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FRYD Ejuice 60ML $13.00
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FRYD Ejuice 60ML $13.00

Join the club and experience FRYD Ejuice in a 60ML bottle for as little as $13.00 or get the FRYD Ejuice 4-Pack Bundle for $48.00 (comes out to be $12 per bottle). You can experience FRYD Ice Cream Ejuice, FRYD Cookies and Cream Ejuice, FRYD Fried Banana Ejuice, FRYD Watermelon Ejuice or FRYD Cream Cakes in this huge site-wide sale!


  • FRYD Ejuice 4-Pack Bundle (240ML): Includes FRYD Watermelon, FRYD Cookies and Cream, FRYD Fried Banana, and FRYD Twinkie.
  • FRYD Ice Cream Ejuice (60ML): A deep fried vanilla ice cream dessert.
  • FRYD Cookies and Cream Ejuice (60ML): A deep fried cookies and cream treat with rich chocolate and sweet filling.
  • FRYD Fried Banana Ejuice (60ML): A deep fried golden banana with butterscotch.
  • FRYD Watermelon Ejuice (60ML): A deep fried juice watermelon topped with a watermelon glaze and powdered sugar.
  • FRYD Cream Cakes Ejuice (60ML): A deep fried cream cake blended with notes of sweet cream.

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