With various Kratom products flooding the market recently, people now have a wide selection of Kratom vendors to choose from and buy Kratom. On the one side, having choices from multiple vendors is excellent, but on the other, it can be a challenging task to opt for the best one.

Various factors influence the final decision, but the most important ones include Kratom quality, price, and selection. With more ambitious and young entrepreneurs entering this unique industry over the last couple of years, the market became quite competitive.

However, one of the most popular companies of Kratom distribution is Canopy Kratom. With their attractive prices and wide Kratom selection, they instantly became one of the leading vendors.

So, let’s review Canopy Kratom in more detail to see whether they truly deserve to be the Kratom industry leaders.

About Canopy Kratom

Canopy Kratom, also going by the name Canopy Botanicals lately, is a company based in North Carolina. They started exclusively as an online Kratom vendor, but over time slowly broadened their business to other industries too.

Today, they sell Kratom powder, natural herbal teas, spices, and seasonings, as well as an apparel collection.

However, their most famous products remain to be what they started with, and that’s Kratom. Famous for their extremely affordable prices, some people love Canopy Kratom because of that, while others question their products’ quality.

Nevertheless, let’s check out different Canopy Kratom business areas to make a final verdict on their reliability.

Kratom selection

One thing is certain – and that’s the fact that Canopy Kratom has a wide selection of all kinds of Kratom powders. Although they don’t have any other Kratom products, they indeed deliver with different Kratom powders.

Including Red, Green, and White Kratom, Canopy Kratom offers all fundamental strains in their selection, such as Maeng Da. They cover all well-known and widely used Kratoms, so there’s a high chance you’ll find what you’re looking for.

However, don’t expect to find some exotic, rare, and luxurious strains or blends here, as Canopy Kratom mostly sticks to the basics.


What sets this company apart from all other competitors is the price. Canopy Kratom offers exceptionally affordable prices, which almost seem too good to be true.

This is why Canopy Kratom is much more popular than other vendors since most people opt for it due to its affordable Kratom powder range. Namely, you can get a kilo of Kratom powder for as low as $79.00.

However, not all people are amazed at these prices, and some are skeptical about their Kratom quality. Affordable products don’t necessarily mean low quality, just like high prices don’t guarantee premium quality.

Nevertheless, you should keep an open mind, be objective, and order only small amounts to try before committing to bulk orders.


For the price, Canopy Kratom offers a reasonably decent quality of their Kratom powders. You can’t expect to get amazing effects and results at this price range but can expect to get a good product.

Inconsistency in the quality is something you should be careful about when ordering Kratom powder from Canopy Kratom, as the reviews are quite mixed – some say the quality is excellent. In contrast, others say they only wasted their money.

So, the best way to assess the quality of Canopy Kratom products is to order small quantities and try it yourself. Only when you compare it to other Kratom powders will you truly be content with the results and know the quality of their products.


Besides quality, Kratom users are often concerned with the safety of their product. They desire only the lab-tested and approved Kratom, believing it’s a safer bet than untested Kratom.

Although Canopy Kratom’s products aren’t lab-tested or checked for a certain quality level, you should keep in mind many vendors lie about their lab-testing and approving their Kratom only to increase the sales.

So, if you’re too concerned about the safety of a product, then maybe a lab-tested vendor is a better option for you. However, make sure they have some specific evidence and documentation to prove their Kratom products are of desirable quality.

Customer care

Ending this review on a high note, Canopy Kratom takes excellent care of its customers. With their active customer service, they are always available to answer questions or resolve any difficulties their customers might have.

Additionally, they’re a very friendly team, and you’ll rarely have troubles even with shipping and returns of your ordered products.

Finally, they frequently offer coupon codes and special offers to all their loyal customers.


To sum it up, the final verdict on the Canopy Kratom depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a well-organized and managed Kratom community that offers essential Kratom products at excellent prices, then Canopy Kratom is a great choice.

However, if you’re looking for more exotic and luxurious Kratom products at premium prices, then you won’t find them here.


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