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CBD tincture Bottle Drop

Guide For Sweet Lovers: Top CBD Sweets You Must Try

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical naturally present in the Cannabis plant. Many people confuse CBD with THC but other than the fact the two chemicals are essential parts of the Cannabis plant’s genetic makeup...
Funky Republic TI7000 Disposable Vape

EBDesign Releases The Funky Republic TI7000 Disposable Vape

For years you've enjoyed the devices made by EBDesign, one of the industry's largest and most reputable creations of disposable vapes. After developing some of the most popular devices on the market, it has...
CBD Flower

How CBD Flowers Can Help With Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia

CBD has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its potential therapeutic benefits. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant and has been reported to alleviate symptoms of...
vape tube mod

Top Tips To Help Get You Started With Vaping

Are you looking to get started with vaping? If so, then you've come to the right place. Getting into vaping for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to...
Disposable Vape Leaking

Is Your Disposable Vape Leaking? Here’s How To Fix It

There are few things in the world more annoying than a leaking disposable vape. If you’ve ever looked down at your pocket and seen the telltale stain of vape juice, you know exactly what...
IGET Brand Vaping

The IGET Brand of Vape Devices: A Comprehensive Guide

Well, as you are already aware, vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years as a substitute for traditional smoking, and we can't say that is a bad thing right?  Well with so many options...
gummies background

What Are Amanita Mushroom Gummies?

Mushrooms have played a vital role in our way of life for years, using them as medicine, food, and in rituals. While mushrooms are still being used in the same way today, they're gaining...
cbd gummies

9 Benefits and Uses of Broad-Spectrum CBD 2023

Cannabidiol, or what we commonly refer to as CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant. It has become a popular ingredient for edible, vape, and topical products. People use...
disposable vapes

Gas Station Vapes: Are They Worth It?

If you’ve gone to a gas station in the past few years, you have definitely seen vapes and e-Cigarettes. This $20+ billion industry has gotten so big, these are everywhere. If you’re wondering whether...
vaping cbd oil

How To Vape CBD Oil Correctly

CBD oil vaping is gaining popularity as a means of ingesting Cannabidiol, particularly among those who are trying to quit smoking but are wary of the psychoactive effects of THC. However, the most effective method...
cannabis extract

4 Things To Know About Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis extracts are one of the top choices as dabbing becomes increasingly popular. Although cannabis concentrates have been around for hundreds of years, technology has paved the way to utilize extracts and develop them...
ecigarette vapes

The Complete Guide to E-Cigarettes

Welcome to our guide on e-cigarettes! E-cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarettes or vapes, are battery-operated devices that convert liquid into vapor, which is then inhaled. They first hit the market in the early...
Relax Sign

4 Relaxing Activities Set to Be Favorites Next Year

Stress is a natural part of life, and that's okay. The question is not how to entirely eliminate stress (because you can't), but rather how to handle stress in the healthiest way possible so...
cannabis flower

Living a Balanced and Healthy Cannabis Lifestyle

In recent years, cannabis has become increasingly popular among people from all walks of life, with an increasing number of individuals using it for its medicinal properties. However, as with any other substance, it’s...
refillable vapes

Refillable vs. Disposable Vapes: Which Is Right For You?

It's common for new vapers to think about which vape is best for them, either refillable or disposable. It takes some time to become acquainted with how these devices operate and the benefits and...
woman vaping

Top 5 Reasons Vaping CBD Is The New Cool

While it warrants more empirical studies and scientific proof, anecdotal evidence supports the potential benefits of CBD. Different factors can influence its supposed effectiveness, and one of the most critical is the way you...
Smartcart Official

Brand Introduction: Smartcart

With a slew of cannabinoids emerging onto the market, new products are being developed to host them. Smartcart is the latest and greatest brand to support these compounds, and they're doing it in an...
vape guide

A Quick And Easy Vape Guide For Beginners

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Vapes are a great way to get the nicotine you crave without having to smoke cigarettes, which can be damaging to your...
Myle Vape

A Beginners Guide To Using Myle Pods

Myle pods in Dubai appear to be gaining popularity among vapers. If you intend to use these products, you must have a basic understanding of how to use them because it can be tricky....
Rokin Stinger

