Our Basic category consists of vital information that's dedicated to feeding current smokers with the information about vaping that they need to learn and understand first.  When planning to switch to vaping, we want you to know what to expect, how vaping components work, and we also share some of the most frequently asked vaping questions.  If you're interested in vaping and want to cover the basics first, start here.


The Beginner category consists of information dedicated to those who have just started vaping.  From our own experiences, we've learned that vaping can seem a bit confusing at first, and even though you grasp the concept of vaping, not everything makes perfect sense.  In this category we clear up any misconceptions about vaping, we dive deeper into the details about e-liquid and vape mods, and we also share our tips and best practices.  If you're a new vaper, but want to expand your vaping knowledge, we encourage you to start here.

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The Intermediate category within Guide To Vaping focuses more towards those vapers that are looking to expand their knowledge on vaping, discover more advanced products, and learn how to use them.  In this category, we take a closer look at batteries for vaping, rebuildable atomizers, sub-ohm tanks, temperature control, and we explore even further into the vape market so that you're more aware of what's available to you to maximize your vape experience.  If you feel you're beyond the beginner stage of vaping, but haven't quite mastered the art, get your fix here.

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The Advanced category is designated strictly for those that are looking for more detailed information about vaping.  Though the Guide To Vaping name may appear as if it's designed specifically for beginner vapers, it isn't.  We've tailored this category to offer chip specifications, advanced vaporizer information, how to build coils, RDA coil configurations, and much more content that will have you interested and reading for days.  If you think you've mastered vaping, think again.  Get your advanced vaping information fix here.

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The Product Reviews category is the section of Guide To Vaping where we store reviews on the latest vape pens, vape mods, sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable atomizers, and even electronic cigarette accessories, such as vape tweezers, coils, mod holders, and more.  We know that you're looking for the latest features and specifications on vaping gear, along with our opinion of the best mod or best tank.  Within this category, we go into detail with our constant stream of vape reviews, giving you the option to read them in print or watch them on video.

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