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What If It Never Was

Our community, such a huge gathering of people offering entertainment, support, fun and a better way. This community we have has inspired me in so many ways, whether it was the creation of, the friends met or the support given to keep pushing forward with electronic cigarettes. We...

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Home Town Vape Shops

I enjoy the many vape websites scattered around the Internet, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like if one those vape shops were right here in my town. My brother in-law mentioned to me a couple of weeks back that a new vape shop has set up shop just around the corner and that really...

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The Big Names In Vaping

The online vaping community is filled with many wonderful people that if we weren’t all vaping, we would have never came in contact with. There are thousands upon thousands of vapers that make our community what it is today, but we also have more than a handful that has really stood out and...

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My Rant – Goodbye 3.7v – Hello 5v

I’ve used my EGO for as long as I’ve been vaping, which actually it’s not even an authentic EGO, only a knock off called the 510-E.  My 510-E has performed well and has definitely served it’s purpose.  While I happen to be talking about my 510-E knock off EGO, let me fill...



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