How To Clean A Dab Pen: Step-by-Step Guide

Using a dab pen is, without a doubt, the most potent way to enjoy the herbal concentrates you love. That’s partially due to the potency of the wax concentrates and partially because of the...
Cannabis Gummies

A Quick Guide To Cannabis Edibles

Many countries continue legalizing cannabis for one reason or the other, so there have been advancements in consuming cannabis products. Many consumers, especially those not up for smoking and inhaling, now prefer consuming cannabis...
vaping clouds

A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing An E-Liquid Flavor

If you're planning to try vaping, there are several considerations to think about, such as the vape device and essentials. Among the basics is the e-liquid or vape juice flavor. This is something to...
cbd products

How To Store CBD Products

Quality of CBD products, as is the case with other items you rub, smoke, or ingest, solely depends on how well you store them. If properly stored, the potency of CBD products will remain...
Delta Vape Brands

Top 10 Delta Vape Brands 2022

Although there are many brands delta vape brands that exist today, not all of them are created equal. Due to the fact that nearly anyone could sell these products, an open market of new...
Delta 8 Vapes

Top 5 Delta 8 Vapes 2022

Since Delta 8 products hit the market, it has been flooded with different variations of strains and types of products it's infused into. With so many Delta 8 vapes now available, it's hard to...
Top 5 HHC Vapes

Top 5 HHC Vapes 2022

There are many HHC vapes on the market today but with so many available, it's hard to choose which one is the best, at least for someone that doesn't have knowledge of the current...
Flum Pebble Disposable Vape

The Flum Pebble Disposable Vape

Back at it again, Flum Vapor has released yet another extraordinary device to add to its collection of disposables. The Flum Pebble Disposable Vape is the latest and greatest of them all, and it...
online cbd shopping

Tips for choosing an Online CBD Store

CBD use has been legalized in different parts of the world. This is attributed to most people realizing that CBD has many significant benefits for the body. With this increased demand, the number of...
CBD tincture

How to safely include CBD into your daily life

CBD (cannabidiol) is an active compound found in the cannabis plant. Since it’s not psychoactive and people use it purely for unwinding, researchers have provided evidence-backed health benefits of CBD. Now, an official and approved CBD-based...
Vape Pen Batteries

Buy a Vape Pen Battery with These 3 Features for the Best Experience

If you’re a serious connoisseur of herbal concentrates, you’ve probably learned from experience that you’re not going to have the best possible experience with an oil cartridge or wax coil unless you have a...

Does E-Liquid Go Bad?

Have you ever shopped at a website like cloudcityuk.com and found a great bulk e-liquid deal that you just couldn’t turn down? If you have, then you’ve probably wondered how long you can safely...
dark gray vaping clouds

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping CBD

If you're considering vaping CBD, there are a few things you should know. In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about vaping CBD, including what it is, its benefits, and...
Hemp Cannabinoids

How Many Types Of Cannabidioids Can You Use At A Time

Cannabinoid consumption has grown in the past years due to intensive research and developments in this field. Additionally, legalizing medical and recreational cannabis has also led to an expansion of various cannabis products in...
cbd seeds tincture

A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of CBD Products

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, there's been an emergence of various types of CBD. But as such, people have a hard time understanding the differences between each one. If you're a beginner, you...
Johnny Depp Vape

Celebrity vapers who have made the switch from smoking 

In the golden age of Hollywood, the biggest celebrities would seldom be seen without a cigarette in hand. For many, it was all part of the image – even today, people adorn their homes...
cbd coffee

How CBD Coffee Is Shaking Up The Industry

CBD products are becoming more popular for the health benefits that they can offer us, and with the range of ways that you can take CBD evolving, there is bound to be something to...
KROS Disposable Vapes

KROS Disposable Vape Brand Review

Steamrolling out of the gate, the KROS brand is making a huge entrance into the world of vaping with two incredible vaping devices. The brand, parented by Smoore, introduces a collection of disposable vapes...
nicotine pouches

How Long Do Nicotine Pouches Last?

Many countries have passed anti-smoking legislation, and cigarettes, the primary source of nicotine, are no longer available in some areas. As a result, oral pouches have gained popularity as a simple and covert way...
Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra Vape

Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra Vape Review

The newest model from leading disposable vape manufacturer, Elf Bar, is the sleek Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra vape. The Elf Bar Ultra disposable vape provides the same basic specs as the original BC5000 line,...

