A Complete Guide To The Novo 2 Kit
SMOK Novo 2 Kit
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A Complete Guide To The Novo 2 Kit

When surfing through the wave of products that are released, what seems like every other day, it’s evident that you’ve come across SMOK products or have even purchased and own a SMOK product. If you’ve become a fan of these SMOK branded products as many have become, we’re sure you’re familiar with its latest hit device, the SMOK Novo. It has received an incredible amount of success since its launch, and now they’ve introduced the SMOK Novo 2 Kit. It’s a brilliantly designed reenvisioned version of the original Novo, just better.

The SMOK Novo 2 Kit

So… what is this new Novo 2? Well, it’s a pod-based device that takes on the same shape and design as the original, yet features many improvements across the board, from size to weight to performance. We’ll certainly give you a full break down but allow us to first share some information on the device as a whole.

SMOK Novo 2The SMOK Novo 2 Kit is constructed of a zinc-alloy chassis, giving it extraordinary durability. It stands just 88.3mm by 24.5mm by 14.5mm, meaning it’s very compact and super portable. Due to its small size, you’ll be able to easily stow it away in your pocket or handbag when not in use, and receive incredible performance when you’re ready to use it. To inform you more on its performance, it comes with an integrated 800mAh rechargeable battery, allowing you to receive longer sessions between charges. The wattage output range stretches from 6W to 25W, seeing a nice improvement over its predecessor. The Novo 2 device is available in several different color options to choose from, so its appearance is definitely something to take into account when choosing a pod system. Aside from its built-in protection features, ergonomic mouthpiece, and push-fit pod connection, the most impressive part about the Novo 2 device is its refillable and replaceable 2ML capacity pod. The device uses the SMOK Novo 2 Pod Series, which has several options, including the two that come in the kit, the 1.0-ohm Mesh Pod and the 1.4-ohm MTL Pod. It has an updated airflow pathing and uses a side fill system with a silicone stopper.


SMOK Novo VS. SMOK Novo 2

When looking at the Novo and Novo 2, there aren’t many differences you’ll notice from viewing its appearance. The overall shape and design are relatively identical, though there are very minor differences on paper. For instance, the original Novo is 88.3mm by 24.3mm by 14.3mm, while the new Novo 2 is 88.3mm by 24.5mm by 14.5mm. As you see, not much of a difference at all, but there is a slight difference in the size comparing one to the other. The weight has also increased slightly, as the original Novo weighed in at 40g and the Novo 2 weighing in at just 43g — again, not much of a difference but there is one when looking at its actual specs. The increased size and weight stems from the upgraded battery. The original Novo offered a 450mAh battery, whereas the Novo 2 offers an 800mAh battery capacity, which is a very noticeable difference. Due to both the larger size and its new larger capacity battery, you can now experience an increase in wattage with the help of a lower resistance pod. The Novo used to range from 10W to 16W with the help of a 1.2-ohm pod, but now ranges from 6W to 25W with the help of a 1.0-ohm pod.

There are also more options as far as pods, such as the Novo 2 DC 1.4-ohm MTL Pod, which uses two coils to increase the vapor production, while still providing a smooth, mouth-t0-lung experience. The warranty period has already increased. Now, the Novo 2 has a 12 month warranty period, which is longer than what other manufacturers offer. The structure of the air-sensing switch has also been redesigned, where the sensing element is now placed on one side of the u-shaped air intake passage and protrudes from the electrode plane to prevent contactless suction in the future.

SMOK Novo 2 Operation

On-Board Indicator Light:

Understanding The LED Indicator Light: While vaping, the LED light will show a red, orange or green light color. When the light displays red, the battery level is lower than 30%. When the light displays orange, the battery level is between 30%-70%. When the light displays green, the battery level is higher than 70%.

What Is The 8-Second Protection Feature: When vaping, if your draw extends longer than 8-seconds, the LED will flash a white light 5 times.

Pod Installation Indication: When you install a pod onto the device, a white light will display for one second.

Short Circuit Protection Feature: If a short circuit load is detected, the LED indicator light will flash white 5 times.

Low Voltage Protection Feature: If the battery voltage is lower than the 3.3V before you begin vaping or lower than 3.0V while vaping, the LED indicator light will flash a white light 15 times.


How To Use The SMOK Novo 2: Since there aren’t any buttons and the Novo 2 uses a draw-activated mechanism, simply take a draw from the device and it will automatically activate.

How To Charge The SMOK Novo 2: To charge the SMOK Novo 2, use the provided USB cable and attach the micro-USB end into the device and the opposite regular USB end into a computer or UL-listed USB wall charger.

How To Fill The Pod With E-Liquid: To fill the Novo 2 Pod with e-liquid, first pull the pod from the device. Next, pull out the rubber plug on the side of the pod, and then use the hole to fill your favorite e-liquid. Once you’ve filled the pod, reinsert the rubber plug carefully, then reinsert the pod back onto the device.

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  • What about when it doesn’t work? It charges. Shows green when fully charged. When you insert pod, old or new, it doesn’t blink white once to show it’s connected and doesn’t work. When charging light is not solid, but flickering almost. When it is plugged in and green if you try to take a drag it blocks white 4 or 5 xs, BUT when it is not plugged in it will not blink at all.


  • Mine won’t charge. Like maybe three minutes is all. Red light goes out. I have two an neither one will charge




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