528 Custom Vapes Goon LP RDA Review
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528 Custom Vapes Goon LP RDA Review

Despite the long awaited release and my first impressions of the Goon LP’s performance, it turned out to be one of the best RDA’s I’ve used thus far.  The Goon LP is an outstanding RDA and 528 Custom Vapes did a great job on its low profile design, as well as its performance offering.


I’ll be brutally honest, I wasn’t impressed with the Goon LP at first.  However, I spent some time getting to know it, tried different coil builds, and that’s when I unleashed the full potential of this RDA.  I still believe the LP was over hyped and I’m on the fence with the amount of money I had to pay for it (the 2nd LP I own was sent to me by 528 Custom Vapes for review).  If you’re a Goon, RDA or flavor lover, I can recommend this atomizer, but if you’re just someone wanting to try an RDA for the first time or there is a possibility that you wouldn’t stick with dripping, I would recommend you find something else that’s a bit more on the cheaper side.  What you must understand about the Goon LP is that it’s a higher class type of atomizer, where machining is precise, appearance is perfect, and innovation comes standard.  You truly get a different experience with the Goon LP, but it sure as hell comes with quite the price.

528 Custom Vapes Goon LP RDA Review
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High appeal, great features, and an amazing performance sums up the Goon LP by 528 Custom Vapes. If you're looking for a rebuildable dripping atomizer that offers great flavor and a large vapor production, I highly recommend that you give the Goon LP a shot. I've been a Goon fanboy for a while now, and this new LP has just become my latest favorite vape.


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  • Really like how you separate your love of the goon by ALSO not recommending it to someone who casually drips. Good reviewing.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Bud! I really don’t see a point in paying that high of a price if they aren’t going to be using it often. Goon’s are more for those people that are actual Goon fans and use RDA’s quite a bit. I personally use my OG Goon every day, and now the LP will replace it. To be honest, I really drip just because of the great flavor and vaping those flavors I don’t like to continuously vape.




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