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Brief Introduction: GuideToVaping was created on 4/21/2011 and soon after, it immediately blossomed into one of the world’s largest informational blogs for electronic cigarettes and vaping. The site first started off with in-depth reviews on products such as e-liquid and electronic cigarettes. The site then transformed into a place of all information concerning electronic cigarettes, including an exclusive destination for news as well. It wasn’t all about advertising the site to get known, it was about lending an ear, offering a hand, and giving back what has already been given. Our viewers come to GuideToVaping because they’re looking for information, rather it is on what an electronic cigarette is, to where to purchase one. They’re here… are you?

What Do You Get?: Advertising with GuideToVaping, you not only get the exposure your business deserves, but you also get a step in the direction to the ones who just started, eager to learn and ready to try. With a simple ad banner, you can gain a long-term and committed customer, and one-click is all it takes. You’ll get the thousands of impressions to show off your company and it’s logo, along with the clicks to back it.

Ad Positions Available: Click Here

By clicking the above link, you can quickly see which ad positions are available. By clicking a specific Ad Zone, you’ll be able to input your information, choose how many days you would like, and pay with ease. ¬†After your ad has been approved and you’ve paid, you can then view the stats for your ad placement at any time.

NOTE: I use a specific plugin to serve the ads on the website. However, I do not fully trust the stats that it collects. I have done tests before that weren’t accurate, therefore, I suggest if you want to track stats that you do so on your end to ensure accuracy.

Tip: Usually, when a vendor rents a position on, they’ll continue their advertisement for months and even years. So, if something is available and you want it, it’s best to act quickly.

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Vape Advertising
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Vape Advertising
One of the most prominent parts of building a successful brand is vape advertising. We offer banner ads, posts and content that will help your brand stand out.
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