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Vape Juice Reviews

Pink Spot E-Liquid Review

Pink Spot Vapor’s signature flavor, Pink Spot, is one of the best flavors I’ve tried. There’s something about this company that flows its sexy appealing theme to its flavors, giving you a satisfying and “ahh” vape each time. PinkSpotVapors “Pink Spot”...

Vape Juice Reviews

Grape Vape E-Liquid Review

Grape Vape by eVo is possibly the best single grape flavor that I’ve tried. Typically vendors do not carry a grape flavor and for the ones that do, it’s not a grape you’re expecting. I always hope for a candy flavored grape, and usually its not a candy, but more of an actual...

Vape Juice Reviews

Fresh Honey Badger E-Liquid Review

For the flavor, I can’t quite place it, but the fruit and floral notes blend together for a very pleasant vape. It has a long-lasting flavor that is full, without being overly heavy. This is one e-liquid I could vape all day! The throat hit is the only place where I was disappointed, but that...

Vape Juice Reviews

Iced Banana Mint E-Liquid Review

This company in question has literally popped up out of no where. About a month ago is when I first heard or noticed them, and then boom, the shelves of many great companies that I personally use are being filled with this “eVo E-Liquid”. And, now I see why. eVo is a new brand of e...

Vape Juice Reviews

Juicy Peach – TexasSelectVapor

Today I will be reviewing an 6ml bottle of Juicy Peach from  All of TexasSelectVapor’s liquids is a blend of 70% PG and 30% VG. I’ll be using a 510 box mod 5v passthrough with a regular 2.8 ohm bauway atomizer.  Their description simply says if you like peaches then this...

Vape Juice Reviews

VG Blueberry

VG Blueberry from Liberty-Flights was a lot more of the taste I was expecting out of the PG Blueberry. I am glad I tried this one as I’ve thought the opposite about other VG liquids I’ve tried versus there PG flavor. It tastes like pure blueberry’s which is very satisfying to me...

Vape Juice Reviews

Peach Green Tea E-Liquid Review

Here’s another of Pink Spot Vapor’s delicious flavors bottled up just for your picky taste buds. Out of the many flavors I’ve received from PSV, they seem to never let me down by offering a smooth and tasty vape. Being that I’ve never tried a green tea beverage, I...

Vape Juice Reviews

Island Punch E-Liquid Review

Island Punch holds one of the most delicious fruit flavors and one I know pretty well from vapor and drinks. A fruitful and delicious tasting vape from this Island Punch E-Liquid. Sitting in a fresh Boge cartomizer, Island Punch doesn’t carry any type of kick or beating to your throat. I get...

Vape Juice Reviews

Summer Peach E-Liquid Review

If you’re looking for a full flavored, deliciously made peach flavor – welcome to The Plume Room! The best way I can describe this Summer Peach E-Liquid by “TPR” or better known as The Plume Room, is to just say it’s solid and strictly peachy. There is no other flavors...



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