With my package from VolcanoEcigs.com came not only a LavaTube Kit, but it also came with a delicious bottle of e-liquid. Volcano Ecigs are mostly known for their quality hardware, but from my experience with Blue Water Punch, I now know they offer the full shebang. Located on the bottle was a label that displayed the ingredients to the left and the much expected warning label to the right. On the middle of the label displayed the name “Blue Water Punch” and below it read the nicotine level of 16mg in strength. The bottle this e-liquid comes in isn’t in one of those hard china made plastics, but this one a bit more soft, however… at the top looks to be one of the china made top caps. No worries, you won’t have problems with these caps messing up like with normal china bottles.

The e-liquid is pretty clear, a slight color offset, but overall a nice color in quality. I never mean to judge a vendors e-liquid until I try it, but I just always had an idea that I wouldn’t be so fond of the e-liquid line and to much of my surprise, after tasting the Blue Water Punch, I was blown away at how great this e-liquid tasted. I mean, this e-liquid is my exact preference in juice. It has that fruity/candy/beverage taste, just like I like! – Reviews like these irritate me because I really can’t put into words just how great the e-liquid tastes. I taste a lot of different flavors of e-liquid, but it’s always nice when that one juice comes along every so often that just really spikes your taste buds. Of course, it’s all opinionated, but at least I can give you an idea.

The Blue Water Punch has a blueberry punch type taste just as the name says, but there is more to this vape. As you pull for the inhale, you get a slight hint of flavor, more so of the blueberry. Once you hold in the vapor for a second, it’s like the flavor really starts to come alive and then as you exhale, the vapor explodes out and with a delicious strong taste of the punch flavor with a small undertone of the blueberry. Below is the description I got from the Volcano Ecigs website describing the Blue Water Punch flavor.

A signature hand mixed flavor created in the Volcano Vapor Bar. A mix of Blueberry, Watermelon, and Fruit punch creates a nice sweet aftertaste that will have you begging for more. Made right here in the USA!

Believe it or not, but after I wrote that last paragraph in this review, this is the first time I seen their description for the Blue Water Punch. With that being said, you can see their description fits perfectly judging by my review. The aftertaste is what really sets this e-liquid off and has placed Blue Water Punch on my list of all day vapes.

The vapor production is decent, much as you would expect from the 80% PG / 20% VG mix. I have no problems with the amount of vapor produced, but I do wish they would offer their e-liquid with more options for different mix ratios as I’m more of a 50/50 type guy. The throat hit is lacking, which is great for me. I’m not one of those vapers that like a big throat hit or anything, so the smooth feeling flows great with my taste, however… those of you who like a harsh throat hit, you won’t get it from the Blue Water Punch.

Overall: Volcano Ecigs did an outstanding job on the flavor of this e-liquid. The aftertaste of the Blue Water Punch is phenomenal and it actually does leave me wanting more. After tasting the Blue Water Punch, the VolcanoEcigs e-liquid line has definitely caught my attention and got me interested to try more. I’ve had trouble finding a good blueberry taste from any e-liquid, but this one has hit the spot. Props to you Volcano.

If you’re interested in trying some of VolcanoEcigs e-liquid, I highly suggest trying Blue Water Punch from www.VolcanoEcigs.com