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It’s often people visit this chat, but no one has the time to hang around. I’m (Blake) always busy with GTV (GuideToVaping), so feel free to ask your questions in the in the bottom comments section and I’ll check periodically to answer them.  I’ll try to visit the GTV Chat as much as possible. Hang around and chat!

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  • Hello can anyone help me by tellin me the difference between the coil resistances? Like what happens with higher res nd lower res?

    • The lower the resistance, the faster and hotter the coil will get in your atomizer. This allows you to produce more vapor in a shorter time pulling, opposed to using a high resistance atomizer. In addition, lower resistance can play a factor in increasing throat hit. A high resistance atomizer will not get as hot, and will vaporize e-liquid at a slower pace. If you’re looking for more vapor, a stronger throat hit and a warmer vape, low resistance is for you. Around 1.6 to 1.8ohm atomizers would be a good lower resistance vape.

    • The higher the resistance or ohms your coil is the cooler your vapor will be the lower the resistance the warmer the vape will be. Also the lower in ohms you go the more vapor production you will produce.

  • Hi, I’m using a justfog cookie ecig (just got the starter pack) and one of the batteries/atomizers works perfectly. The other one, however I am having an issue with. the battery itself works fine, as does the atomizer, but when I hook the battery up to ANY atomizer (tested working) it flashes about 10 times and wont vape. Unhooked to the atomizer, the battery works though. I have cleaned all of the contact points between the battery and atomizer but I am still having issues. can anyone help?

    • Cory, it seems as if the battery has malfunctioned. Maybe it’s a load issue, since it doesn’t work only when you place an atomizer on it. If you’re sure the battery is charged, I would contact the company you purchased the starter kit from and have them replace it. If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to let me know!

  • I am new to vaping (approx 3 weeks). I bought a KangerTech EVOD starter kit. While I am mostly pleased with it, it still doesn’t leave me as satisfied as with actual smoking. I don’t get as much smoke as I would with an actual cigarette, I am not a fan of the mouth piece either. It’s like comparing sucking on a cigarette to sucking on a straw. So I was looking at some mods to try to see if I can make an even better experience. However, being new to this I don’t even know where to begin and not sure which items would work with my ecig. Any advice and suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    • Hi Glen, I’m glad you found your way to this site. The EVOD is a great starter kit, but does lack the high performance you see from a variable voltage device. It works for some people, but doesn’t for others. This is why vaping is great – because you have many options to fine tune your setup to your liking. In my position, I have had the opportunity to use many mods, and the one I prefer over any, and the one I currently use is the iTaste MVP V2. It isn’t going to look like a typical traditional cigarette and it won’t look like an EVOD either, but this switch isn’t about looks, it’s about satisfying your nicotine addiction, your hand to mouth addiction and the blowing of smoke, or in this case vapor. On top of the MVP I run either an Aspire BDC eGo Clearomizer or a Kanger AeroTank. You can visit one of the many ad banners on this website or I can make some specific suggestions if you would like. For me, it was about finding that happy spot and happy product that suited me perfectly, and once you find that you’ll know that no tobacco cigarette can offer you the type of enjoyment you’re receiving. If you need anything else, please let me know. Good luck!

  • Hi.. I’m pretty new to learning about vaping, and I had a few questions concerning my grandfather. He’s in his 60’s, and has smoked since his teens; he smokes fairly a lot, too. Firstly, would there be any ill-affect in him ceasing smoking and switching to vaping? I wanted to get him all organic liquids; no artificial, no chemical, so they would be VG based. Secondly, about VG.. in watching videos of avid vapers on YouTube, I found in one video of side-affects that this certain person had a problem with VG based and his thyroid because “VG metabolizes into glucose”. As I said earlier, my grandfather smokes fairly a lot; but he also loves his sweets, so sugar, that I know of, has never really bothered him; so would VG based cause him any possible harm? Because it wouldn’t be just 2-3 times a day for him. As I said, he smokes quite a bit.
    He’s fairly small; weight and height. He’s about 5’4″ – 5’5″, and pretty skinny. He has no trouble whatsoever getting around. He’s an avid hunter. On the outside he seems perfectly healthy. The only issue I’ve ever noticed since I was young that was constant is coughing (due to his smoking). I lost my grandmother in 2008 due to her developing cancer (she also had smoked since her teens) and going through a lot of chemo and radiation. I do not want to see this happen to my grandfather. Many might say that he’s already done it for so long.. but when you accidentally cut yourself, you don’t keep cutting, do you? It just doesn’t make sense. I truly believed that vaping would be much safer for him; because it can’t kill you like smoking can. But after hearing that about the effect VG had on this person (who was pretty young, too, and my grandfather is fairly old and much smaller than this person), it kind of scares me, and I’m not so sure anymore. I don’t want to suggest him something that could end up causing a sooner, worse problem. Any information about elders vaping and possible side-affects would be very much appreciated! I really don’t want my grandfather to smoke anymore!

