If you’re looking to quit smoking, then you’ve found the right place. Chances are you’ve tried products like a nicotine patch, lozenges among many others and have failed. If you really want to quit smoking and eager to learn, keep reading, please? (If begging you is what it takes for you to quit smoking, consider it done!)

The Addiction

When I used to smoke, I only knew that I was addicted to tobacco cigarettes and that’s it. Little did I know, I was addicted to much more. If you’re a tobacco cigarette smoker, then here’s a list of what you’re addicted to.

  • 4,000+ Chemicals
  • Nicotine
  • The act of blowing smoke from your mouth
  • The act of inhaling smoke
  • The act of holding a cigarette
  • The act of placing a cigarette to your mouth
  • The taste

The reason it’s so hard for smokers to quit smoking is because they’re addicted to a cigarette is so many ways. Not only do you have to remove yourself from the many chemicals that make up a tobacco cigarette, but you also have to deal with not doing something you’ve made a part of your life for so long.

Trial & Error

If you’re serious about quitting smoking, then I’m sure you’ve tried other ways of tobacco harm reduction. There are many products like lozenges and patches, including other means by undergoing acupuncture and even hypnosis. Though it is great that you’re persistent  this trial and error tends to result in failure. There isn’t anything wrong with the trial and error to quit smoking, but the best advice anyone can give you is research thoroughly before taking action.

Becoming Aware

To get an edge on the process to quit smoking is becoming aware of your surroundings. And, not to make you feel bad or anything, but look at those around you that have to deal with your habit on a daily basis or even on occasion. Once you’ve completely removed yourself from tobacco cigarettes you’ll become a bit more aware and find yourself saying “I can’t believe I used to smoke!”. Remember, this is your habit and none of your family, friends, co-workers and other bystanders asked to deal with it. To someone who isn’t a smoker, you smell like burnt chemicals and the smoke coming from your cigarette smells horrible and is very offensive (in my opinion). A bit blunt, but this is something you need to be aware of.

The Want

In order to quit smoking, you must have the want to quit smoking. Saying you’re going to quit is easy, but really and truly wanting to quit is what will push you through the journey. To quit smoking it takes a lot of dedication, will power and most of all… the want.

Discover Electronic Cigarettes

After you’ve tried many other tobacco harm reduction products, you’ll soon discover electronic cigarettes, especially now more than ever. Electronic Cigarettes have become very popular even with big tobacco companies, one being Lorillard (makers of Newport), who has recently purchased blu Ecigs. First off, Electronic Cigarettes is what finally did it for me. I’m satisfying all my addictions excluding the 4000+ harmful chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes. I’ve now been using electronic cigarettes for almost 2 years now and not once have I picked up a tobacco cigarette nor needed anything else to crave my nicotine addiction. E-Cigs have no foul oder and contains no harmful toxins or carcinogens. I could go on and on about electronic cigarettes, but the best thing to do is to discover them yourself at www.GuideToVaping.com

Quit Smoking

Now that you’ve read what you’re addicted to, how people around you feel about it, some things you may go through to quit, having the want and discovering electronic cigarettes, the next step for you is to… quit smoking. Good luck on your journey.