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Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

Smoktech Aro Pyrex Tank

The Smoktech Aro Pyrex Tank is a bottom coil changeable clearomizer. It sports a hefty 3.5ml of e-liquid capacity and it’s inside tube is made of a pyrex glass. The Aro Tank comes with a 2.4Ohm bottom coil pre-installed. Much like many tanks being introduced to the e-cig market, the Aro tank...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

Smoktech Tumbler Tank

The Smoktech Tumbler Tank is a bottom coil changeable (BCC) e-liquid clearomizer. The Tumbler comes with a single 2Ohm coil that is said to have reduced wicking issues as commonly seen on other clearomizers. For just the right amount of airflow, there is a vent hole located at the bottom of the...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

The Innokin iTaste 134

The iTaste 134 is a variable wattage advanced personal vaporizer. Innokin has created a lot of hype for this device that follows in a series of branded “iTaste” products. What makes the 134 so special, is that it was modeled after the Gatling gun; the weapon that ended any opposition...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

The AMP Tank

There has always been a setback to vaping in finding the perfect combination of ecig and heating element. We’re stuck between using a cartomizer or atomizer – the two vaping accessories that still leaves vapers puzzled. When using a cartomizer, you’re left with a more mild...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

The Joyetech eVic

The New Joyetech eVic is a monster in improved technology coming to the electronic cigarette market. If you’ve ever sat back and wondered how electronic cigarettes would look and function in the future, then wonder no more… the future is here. The Joyetech eVic is an advanced personal...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

The DNA 20D

Brandon from introduces the soon to be released DNA 20D, which is essentially the brother of the recently released DNA 12. Evolv listened to its audience who craved more power, so it looks like they’ll deliver. This new DNA 20D board offers up to a 20 Watt vaping experience...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

Bedazzle Glass Tanks

Lying deep beneath all the E-Cigarette Forum clutter, there’s a piece of art spanning over 500 pages worth just waiting to be discovered. The ECF is quite a large forum and many of its members have professional occupations that can be used in the electronic cigarette market. Today I want to...



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