    • Jo, The VG shouldn’t bother your grandfather at all, unless he’s diabetic – then he’d just have to monitor a little closer. But, since he likes his sweets – evidently there’s no problem with that. If he vapes, and quits the analogs, there’s a chance that he’ll cough more (for a while) than what he does now. That will be the tiny little hair-like cilia in his lungs beginning to move around again and his body will be trying to expel the tar & yuk that has built up for years and years.

      Don’t worry. I’m older. Little bitty & smoked for 40 years, before I quit and took up vaping. Now, if I’m awake – I vape. It’s much better than smoking. I vape high VG e-juices, try to stay as natural and organic as possible – BUT, I’ve found that it’s much tougher to get super sharp, crisp flavors with all VG e-juice- and I do love lots of flavor.

      VG is thicker than PG, so you have to be aware of wicking issues with your coils & tanks. Also, I like sweet. Highly sweet, thick VG juices are coil killers. So, sometimes I wander away from the “all natural” & “organic” e-juice and just go for the ones that tickle my taste buds. Good luck to your Grandpa & you, as you help him on his journey.

  • My vapor has worked good until the first time on a road trip, now it blinks 10 times on the bottom light, what’s the deal?

  • I have problems with juice leaking into the air tube. I get gurgling & juice in my mouth. When I unscrew the tank from the battery, sometimes there is a lot of juice in the battery contact area. I have tried several different atomizers/tanks. I also go thru coils in a week or less. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Someone suggested it may be from laying the e-cig down on its side. Any suggestions that might help?
    Currently, I am using the AnyVape Davide with DBC 1.8 & a ProVari battery set at 3.8. I also have an AeroTank Mega that I just can’t seem to use for long before it starts gurgling & leaking. Help!

    • How fast are you puffing? I have noticed that the faster I puff, the more this happens. If I stop puffing before the gurgling gets too intense, and go back to it in a few minutes the gurgling stops. And this is without cleaning any excess liquid from the battery.

  • Hi, noob here. I have a Fin ecig. I was wondering if the battery and cartomizer are interchangeable with other ecigs or types of vapors?

  • Hi, I have just started to vape in the last week. I am having problems, I cough all the time…almost every time I draw on my e-cig. I am using a Kanger Tech with the dual wick. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong with the inhale or not. It’s frustrating…I have been a smoker for 24 years, and want to quit the traditional cigarette. If you could help me out that would be amazing!!

    • Your body and lungs are used to smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes. With vapor, it’s different and your body and lungs recognize that, so your gag reflex comes to play and you cough. Vapor is something you’ll get used to, just as you did with smoke. Take slow pulls, inhale slowly with a small amount of vapor for a few days and eventually your body will recognize and get used to it. I hope this helps because once you start vaping and discover all there is to offer, you’ll love it and praise these devices.

  • I am looking for a vape tank for my x6 power stick it has to not be polycarbonate and I need it to be easy to open as I have problems with kanger protanks cause I’m not strong enough to open them someone please help

  • I’m very new to vaping. I tried it once when my friend had a vape pen and really liked it. I’ve smoked cigarettes off and on for around 2 years now. I’m 17, is there any where I’d be legally allowed to get a vape pen? If so, any recommendations on what I should get? Thank you for your time!

    • you can vape at the age of 16, with no nicotine, until 18. thats what my places law is, or just buy it online if u cant.

  • Okay, so I am very new to vaping. I have never vaped before. I got my pen in the mail two days ago. I went and bought the juice for it yesterday. The tobacco shop man put it in for me, I watched and of course he done everythign right. I have charged it completely. I have tried and so have a few of my friends who have vaped for a while to get it to work, but it won’t. It’s leaking into my battery area a bit, and i taste the juice in my mouth. I have a VaporRex. I bought the starter kit. Okay, now here’s the problem. It won’t vape. I am getting absolutely nothing from it. I don’t understand why. Someone PLEASE help. I’ve searched all over the internet. I just want to be able to vape.

    • Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I suggest you try clicking the button 5 times, which will unlock the device and allow it to active when you press it. As for your clearomizer leaking, it sounds like the seals on your clearomizer have been damaged or when filling your clearomizer, you’ve accidently poured e-liquid into the middle air tube. Inspect it all and get back with me.

  • I’m starting to make my own juice and I can’t understand any of the calculators. I have a premixed 80/20 vg/pg nic level 6 mg can you help me out I don’t know wat vg and pg dilution is

  • I have a evod mega that i just filled and charged, but i am not getting any vapor from at all. I picked it up in New Jersey and live in Illinois so taking it back is not an option anytime soon.

  • I am relatively new to vaping. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between vaping and smoking for about 6 months now because I could never find something that could quite satisfy the way a cigarette did. 2 weeks ago I purchased a SUBOX Nano starter kit. This has the largest coil I’ve used by far and I actually enjoyed it until I started getting a burnt taste in my mouth. Is this because of the larger coil has already burned out? Part of my reasons for trying to quit smoking was in hopes that it would be cheaper than cigarettes but if I have to spend $20 a week in parts and e-liquid where’s the savings? It’s just really frustrating because no one around here really knows a lot about this stuff so there’s no one to turn to when you have questions.

    • Normally, if you are burning through coils quickly, its because you have your wattage turned up too high. What ever wattage range is written on the side of the coil, aim for the middle. Also, it could be that you aren’t allowing enough time for the e-liquid to re-saturate the coil. If this doesn’t help, let me know.

  • Hello still I am still kind of new to vaping but upgraded to a sub ohm mod and was wondering if my high pg e liquid could be mixed with some of my high vg to make a new and useable e liquid (pepermint 0mg / chocolate 12mg) .. Or if I just out of luck with that and need to get a tank that can use 1.5 ohm coils

  • Hello I have a I taste mvp 3.0 and it was fine but now it doesn’t hold a charge it’s just stays red idk what to do

  • just started vaping a week ago have a eleaf I stick mini, but want a better mod n tank and am looking at the vaspresso vtc 75, the kanger topbox mini or subox mini pro with temp control, or the evic vtc mini.

    which would you suggest or is there any other mods I should consider?

  • I’m having problems with my carbon spinner 3 with eGo battery. It’s been charging for 12 hours but it won’t turn on. However, the button on the pen has been blinking white blue and orange/red when it’s plugged in.

  • Okay so i need help buying my fiance a mod. He already has the koopor and he really seems to enjoy it. The only thing is i dont know very much about them besides my fiance is a total cloud chaser. I want to know if your opinions on better mods than the koopor specifically for blowing clouds , doing tricks, etc… He makes his owns e juices and really loves to get the full affect on the taste so .. That being said taste would be a good thing to. Thanks in advance !

  • Hey, I’m very new to vaping and am looking for a piece. I’m not even sure what mAh is (even though I see it everywhere) help!!!!

  • hello everyone i love this site and would love to ask many questions and get to know more on my vape status and yalls

  • i have a istick tc60w with melo 2 simple good sub ohm i guess
    i also have the cyclone sense tank with it too i noticed that cyclone is a messy thing for sure but my ? to yall im learning on making coils for my tugboat box mod and my fuhattan tube mod
    ive been doing simple 5 wrap 22size and 24 but would like to learn more on bigger hits and pume etc wraps

    • Really all you can do is try different amount of wraps I have found that 24 gauge kanthol between 7-9 wraps does good but all depends try looking up on youtube different styles if your tired of basic builds

  • Hi i need help, i just bought a cigpet ant 80 ang used it for a while, then when my batt drained, i charge it using a phone charger, but it didnot show up charging status on screen, how ever, when i unpluged it, it now shows (Charging) on screen but the fact is it was unpluged, i am not able to use it hope you can enlighten me with this one

  • question…. i did received the metal one it works really good however, now i have 2 problems. First of all, it seems that my battery has stopped working i charged it over night and the charger is green which means its all charged, but it keeps flashing blue every time i press it to vape. But, without the top on and just the battery is there, it doesn’t start blinking blue it just lights up like normal. For my second problem, the base keeps sticking to the battery and then once on the tank i once tried to open it to refill it, but the base was stuck so i had to use pliers, which didn’t work, and then on one lucky try it came off and now its stuck to the battery but i can mange to take it apart the base and put it back together to charge. Please help me find the solution to these problems, Thank you.
    Also the battery is eGo-T and the tank is kangertech evod 2

  • Hey i just purchased the TFV8 Kit. I’m using the RB on my Smok Alien. I’m getting droplets of juice on my tongue when i inhale. Can anyone help me fix this issue

    Please reply if you can help !

