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Vape Juice Reviews

Sweet Georgia Peach – ePipe Mods

I’m sure most of you vapers smell your e-liquid before you decide to try it. Usually from the smell, we can sense if it’s going to be good or for nicer words… just not your cup of tea. After I held the fancy bottles which held Sweet Georgia Peach E-Liquid, I knew once...

Vape Juice Reviews

Rip Tide – PinkSpotVapors

While attending the Atlanta Vape Meet, my wife and I scoured around the juice bar filled with many different flavors from various vendors. While picking through Pink Spots box of zip-lock package e-liquids, we come across a bottled labeled “Rip Tide”. The bottle of course had nice...

Vape Juice Reviews

Vanilla Cream – Clouds of Vapor

While at the Atlanta Vape Meet, I seen a stack full of “COV” e-liquids, all in its own zip-lock bags with the label displaying the e-liquid name. My wife and I wanted to experience something new and something we wouldn’t usually order. We’re vapers who love fruity, candy and...

Vape Juice Reviews

Raspberry Lemonade – Pink Spot Vapors

Recently I attended the Atlanta Vape Meet and while I was there, Pink Spot Vapors happened to have a box of assorted 3ml sample e-liquids. Picking through the different flavors, one flavor caught my eye and just sounded delicious. I snatched the little baggy as it came with the juice and a card...

Vape Juice Reviews

Sweetish Fish by Goodejuice -eliquid Review

This eliquid smells good- like the Sweetish Fish cherry candy might if I remember correctly. The eliquid is mixed 50/50 (pg/vg). I’m going to vape this at 3.7v with an HH357 atty. First vape- Vapor production is good, as you would expect from a 50/50 mix. The amount of flavor is definitely...

Vape Juice Reviews

Blue Water Punch – VolcanoEcigs

With my package from came not only a LavaTube Kit, but it also came with a delicious bottle of e-liquid. Volcano Ecigs are mostly known for their quality hardware, but from my experience with Blue Water Punch, I now know they offer the full shebang. Located on the bottle was a...

Vape Juice Reviews

Malted Milk Balls – deejStuff

Today I have another bottle of deejStuff¬†e-liquid to review called “Malted Milk Balls”. – When I was younger I always remember myself snagging up a box of malted milk balls at the movie theater. The delicious outside taste of chocolate and the lavishing white center taste of...

Vape Juice Reviews

Apple Champagne – deejStuff

Just the other day I asked Blake if he had any new e-liquids that may have come in to sample. He told me that he just got a package in from and that I could grab a bottle to try out. I picked up Apple Champagne and from the name to the smell of the e-liquid, I knew this would be a...

Vape Juice Reviews

Dark Chocolate Mint – Highbrow Vapor

Today I will be reviewing a 18mg bottle of Dark Chocolate Mint from It’s said to be a blend of dark chocolate and creme de menthe with a slight hint of vanilla. For this review I will be using my variable volt ego battery on 4.2v and a low resistance ego atomizer. To begin...



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