fda and vape advertising

The FDA Regulations and Vape Advertising

  Once upon a time vape advertising was at the forefront of many store owners minds, but leading up to the Food and Drug Administrations deeming regulations, those terrorizing regulations would...

Who Is The Greatest Enemy of Vaping?

  Over the years the vaping community has had a plethora of enemies, the industries freedoms are being knocked out by one agency after another, but does anyone know what the greatest...
a billion lives

Want A Vape Documentary In Your Theater? Here’s How!

  If you're a passionate vaper and want to see a single documentary potentially change the world's outlook on both smoking and vaping, here's the solution staring you in the...
vpx richmond

The Vape Exhibit – Richmond, Virginia 2016

  This past weekend my wife and I attended our first ever ECC event, one of which we've been wanting to attend for quite some time, but haven't due to...

Are Vapor Pod Systems A Step In The Wrong Direction?

  For some vapor hobbyists it appears as though the idea of manufacturers turning their attention from high wattage fog machines to a more basic concept is an affront.  The proposition of...

The Future For Chinese Vapor Technology Manufacturers

  As the vast majority of vapor technology manufacturers are based outside of the United States there has been some question about the role of Chinese manufacturing companies in the post...

Guide To Vaping Is Here To Help Vape Shops Help New Customers

  Under the new FDA regulations vape shops are no longer allowed to get hands on with their customers new products.  If you take the product out of the packaging...

The Day That American Vaping Freedom Died

  August 8th 2016 is a date that will go down in history as one of the largest mistakes every made by the American Government when it comes to the...

Is August 8th The Beginning Of The Vaping Revolution?

  If you believe that August 8th is the end of vaping as we know it due to FDA regulations designed to cripple the industry, you're sorely mistaken.  While we may feel...

Why The Gag Order On Vaping Won’t Close Pandora’s Box

  On August 8th, the modified risk claims of electronic cigarettes and vaping will essentially become illegal in the United States as the FDA has falsely deemed that these products...