  • Bought a Kanger SubVod awhile back as a first time vaper, recently discovered Ionic Cannabis oil disposable pens and really love them. Could i start putting either thc oil/wax or getting cartridges (if so what size?) to put in my SubVod, instead of e-juice?

  • Hi i just bought smok g320 marshal kit and it comes with a 0.15 ohms coil…and i was just wondering how should i have my mod set to

  • What is a solution to my dilemma? I have a 75 W Eleaf Istick PICO. I vape 12 monkeys mangabeys. Awesome flavour, but sugary. I run Aspire Triton coils @46 Watts (rated for 44-54 watts) and my coils only last like three days. What can I do (besides not vape the juice because it is so friggin awesome tasting)

    • You can either switch to a juice that won’t gunk up your coils as easily or you can keep a close check on your coil to increase its longevity. First make sure you’re priming the coil really good. Make sure you’re allowing the coil enough airflow. Make sure the coil is wicking properly at all times — if you have to do a few pulls without hitting the fire button to soak up your cotton a bit, be sure to do that. And lastly, do not change flavors on the coil.

  • So I’ve been vaping for about a month now but I have plenty knowledge and experience with vapes. But I am very unaware of the situation with mine and I have never heard of this with any other device. It continuously tastes burnt, no matter how many times I clean every inch of it, the coils, and everything else. I usually run it at 60w but it is a 75w device with a 100w tank sub ohm. Please someone help

    • Make sure that you’re priming the coil correctly before you ever use your tank. Make sure that the tank is wicking properly and receiving enough air.

        • The e-liquid could possibly be too thick then or you got a bad batch of coils. What coil head and tank are you using?

          • You shouldn’t be having any issues… I use the same tank and coil and it wicks perfectly. Try using a different liquid… if that doesn’t work, then the coils are either bad (not likely) or you aren’t priming them well enough.

  • Hi i need to know if i could use the wismec indestructible rda on my smok stick v8 and idk how to build to get the ohms i need required for the smok stick v8 since there is no screen to show the ohms ?

    • You could, and it’ll let you build low since the coils that come with the TFV8 Tank are pretty low in resistance. I couldn’t find any information on the minimum resistance though. Since it doesn’t have a resistance read-out, you’ll need to place the RDA on an ohm reader, such as the Coil Master 521 Tab or check you ohm’s with another device that can read the ohm’s.

  • I used to have a basic vape pen that broke. I just got a nuvapefun v9 and I’m completely confused. It seems to fill from the top so I opened and filled it but nothing is happening. I charged it but there’s no vapor or anything. Am I doing something wrong?

  • So I got a TVF12 RBA and I’m a noob at it so I have a few questions. Do you juice up the tank also? And why after like 4 hits am I getting dry hits? Do you drip through the top of the tank or do you have to disassemble everything and re apply juice to the cotton?

  • I have a question about my vape… I have an itaste 20w form innokin and I just got a new tank nut the light stays steady instead of flashing when I try to use it

    • Probably because the button is backlit or letting you know it’s activated. It’s an indicator to let you know the button has been pressed and is activated.

  • I had recently just purchased an ipv4 100 watts and both of the batteries itself are working and fine, so I plugged them in to thr vape and the vape says low battery. But the other day I put a liquid something in the tank but it was closed. Please help

  • i just bought a nemmis mech mod and ive had it about two days and today i woke up and it wouldnt work ive done pretty much everythin and ive made kow restiance coils and they are barely heating up the battery is a 3000mah what do i do?

    • Make sure you’re making a solid connection everywhere. Also, make sure the screws are tight on your coil leads.

  • Hey So I have been using the Smok Alien mod and I have been using it for a couple months with little to no problems and I changed the coil last night and It suddenly tasted constantly burnt, even after I primed the coil and I am very confused, I have been using new juice for a week and it now suddenly tastes burnt.

  • ok so im very very new to vaping and all that so if someone wouldnt mind giving me a whole rundown of it? like is it bad for you? are there different kinds of vapes and which one should i be looking for? i want to try the non-nicotine method since i dont smoke and i just think ill overall like it so i want to try. thanks in advance:)

    • Depends on the resistance of your coil. Often times manufacturers will list the best wattage range on the coil head.

