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GuideToVapings Best of 2016

We welcome you to GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016, the first and only online polling event for vapers, by vapers.  We’re truly thankful that you’re participating in the 6th annual “Best of” event that was created to show recognition to the vaping community and to lead vapers to the best the vaping industry has to offer.  These polls that you will be voting on today play a larger roll than you may think — just within this year and after the Best of 2015 event, there’s been more than 60,000 vapers that have viewed the Best of 2015 results page.  That’s over 60,000 vapers you’ve guided to the best products, brands, stores, shows, conventions and groups.  We thank you for doing your part!

We ask that you please watch the video provided at the top of this page, as it will guide you through the voting process and it will explain some things that are important to your participation in this online event.  This year’s giveaway details are also in the video.

 Voting Starts 12/01/16 and ends 12/31/16

 Got something to say about the Best of 2016 or just want to give a shout out to your favorite store or brand? Discuss it on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 Forum here!

GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 Official Sponsor

VaporFi LogoWe would like to thank VaporFi for sponsoring GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016.  VaporFi is an exciting brand that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Vapor Group, a highly recognized company within the vaping industry known for some of the most popular brands.  VaporFi has year’s of experience, knowing what customers want, and offering them some of the latest and greatest creations, spanning from vaping pens, mods, tanks, and a hefty selection of e-liquids with 30,000 flavor combinations to choose from.  As this year’s sponsor, VaporFi has been kind enough to offer an incredible giveaway that you can take part in on the results page, so please do not hesitate to give them a big thank you!



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About the author

Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.


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  • Since apparently Larry Faircloth is ineligible to be written in, (considering he’s been removed) for best advocate of 2016, i’ll put my vote for him here

  • It gave me an error after I submitted… one of the questions got unchecked. When I fixed it it said I had already voted. Now I can’t vote.

  • I got an error while trying to submit, then when I tried again it said I had already voted. Anyway it looks as if my selections were received and I’ve shared on Facebook to get some of my vaper friends to vote as well ???

  • This is @LOveWerks and @Liz Wonder, die hard Vaping Underground contributors in the Non-Vape category and more recently, the VU Blog. There are so many great premium e-liquid manufacturers out there like Sicboy, P.O.E.T., Phillip Rocke, et al… but, the tastiest Platinum Nic-based e-liquid at RIDICULOUSLY low prices at 120 ml size comes from an outfit based out of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO called Vapor Source. They cover many flavor profiles EXTREMELY well (they recently released their SHATTERED brand with a vanilla cream flavor called Snowblind – sooo damned tasty), and their Apple Pie A La Mode is the BEST that Liz and I have ever vaped in that flavor profile. Their Apple and Blue Berries Crunch are IN YOUR FACE flavors, whether you’re using a Crown v1 tank mod, or RTAs from Griffin (custom-built, of course) or DIGIFLAVOR’s Pharoah Reservoir RDA, with custom 22 gauge wire at .16 ohm – the Cap’n Crunch part of the Apple or Blue Berries flavors are there, with that sweet buttery corn signature flavor – but – many e-liquid manufacturers can’t get the fruit flavor ‘out’ in this flavor; or, with cream, or yogurt – at 20/80 PG/VG (3 mg/ml nicotine). Vapor Source has great prices on all of their tanks, clearomizers, RDAs, and regulated box mods – and – they even have access to custom-build unregulated box mods with proven safety. When we lived in the willywags of North Carolina, we ordered premium e-liquids, tank and box mods online. It was great, but expensive. Now that we’re in Colorado, we can walk into a brick-and-mortar Vapor Source (a 5 minute drive from our house) – buy ejuice, box mods, tanks, RDAs and Clearomizers – for far, far less than we spent back on the East Coast at online retailers. If something from The Far East costs $74.28 USD ordered online, we’ll pay $80 at Vapor Source – and take it home – no wait. A one-stop shopping experience, with great premium ejuices like One Hit Wonder Rocket Man, Mini Muffin Man, the Sicboy line of e-liquids, and their INCREDIBLY tasty (and, inexpensive) in-house brands/flavors of ejuice. Jared (Mgr.), Glenn and the crew at Vapor Source; 1214 S. Prairie Ave. Pueblo, CO 81005 are top-notch at customer service, and though they’re limited to what they can do in assisting customers figure out their mods since the FDA mandate 8 August this year – they’ll give you good online locations to help you ‘dissect’ and learn about what you buy. Liz and I swear by Vapor Source – the air may be thinner here, but the VAPES ARE GREAT!

