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Reynolds Settles Trademark Suit

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The more well established electronic cigarette companies already know it, but these new guys entering the industry may be unaware of just how much Reynolds protects its branded names; Such as the most recent time Reynolds sued an e-cigarette company back in late 2012.

Believe it not, but they’re at it again. Reynolds American filed a lawsuit on an electronic cigarette company, “Preferred Vapor”. The company was accused of making unlicensed products that bear the Camel, Kamel Red, Kool and Salem brand names.

Reynolds has used the Camel trademark for 100 years and not just for traditional cigarettes. Reynolds has used the Salem name for 57 years in connection with tobacco products including cigarettes.

Under the agreement, Preferred Vapor’s website owner John Thompson, is permanently enjoined from using an R.J. Reynolds brand names and must pay the tobacco company an undisclosed amount of money. U.S. District Judge N. Carlton Tilley Jr. signed off on the agreement Wednesday.

That said, cashing in big from the popular brand names may in fact make you cash in big… just to its rightful owners.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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