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Top 10 Best Vape Pods For Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

6. Envii FITT Vape Pod

Envii FITTThe Envii FITT Vape Pod has been one of the best devices on the market when using nicotine salt e-liquids. Some of its most prominent features is the dual mode activation, allowing you to take advantage of auto or manual firing, and its refillable pod that sports a nice 3.2ML e-liquid capacity. The FITT Pod System is easy to replace, has a plug-and-play connection, and has a magnetized pod access door. Aside from that, it uses the obvious direct voltage output from a built-in 650mAh battery. An LED battery life indicator also comes equipped, as well as a micro-USB charging port with a 1A maximum charge rate. Lastly, this is one device you’ll feel super comfortable with because of its softly rounded body and proprietary rubber drip tip.


7. Perl Vape Pod

Perl Vape PodIt’s the newest vape pod on the market, but very promising on what it has to offer. Aside from its unique body styling, the Perl Vape Pod delivers an incredible all-in-one design with draw activated firing. What sets this vape pod apart from the rest is its tap touch sensor, allowing you to ‘touch’ for three seconds to get to the activate setting mode or three seconds to lock a chosen strength. You can ‘tap’ to cycle between three different strengths or ‘double tap’ to check the battery life. It’s a sophisticated system for such a small and simple device. It also uses a refillable pod with a 2ML e-liquid capacity and a ceramic heating coil. A built-in 1150mAh battery is housed in the small chassis and an LED battery life indicator keeps you in check on times you need to use its USB quick charging port.


8. Suorin iShare Vape Pod

Suorin iShareThe Suorin iShare Vape Pod is an exciting take on the vape pod sector. It’s a device that features a compact design and it’s great for being on-the-go. Ultimately, it’s a battery bank that holds two Suorin iShare Single devices and made specifically for use with nicotine salt e-liquids. Now you can have the discreet vape pod, a battery bank that will continuously keep it charged, and a spare device to use while it charges or for charging with a partner. Battery life is no longer an issue. As you would expect, it features draw activated firing and offers a refillable Suorin Pod System. The pod has a 0.9ML e-liquid capacity and uses 2.0ohm coils. Each single device has a 130mAh built-in battery, while the battery bank has a 1400mAh battery capacity.


9. LMC Ply Rock Pulse Vape Pod

Ply Rock PulseThough it’s been on the market for a while, it’s still one of the best vape pod systems on the market. The Limitless Mod Co Ply Rock Pulse Vape Mod features a modern and aggressive design with LED accenting to give it that high appeal it portrays. Like others on this list, it’s an all-in-one design with draw activated firing and has refillable pulse pods with a 2ML e-liquid capacity. A 380mAh built-in battery is equipped, it can be charged via the 1A micro-USB port, and delivers up to an 8W output. We feel this device is one of the better ones on the market and made its way to this list because it offers a better appearance than others in its class due to the multicolor LED accenting that can be controlled from a button.


10. Eleaf iCare 2 Vape Pod

Eleaf iCare 2It’s the second version, the reimagined or second generation of the popular Eleaf iCare. The Eleaf iCare 2 Vape Pod is the smallest within the iCare series but has to be one of the most convenient and best looking of them all. It’s an all-in-one design that has a built-in 650mAh battery and button activated firing. The tank offers a 2ML e-liquid capacity, it’s top filled, and uses the iCare IC 1.2ohm coil. A battery life indicator also comes equipped, as well as a multi-use top cap that acts as a drip tip and tool to remove the replaceable coil.


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  • Hi, I have smoked for over 40 years visited the UK and found vaping a healthy alternative. After six months I returned to Australia and found I was unable to buy it here so had to source it from the USA because the company in the UK doesn’t ship to Australia. I’m now in my third year of vaping and love it but thought I’d try the nicotine salts. Firstly talk about a bit, wow!!! But now I’m finding my throat and chest are very dry and I cough a bit after vaping, is this normal. I’m unable to talk about this with people here or go to a vaping shop because there is none! So thought of you! Can you shed some light?

    • Yes i vape salted nic as well and found that i cough a little more on it. However there is no evidence yet as to weather or not vaping is safer than cigarettes. They just simply haven’t been used long eanough for health studies. One fact is to stay away from creamy flavors because they use a flavoring chemical that may give you popcorn lung over extended use. It’s safer to make your own juice if you’ve researched the chemicles going into them. It’s also much less expensive to make your own juice.



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