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A Vacation Visit To Vaping Sisters – Pensacola, FL.

Much like many of you, my family and I took a small vacation for spring break. Being that we’re going to be out-of-town, I of course used Guide To Vaping’s Vapor Shops page and found a couple of stores for Pensacola, Florida. Vaping Sisters is the name that caught my eye, and though I...

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Support Extended

Just 4 (Monday February, 17th) days ago my Father In-law passed due to on-going complications with diabetes and resulted in a massive heart attack. My family’s world has been turned upside down and the person who taught me to become a man and a great provider is no longer with us in body, but...

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Your Thoughts? – New E-Liquid Subscription Services

The new e-liquid subscription services… It seems like once one of them pop up, it’ll become contagious and everyone thinks they can offer something better. Get ready, here they come! Whatever the reason being, these e-liquid subscription services are becoming a hot topic and I predict...

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Finally Onto Rebuildable Atomizers

Though rebuildable atomizers have been out for quite a while, I’ve always had this thought that I wouldn’t be able to actually build a coil, so I’ve actually never attempted it, nor purchased a rebuildable atomizer. However, to keep Guide To Vaping up to date and to attract to...

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Hospital Designated Smoking Area

Unfortunately, my Father In-Law has taken a huge slump in health lately. While visiting him in the hospital yesterday, he finally decided to get out of that depressing room and enjoy the fall weather. So, I take him for a spin in some ancient wheel chair, which we all weren’t too fond of. As...

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Regulation Is Needed

The regulation of electronic cigarettes have become a sort of monster in the closet that we all fear in some way. It isn’t the fear of the Food and Drug Administration being involved, it’s the knowing of what could possibly become. It’s a scare to know that what we’ve built...

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Vendor Card Collection

Though it may sound a bit off for a collection, I have talked to others that surprisingly collects vendors business cards to either have them for show, to always have a card handy for spreading the word or just because they want to collect them. To me, it’s almost like a reminder or a...

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Creating A Foundation To Help Others

From the time I first started vaping, I’ve always had some sort of  passion to share this great experience that I’ve been enduring. I figured “hey it helped me, why can’t it help everyone else also?” – Since then I’ve stuck to the beat of my drum and...



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