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Vape Juice Reviews

Cuttwood Monster Melons E-Liquid Review

What’s fascinating about Cuttwood is that there’s only 4 e-liquid flavors under the brand, yet they’re one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers on the market.  I’ve passed up trying this brand multiple times, at conventions and locally because I didn’t venture much...

Vape Juice Reviews

Vape Panda Lotus Petal E-Liquid Review

Though in the past I wasn’t too big on trying a lot of new brands, nor willing to venture far from my all day vapes, Vape Panda was one brand that I was very interested in trying since it has become such a big hit with friends locally.  That said, today you are viewing the Vape Panda Lotus...

Vape Juice Reviews

Trail Chaser Habitat E-Liquid Review

Today, I’m coming at you again with yet another e-liquid flavor manufactured by Texas Select Vapor.  This time it’s a Trail Chaser Habitat e-liquid review, and I’m running it on the Turbo RDA paired with the iPV3.  If you watched the video review before reading, you’ve...

Vape Juice Reviews

Trail Chaser Valley E-Liquid Review

Today, I have yet another flavor apart of the Trail Chaser E-Liquid line that is manufactured by Texas Select Vapor.  Read along this Trail Chaser Valley Review.  This flavor is called Valley, which is said to be a fresh ripe melon infused with a variety of fruity undertones.  For this review...

Vape Juice Reviews

Trail Chaser Yeti Review

Though I don’t post many e-liquid reviews, I felt this one was truly worth it.  Today, I’ll be reviewing Yeti from Trail Chaser E-Liquid, which is manufactured by Texas Select Vapor.  If you’ve read some of my past reviews or have kept up with the happenings of

Vape Juice Reviews

Zample Box Gold Review #2

Earlier this year we published a review for Zample Box. Once again Zample sent me a “Gold Member” Zample Box. With the first review I looked at the experience as someone who wasn’t into sampling flavors. To understand how this experience is supposed to go is to realize that Zample...

Vape Juice Reviews

MBV Cinnamon Roll E-Liquid Review

Though Mount Baker Vapor is highly known throughout both the online community and e-cigarette industry, as well as being an advertiser here at GuideToVaping, I’ve always questioned their e-liquid. Is there so much hype surrounding this brand because of their amazingly cheap prices or is the e...

Vape Juice Reviews

My Liquid iD Review

Liquid iD is a website designed to allow vapers to fully customize e-liquid to their own preference. By visiting the MyLiquidiD store, vapers can choose from over 40 different flavors and invent their own unique combinations to truly suit their own tastes. In addition, customers can earn rewards...



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