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Dothan Vapers Meet – Dothan, AL.

Though electronic cigarettes have been around for sometime now, the culture that follows behind these devices are just now really touching base in, what we call, the circle city. With each state a vapor shop has existed not long after the industry’s birth, but over time the new phenomenon...

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September 11th – We Will Never Forget

Today marks 13 year’s later that America was attacked and a time when thousands of American’s lost their lives. As an American and as someone deeply touched by┬áthat tragic event that occurred on September 11, 2001, I would like to take this time to remember those lost, those who lost...

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Cool Vapors Cloud Competition 2014 – Dothan, Alabama

There comes a point in almost every vapers journey where their electronic cigarette becomes a mod and their thrill of nicotine changes to a thrill of large vapor. It’s a time where vaping transitions from a habit to a favorable hobby. This point marks a time where you become more than just an...

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Does A Products Price Determine Your Perception?

Does a products price, such as e-liquid, determine your perception of that e-liquid brand or company?  This has been a question that has kept me wondering for quite a while. As an example, Mt Baker Vapor (MBV), a very popular e-liquid company among the online vaping community, has some of the best...

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The Story of Mark Dolan, A Vaping Legend

There’s some part of me that has a sadness. Our world of electronic cigarettes has been turned upside down into this mass manufactured and commercialized e-cigarette industry. Though I know it would reach this point at one time or another, the passion inside me curses it because of the...

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Advanced Vapers – We Still Have More To Learn

I’ve been confined to this chair, keyboard and website for so long, about 3 year’s actually, and I’ve indulged my life into everything vaping. I write for multiple vaping related websites, a couple family members own e-cigarette shops, and most of my friends vape as well...

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Work Continues At Crimson Vapor

In my recent Vape Blog entry I told you about the opening of a new vape shop in my town. This post is primarily focused towards local friends to update them with progress, but I hope those of you who are browsing the GuideToVaping website find the words or video some-what interesting enough to keep...

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A Visit To Vapor Time in Dothan, AL

This past week I had a chance to visit a new shop that has surfaced in Dothan. Though the “circle city” as we call it isn’t very large, the vapor shops are beginning to sprout up more frequently. Vapor Time, an electronic cigarette company that has stores in Mobile, Saraland...

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Different Experience From A New Local Shop

If you’ve been a loyal reader of Guide To Vaping for a while, you may get the hint that a lot of what I do each day involves vaping. Matter of fact, I believe e-liquid has been instilled into my DNA and flows through the rest of my family as well. The reason why I say this is, not only am I...

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It’s Official, 3 Year’s Vaping – How Do I Feel?

It’s official, 4-5-2014 marked 3 year’s of vaping. I originally started vaping with a Riva Starter Kit from Liberty Flights. Though the site is one of the first, I wish every online store offered the same experience that Liberty Flights gave me. I had a unique experience with them...



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