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Electronic Cigarette News

Electronic Cigarettes: Vapers and The Cycle

Once you become a vaper, also known as an electronic cigarette user, you begin to grow a fascination with everything that involves them. Not only do you grow a love for trying new flavored e-liquids, but you also acquire a desire for the latest PV (Personal Vaporizer). You always want to top what...

Electronic Cigarette News

GoodVaporMods – Official Site Launch

Today, Home of the formerly known “Muse” which is now been named the GVM Groove/Smooth will be officially launching live today! With the GoodVaporMods grand opening you will have the ability to pre-order the GVM Smooth which is the flat panel look and the GVM Groove...

Electronic Cigarette News

Exclusive News On The VapeTeam

With the electronic cigarette industry rapidly evolving, the growth of new products, blogs, chats and videos are starting to surface every month. Word of mouth begins to spread like a wildfire and the hype builds with what looks to be no limit. We see these new things come to this community each...

Electronic Cigarette News

Vapor Escence Looking To Hire

Vapor Escence puts out an ad on in hopes for a helping hand. I take this as a sign that the electronic cigarette industry is steadily growing and reaching for expansion. Vaping Salesperson Needed (Richardson, TX) I need one experienced Vaper to work on the sales floor...

Electronic Cigarette News

Cartomizer Group Buy

Jeannie (ElixirTV Host) has informed me of a group buy she has put together for cartomizers.  Below are the details… Product: SS Dual Coil Cartomizers & SS Regular Cartomizers Buy In: To buy in, you must purchase a minimum of 50 cartomizers. You can purchase 50 of 1 type or split it with...

Electronic Cigarette News

E-Cigs Seizure

A Quebec man is furious with Health Canada after the agency seized the equipment he was using to make electronic cigarettes.  Vincent DeBlois has been selling his Zen E Cigarettes over the internet.  The tubes release nicotine in vapour form giving smokers the nic hit they crave without the carbon...



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