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How To Fix The GeekVape No Coil Detected Warning
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How To Fix The GeekVape No Coil Detected Warning

Looking for a solution on how to fix the GeekVape No Coil Detected warning? We’ve got an in-depth how-to that’s sure to help you fix your Aegis, Aegis Mini or Aegis Legend Mod in no time! While GeekVape has a fascinating arsenal of products under its belt, including its popular Aegis Mod series, there are well more than a handful of GeekVape customers that are disgruntled due to a problem that is becoming consistent throughout the series. Although quality control can often raise concern with the non-stop outpour of products that make their way to the market, it’s very rare for a manufacturer to release a product that is faulty, especially since extensive testing is conducted by GeekVape before these products are set for release. A lack in testing and reviews may be something that you would expect from any other brand, but certainly not GeekVape. However, it is common in any industry for there to be a few mishaps amongst the thousands of units that are being manufactured each month.

GeekVape Aegis LegendTo dial in on the issue, users are experiencing the “No Coil Detected” warning that appears on the display of the GeekVape Aegis, GeekVape Aegis Mini, and GeekVape Aegis Legend. At the time of creating this post, there are no indications that other devices suffer from this same issue, such as the GeekVape Blade and GeekVape Nova. However, our spidey-senses are telling us that users of those devices are also facing the same issues. Due to this widespread warning that seems to have affected many GeekVape customers, they’re taking to the Support Forum on the GeekVape website and expressing their feedback… and it definitely isn’t positive.

Since there are tons of GeekVape customers being affected by this GeekVape No Coil Detected warning, and unfortunately, a lack in customer support, Guide To Vaping feels the need to do what it does best, which is to provide vaping content that’s designed to help vapers. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to fix the GeekVape No Coil Detected warning so that you’ll get back to using your device in no time! This information can be applied to all GeekVape devices, but more importantly the ones we’re focusing on today, the GeekVape Aegis, GeekVape Aegis Mini, and GeekVape Aegis Legend. For those of you who have made their way here for a general, no coil detected warning fix, you can either use this information or visit our How To Fix A Coil Connection Issue post, which has received more than 114 thousand views.

How To Fix The GeekVape No Coil Detected Warning

Before we begin, we first need to make you aware that when you receive the GeekVape No Coil Detected warning, the culprit is often a connection issue between the device, tank or atomizer, and the actual coil. Although blaming the manufacturer for a product that simply isn’t working as intended, since it’s the easiest thing to do, most times it’s an issue that isn’t necessarily caused by the manufacturer. However, there is a slight chance that a product is faulty. If this post doesn’t help, we advise that you reach out to the store you’ve purchased the device from and return it while explaining the issue.

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The Causes of The “No Coil Detected” Warning

The Mod: In many cases, it is indeed the mod that causes the No Coil Detected warning. However, with devices like the GeekVape Aegis Legend, it’s a very seldom occurrence. The reason why is because the Aegis Legend has a Spring-Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection, meaning the center pin will remain at its highest position until it’s pressed in. When you receive the No Coil Detected warning and it’s an issue related to the mod, it’s often an issue with the center pin in the 510 connector. Since the pin in the Aegis Legend is spring-loaded, the only way the mod can be the cause of the issue is if the pin got stuck in its lowest position somehow.

The Tank: A lot of the times a No Coil Detected warning isn’t arising due to the mod, it’s because of the tank or atomizer. Even though the mod may have a spring-loaded center pin within the 510 connector, the tank’s 510 threaded connector may not be making contact with that center pin. This can happen for several reasons, such as the 510 connection not being long enough, the tank not being screwed in enough, the pin on the tanks 510 connector not protruding enough from the connector, or a simple case of there being grime and debris that has lodged its way into the connector, preventing the two parts to making a solid connection.

The Coil: While many people often overlook the part that a coil head plays into this problem, it is usually the culprit when all else has been checked off. You may very well see a No Coil Detected warning on your device, and it’s possible that it isn’t a problem with your mod, it isn’t a problem with your tank, but instead a problem with the coil head. You see, this No Coil Detected warning is all about a connection issue, so somewhere there are two pieces that aren’t making a solid connection. You’ve checked the mod’s 510 connection, you’ve checked the tank’s 510 connection, and now the only thing left is to check the coil head, which is just another part of the entire circuit. When dialing in that it isn’t any of the above, it’s more than likely that the coil head isn’t screwed in enough, a seal may be broken on the coil, the bottom connector part of the coil head isn’t making a connection, or the actual leads from the coil, inside the coil head, aren’t making a connection.

The No Coil Detected Check List

No Coil Detected Mod Issue

  • Inspect the connection on your mod and make sure it doesn’t look disturbed or different than normal.
  • Use a toothpick or a combination of a toothpick and paper towel to dig around the center pin to remove any debris and ensure it moves freely.
  • Inspect the bottom base of the tank, where the coil makes a connection to the base, and make sure the area hasn’t been disturbed.

No Coil Detected Tank Issue

  • Inspect the connection on your tank and make sure it doesn’t look disturbed or different than normal.
  • Use alcohol and clean the bottom connection to ensure there isn’t any debris that could prevent a solid connection.
  • Inspect the bottom pin on your tanks 510 connection to ensure that it’s protruding enough to make a solid connection.

No Coil Detected Coil Head Issue

  • Inspect the coil head and make sure it doesn’t look disturbed or different than normal.
  • Make sure the coil head is screwed in enough to make a contact with the bottom base of the tank.
  • Even being screwed in enough, make sure the coil head is making contact with the tanks bottom base.
  • Sometimes when a seal breaks on the coil head, it can make the coil head sit differently, resulting in a faulty connection. Make sure the seals are intact, not only to avoid a connection issue but to also avoid a leaking issue.
  • Make sure the connection points or coil leads are intact and seated properly. Sometimes the connection points will cross over to the opposing polarity. One lead is supposed to touch the positive side of the circuit, which is normally the 510 pin at the base, and the other isn’t supposed to be anywhere near it. If you notice the positive post coming out from beneath the insulator and arcing to the negative side, pull the pin out, adjust the wire and put it back together. If you’ve managed to do this fix for the coil head, we highly recommend that you insert the coil back in the tank and check it on an ohm meter.

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  • What a bag of shit. It has nothing to do with the tank . It is a mod problem . 90% of people switch the blame to the tank, guess what it’s not .. Theses mods aegis geek will do the “no coil detected” at some point without failure 100% then you need to bung that £80 mod in the bin.. This is bs and this company have a built in program that will fail at some point forcing you buy another .. customer service is none existent you get ignored .. SIMPLE PEOPLE DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. you might as well stick your money on a 3 legged horses to win the national.. better odds .

  • Just recently bought the Aegis Legend and saw the “No coil detected” message after my third coil.

    Came across a random YouTube comment that said to tighten it extra hard and it eventually worked. Give it a try before anything else.

  • This is bullshit i only had my mod a week or 2 this bullshit is popping up what a waist of money & time I’m mad as hell

  • I have tried all my 12 atomizers and none of them worked. I bought this Aegis Legend mod for about 4 months before it suddenly stopped working. I checked the 510 connections of both my atomizers and the box by unscrewing and pushing down the gold plated pin. But still I cant use it. I’m not buying again from Geek Vape. It’s really not worth it.

  • Take this article down. Not helpful. It is a problem with the software and geekvape are not admiting it.



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