  • I need help, I put a new coil in and it says no OHM and everything is in good shape, brand new coil. Brand new tank and it’s been good until I needed to change the coil

  • Hello does anyone know if the Smoant Charon 218TC Mod can work with a single 18650 i know its a dual mod but does it work with a single??

  • My smok alien 220 watt won’t turn on. I tried charging it and the screen didn’t come on and I used a friends batteries and put them in and it still wouldn’t work. How come it won’t turn on or charge?

  • HI, I’m currently using the Smok X Cube Ultra Mod with the Baby Beast Tank, Everything is great apart from how much juice the Beast drinks!!! I’m forever re filling and its making it a tad expensive. Just looking for any recommendations of decent tanks that i could use and get a decent flavour but not guzzle as much juice?. I know iv been told its worth the juice drinking to get great flavour but id still like a tank that’s not as thirsty. Thought about making my own juice but haven’t got round to it yet. Thanks in advance for an replies, Harvey.

    • Harvey, when you move to a sub-ohm tank, it just comes with the territory. More vapor equals less juice. You only have a few options: vape less, go with a setup/tank with a more restricted airflow or less output, or buy your juice at a cheaper price. Do this, look on the right sidebar of this site and click the ad that says “240ML FOR $22.00”. The e-liquid is good and you get a lot of it for super cheap.

  • Hello i have the smok alien and someone replaced the coils leaving it to say “ohm too low” whenever you try to use it. Is this fixable?

  • how do i know how many wraps to do or how many wraps to do with a certain gauge of wire or certain type of coil like an alien or basic clapton? keep in mind id be buying the wire already made, I would just have to wrap and check the coils.

  • I am thinking about buying a new tank for my vape but it’s diameter is 20mm and I have a hard time finding an rda that is that small. How much overhang can I have without there being any leaking?

  • Hey can anyone help me,I bought this vape from my friend and its a smok 22 and he also gave me and coil.But that coil is to big for the vape i think and i need somebody to help so i know if its to big or not.He also said that the coil came with the vape.

  • Hello,, I am unable to operate my skyhook smok rdta in temperature control mode with fused clapton ss316l,,, Temp protec warning flashes after 1/2 sec,, Even no vape

  • Hi my istick power Goes only on when i put it in a charger, while it is charged. and if he is on he turns of after a couple seconds. What Can i Do to fix this?

  • I have a ijoy 27000 battery and a .07 ohm build I was wondering if itd be safe to put it on my pulse bf unregulated mod I usually don’t build this low but it just so happened to be a very low build

  • Im new to vaping and having some issues. Ok so I had a friend give me a smok baby 80w. And I put new coil in it and used it for 3weeks. Now when I hit it, it won’t fire. It says battery low. I changed to a new fully charged battery and it still won’t fire it says short atomizer so I took everything apart clean it and start over then when I hit the button it cut off… any suggestions

    • Sounds like there is a connection issue. Ensure that your coil head or atomizer is screwed in all the way, but do not overtighten. Often times when it says short atomizer, that means something isn’t making a solid connection.

  • I have 2 smok aliens a ipv4 and a kangertech and I’m buying a tpriv what’s the best of all 5 in your opinion

  • I’m confused about amps. If the battery is rated at 40A does that mean I can use all 40 or use the 20A burst?

  • I have a pro color vape and it’s fairly new, new coils and new juice and it won’t blow any smoke out at all. I tried taking out the batteries and restarting it and nothing. Battery’s are charged.

  • I have a purge mech mod v3 and I know with the 20700 battery it’s positive side up but with the 18650 the sleeve it gives you to put the 18650 in I’m not sure what way to put the battery in the sleeve or what way to put it in the mod any information would be awesome thank you

  • so i have a baby prince tank and on the edge of the coil where the cotton is it keeps forming air bubbles that i cant get rid of and is burning the coil. the coil im using is 30-65 ohms and i have it in to test run and to not break the coil i want to use but i fear the same thing will happen. what can i do

  • I just started RDA with a Mutation X v4 and a Reuleaux mod. I wasn’t receiving any Ohms on the build so I unscrewed the screw on the bottom of the RDA. BAMM im getting .17 Ohms. Is this a common and safe practice? Thank you in advance

  • Hi
    I have an Ohm Boy OC – The Rage Squonk Mod and making my own coils is a pain and I was wondering what an easier option would be. Im a complete newb and just want a normal tank but would quite like to still use this. Is there such a thing that i can put on this that will suck up the juice but with a more regular tank?
    Im aware this might have made zero sense!

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