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Vape Juice Reviews

Black Lotus Strawberry Haze E-Liquid Review

Today, I will be sharing my review of Strawberry Haze, which is member of the Black Lotus E-Liquid line.  I am generally a fiend for strawberry custard and strawberry creams, so I will happily put this in my all time top 5.  This was not a purchase, it was a product I won on a show on and...

Vape Juice Reviews

Evil E-Juice Review

This week, my e-liquid review is not for a single flavor but an entire line.  One of the 2 owners of Evil Juices was kind enough to send me the entire line for my professional opinion.  They actually sent me both of their signature lines, but “The Purge” will be saved for a different...

Vape Juice Reviews

Vapejoose E-Liquid Review

I was contacted by Vapejoose to review a few of their flavors, so today you can read or watch my Vapejoose e-liquid review. Quality The quality in all four of these flavors reviewed today wasn’t bad at all, but I would have enjoyed them more seeing better design labels on the bottle.  It...

Vape Juice Reviews

Conviction eLiquids Review

Recently, I was contacted by Conviction eLiquids to review the three flavors that make up their e-liquid line.  When I received the package, I got a brochure telling about the company and information on its e-liquid, a sticker, and three well packaged bottles of e-liquid.  Today, I’m going to...

Vape Juice Reviews

EpiClouds – Strawberry Circus E-Liquid Review

If you’re anything like myself, you love strawberry and candy flavors!  This e-liquid review for Namberjuice’s EpiClouds Strawberry Circus is something you need to read.  After stepping into a friends store earlier today, she pulled me to one side and gave me her mod.  I took one hit...

Vape Juice Reviews

I Love Donuts E-Liquid Review

Today, I’m going to be sharing my review of I Love Donuts E-Liquid, which is apart of the Mad Hatter Juice line..  If there’s one way to win me over, it’s to name your e-liquid flavor “I Love Donuts”, so good job Mad Hatter!, you’re already ahead of the game...

Vape Juice Reviews

Cuttwood Bird Brains E-Liquid Review

Since Cuttwood has already built up such a great rapport with consumers, I was excited to hear of its next addition to the Cuttwood line of e-liquid.  When I heard that the flavor was named “Bird Brains” and was targeted to taste like froot loops, I was super hyped, especially since I...

Vape Juice Reviews

Longhorn Vapor Forbidden Fruit E-Liquid Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing Longhorn Vapor’s Forbidden Fruit E-Liquid.  For those of you who aren’t aware of this company, they’re a manufacturer of some of the finest U.S. Premium made e-liquid and a retailer for various vaping products. Quality Quality for this e-liquid seems...

Vape Juice Reviews

NicVape Ring Leader E-Liquid Review

NicVape is a manufacturer, retailer and wholesale supplier of Premium American Made e-liquid based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina.  The company is best known for the e-liquid it makes with a higher percentage of PG (Propylene Glycol), but it has recently moved with the demand of the market...

Vape Juice Reviews

Cuttwood Sugar Bear E-Liquid Review

Funny enough, I’ve never been a fan of cinnamon flavors, but after discovering Cuttwood’s e-liquid, that all changed and I became an immediate fan-boy of Cuttwood’s Sugar Bear.  To give you my detailed thoughts on this flavor, feel free to read my Sugar Bear E-Liquid Review...



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