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Vape Juice Reviews

Juicy Watermelon – Texas Select Vapor

My husband Blake obviously gets to try out many different flavors of e-liquid from various sites around the Internet and one vendor that we’ve really taken a liking to is Texas Select Vapor. I’ve found that the e-liquid from TSV is very high quality and like many have said in the past...

Vape Juice Reviews

Golden Grahams – Texas Select Vapor

Some of the best perks from using electronic cigarettes are things such as using an atomizer for long periods of time and also the ease of just throwing a battery on charge once it starts getting low, but my absolute favorite is the massive selection of e-liquid that the vendors create and offer. E...

Vape Juice Reviews

Heavenly Macaroon – Highbrow Vapor

I’ve had the privilege to sample some e-liquid from and a certain flavor they sent me, I just had to share my experiences with you. This flavor I’m talking of is Heavenly Macaroon. Now before I go off into the review, let me just tell you a bit about Highbrow Vapor, at...

Vape Juice Reviews

Pearalyzing Peach – TSV

Around a month ago, I was contacted by Brett from and was asked if he could create a juice just for and promote it as a GuideToVaping Exclusive. I was flattered to say the least, but if it’s a GTV exclusive, it had to be the best of the best. I had no...

Vape Juice Reviews

Doctor Love (Texas Select Vapor)

I’ve tried a few DP flavored e-liquids in the past from other vendors and none of them have actually tasted anything like the beverage.  I have finally managed to find a Dr. Pepper flavored e-liquid from called Doctor Love. This Doctor Love e-liquid has been added to my...

Vape Juice Reviews

Tiger’s Blood – TexasSelectVapor

Today I’m going to be reviewing an 18mg bottle of Tiger’s Blood from TexasSelectVapor. It is said to be a mix of berry, melon, and a hint of coconut. All of TexasSelectVapor’s liquid is mixed 70pg/30vg. I will be using my 510 box mod 5v passthrough with a regular 2.8ohm bauway...

Vape Juice Reviews

Oatmeal Cookie – TexasSelectVapor

I’m trying Texas Select Vapor’s “Oatmeal Cookie” (18mg). 3 drips on a LR dual coil atty, running on an ego passthrough. Thought 1:  I can taste oatmeal cookie. Light cinnamon. Nothing overpowering. 3 more drips… Whoops! I vaped that without writing anything. 3 more...

Vape Juice Reviews

iVape – Blackberry Lemonade

Blackberry Lemonade from is much like the rest of their flavors that I’ve tried, and that can be summed up in many words, but the one I like to use which best describes iVape juices is ‘awesome’.  I kid you not, I’ve tried three flavors from the iVape store and...



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