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Gone is the “box mod” concept, sleek lines and perfect curves make the HΩ Slice Mod an ergonomic dream, fitting perfectly in the palm of the hand for long duration’s without causing tiredness.  They may have changed the majority of the design from high strength Aluminum Alloy to Plastic, but it makes it a lot less heavy on the pocket-book.  The control face incorporates the concave firing button, super bright OLED screen, and a single rocker switch for adjustments, all designed with ease of use and comfort in mind.

Moving away from the aesthetics and back to the internals, everything has been designed to get the most power from the smallest footprint.  Battery contacts that put less pressure on the cells, more surface area to gain greater conductivity are just a couple of the innovations put in place to keep the stresses down on the power supply.  The 101 Watts of power are just the tip of the iceberg, dig a little deeper and you will quickly find that when they say no limits, they mean it.

(K1) Kanthal,  (NiCr)  Nichrome,  (W) Tungsten, (Ni) Nickel, (Ti)Titanium. (SS 304,316,317,430) Stainless Steel and Ceramic lnfused coils are all supported with Temperature Control modes  with a baseline in resistance of 0.0000010Ω all the way up to 3Ω.  Other companies would run away from these resistance limit this low but HΩtech tell you to run it all.  With a temperature range of 200°F to 700°F (93°C to 372°C) this device is an all out beast.

A device that shouldn’t be used by the faint of heart or those new to vaping, for the experienced vaper who knows what they are doing, however, the HΩ Slice should definitely be on the Christmas list.


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