Rebuildable Atomizer Tools You’ll Want To Buy

When you first embark on your journey with rebuildable atomizers, there are a few things you’ll need to buy and a few things you’ll want to buy to make your experience a safe and easy one. There are tools that will not only keep you safe, but there are also tools that will increase your productivity and accuracy. Though some of these tools are necessarily a must have, they do however become very beneficial. Here’s a list of rebuildable atomizer tools you’ll want to buy.

1. Ohm Meter

An Ohm Meter is a must have. You’ll want to first purchase an Ohm Meter because each time you build a coil or make any changes to your coil, you’ll want to check the ohm’s to stay in a safe distance. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to check your ohm’s on a coil every so often since the screws in your posts will loosen over time from the heat.

ohm meter

2. RBA Coil Jig

Although you can do it caveman style as one vendor once explained it to me, there are options to make things that much easier and accurate when building a coil. An RBA Coil Jig is a product to help build show-room coils, and at the same time helping you build them a lot quicker than if you were to use a bit, like many people have done. For an example, when your car is dirty and it needs a wash, you can either go outside and use the old rag and water-hose, or you can pay a few dollars and take it to the local wash where the brush automatically dispenses foaming soap and you have the opportunity to use a high pressure sprayer. Only difference here is that once you pay for the coil jig, it’s yours to use with no extra expense.

The RBA Coil Jig Features:

  • 1/32; 1/16; 3/32; 1/8; and 9/64 posts for building coils
  • 510 threading on the side of Jig to use as an Atomizer stand
  • Nylon plastic thumb screws
  • Built in Compartment to store building posts


3. Coil Wrapping Rods

If you’re one of those that don’t want an RBA Jig, there are some more caveman type options for you out there. One of those options are Coil Wrapping Rods. These rods are bascially sized rods for you to wrap your coil around and offer nothing more. You can continue with your wrapping around a bit of some type or you can get a little fancy and have a set of rods specifically to wrap your coils around. It isn’t nearly a must-have, but you have to admit, it would be nice to have these in your collection of RBA tools.

coil wrapping rods

4. Heat Resistant Tweezers

After installing a coil on your rebuildable atomizer, most people then heat the coil to stiffen the wire so that wraps will be that much tighter. To tighten them, you’ll want to heat the coil until it turns red hot, then place your tweezers on the coil and squeezing it until the coil cools. However, if you’re using normal stainless steel tweezers to do this, holding onto that coil can get pretty hot sometimes. The best way to avoid this is by purchasing yourself a set of Heat Resistant Tweezers.  These tweezers are stainless steel, but have ceramic flat tips, which are heat resistant. Though these tweezers aren’t a must-have, they’re definitely worth the purchase.

heat resistant tweezers







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