  • Good life vapor! Best juices, and the team treats you like family! Love them and Jeremy Dollar thanks for starting it would be lost without you guys! #vapingismylifestyle

  • I have to say a big big shout out to Dave King for making my world with what he did for me…not to mention that I am one of the pickets vapors ever and with him hooking me up with some epic Sicboy products has found me not only epic liquid but a all time new fav for me mbyc fried is just the best eliquid to date…please do your self a fav and get you some ASAP!!!!

  • Goodlife Vapor has the most good eliquids at the best prices anywhere!!! I’ve tried most eliquid vendors and keep going back to Goodlife for flavor and value. Pink Cupcakes is the BOMB! My Boy Blue is another bomb and Key Lime Pie cannot be beat!!!

  • Two year tobacco free, December 4th 2016. Began vaping with no real thoughts of quitting… three days of both… Don’t miss them, at all.
    Who researched cigarettes before smoking?
    No one.
    Did my research and found wonderful flavors and great prices at MisterE Liquid.

  • DjSBVapes, Grim, smm, vaportrail, fasttech, efun, vaporbeast, vapenw, vapordna, vapewild, yeti, vuground, VJoe’s, vcheap, thank you! Vaping is what it is because you help by doing what you do! From Amazing information to blogs & vlogs to msg boards to great prices. -CelticVVolf

  • Gave me an error apparently my vote didn’t count and I can’t fix it because it says I already voted . this thing’s a mess and it’s too bad I couldn’t vote for every single one of my favorite ones there’s about 8 of you I want you faithfully and I love you all and you help me in more ways than one with batteries tanks and regulated devices!

      • This Poll is a cluster as always. Every year I hope you’ll get it right, and every year I’m disappointed. The same thing happens year after year after year. You have e-liquid flavors in “Best Product Manufacturer”, companies who don’t make unregulated mods in “Best Unregulated Vape Mod”, and the same person’s name listed twice with different spellings in the same category. I didn’t go through every listing, so there are probably more. If you’re going to continue with this poll in the future, PLEASE find someone competent to set it up. As it is, it’s nothing more than a parody, and a bad one at that. You get a double face palm for this one because you’ve been told about this in past years and yet you still make the same screw ups again and again.

        • It’s very unfortunate that year after year, you still do not get how the polling system works here at GuideToVaping. I do not create these answers or votes, it’s the vaping community. If there is a submission for a regulated mod in the unregulated mod category, then someone in the vaping community made that submission. However, throughout the whole month, as I’ve explained to many so far, I continue to go back through each category to consolidate the submissions and their respected votes. I’ve already been doing this the entire time, but people continue to just do it wrong. Sadly, this is the only way this can work. There’s no other polling system for the online vaping community that is created BY the online vaping community. Anyhow, I’ll double face palm or infinity face palm if you want (lol), but it still doesn’t change the fact that your reply holds no value since you have yet to understand how this all works.

  • Hey,just wanted to let the adm in charge of this poll that the You tuber who does reviews of all things vapes name on YouTube and on this poll ( which is incorrectly spelled) is actually FlavaChaser..Not FlavoorChasor ect or however you had it labled in the choices.He’s a pretty prominent Youtuber,so please,if you could fix it? Thanks!!


  • Big shout out to ” FlavaChaser!” His YouTube name has been spelled ( spelt?) incorrectly on here,but go check him out,he’s funny as hell and is always doing juice and hardware reviews! Really good dude if you haven’t heard of him already..tell hiim Shawn P sent ya! 🙂 The very best of luck to ALL of the ” vape” section nominees! There are a lot of great ones that work very hard to put out these informative videos to us!

  • Thanks for crearing a place where all people get a fair chance to be voted the best and All vapers can reap the rewards of buying products that are proven good and not waste money on crap. I personally don’t have money to waste, so I’d be grateful to win any of the kits being that I only have a 75w pico and a cleito tank and a tfv8 that I got gifted to me and I don’t have a mod capable of powering it. And to add my cleito has the all to common vape lock/dry hits and it making the switch to vaping hard because of the issues. So again thanks for aeverything and if I had to pick it’d be package 1 because the mod would work for the tfv8 also.

    • Actually, no. I mean, if you seriously think VapeWild paid each and every one of their customers/followers/fans to come vote for them, and to vote for all of their e-liquid offerings on the Best E-Liquid Flavor category so that they would lose that specific category, then by all means. However, the sponsor of the event was VaporFi, which paid for part of the development work done on the polling plugin and the awards that are being sent to the top 3 winners in the Best of 2016 category. *shakes head*



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