Have Some Spare Marijuana? Here’s What You Can Try With It

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for centuries for medicinal and recreational purposes. The cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds that interact with the human body. Of...
tre house

Tre House Brand Review

Using a range of cannabinoids, Tre House has turned into one of the best sources of hemp-derived products. From disposable vapes to gummies to cartridges and even syrup, it is an excellent brand to...
vape shop vaping

How to Open a Vape Shop

According to a new Grand View Research, Inc., the global e-cigarette and vape market is expected to reach USD 182.84 billion by 2030. Growing at a CAGR of 30.0% from 2022 to 2030. So, if...
vaping headshot

Useful Tips for Vape Enthusiasts on Understanding HHC Substances

If you are a vape enthusiast, then you know that there are many different substances that can be used in vaping. Logically, some substances will be more harmful than any other substance, and as...
Cake Logo

Cake Brand Review

Building a dominant brand in an up-and-coming market was no great task for Cake, an alternative brand that specializes in creating products using the most popular hemp-derived cannabinoids. In fact, it was quite easy....
CBD coffee

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Coffee?

There are so many new hot drinks hitting the café menus nowadays, that it can be hard to keep up with them all. There are lots of fancy flavors and beans from countries across...
time clocks

What Time Of The Day Should You Consume Delta 8 Carts?

If you have excellent health, you must be familiar with the products that help in improving your overall health. When it comes to Delta 8 Carts, this product has been introduced in the market...
geekvape vape

Vape Culture of Today — The Driving Factors, Benefits, and a Potential Juul Ban

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a marketing denial order to the popular e-cigarette company Juul, telling the company to remove its e-cigs from the U.S. marketplace with the decision applying to...
fume extra


Fume Vapor is a leading disposable vape brand in the United States that is based out of Florida. This disposable vape line is widely popular in the Sunshine State and offers a plethora of...
MTL Vaping

What’s the Best MTL Vape?

If you were a vaper about seven years ago, you would have seen a completely different world from the one that exists today. In those days, it often seemed as though everyone who vaped...
7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable Vape

7 Daze Ohmlet Review

Due to the success of the Egge, 7 Daze has gone to work immediately to develop its next biggest release, the 7 Daze Ohmlet. Much like the Egge, the Ohmlet has a unique design,...
Galaxy Treats Delta 8 Gummies

Galaxy Treats Delta 8 Gummies Review

Growing into one of the industry's leading choices for alternative products, Galaxy Treats is creating a galactic experience all of its own. Its products will set you off into space and provide an effective...
CBD Flower

Cool Ways To Use CBD To Wind Down In Your Free Time

CBD products have positively improved the way people calm down their afflictions and discomfort. Among the many benefits of using CBD, we find an improvement in sleep, decreased muscle pain, and reduced anxiety. Not...
CBD Bottles

What Are The Main Uses And Benefits Of CBD Oil?

Cannabis is one of the most discussed topics around the globe. With its amazing benefits and adverse side effects, it's become a debatable topic. However, experts suggest that CBD oil has a variety of...
Ghost Delta 11 Disposable Vape Lifestyle

Ghost Delta 11 Disposable Vape Review

Oozing with effects, the Ghost Delta 11 Disposable Vape is one of the most pleasing devices to use and own. While cannabinoid-driven products using Delta 8 have certainly taken the spotlight, Delta 11 is...

6 Amazing Benefits Of Using Cannabidiol & When To Consider It

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions. CBD oil is made from the cannabis plant, but it does...
Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape Review

Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape Review

Elf Bar has become one of the vaping industry's leading choices when it comes to disposable vapes, as they've already created as many as twenty-five different devices. While they all come in different shapes...
vaping cbd oil

Can You Vape CBD Oil?

Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD) has grown in popularity because of its said positive health effects. It has been believed to have the potential to ease the symptoms of various health conditions, including neurological disorders. With...

How To Get More Puffs From A Disposable Vape

It's almost like anyone who buys vaping products want to get more from what they currently have. Take disposable vapes for example; you knowingly buy a device that shares a specific puff count, yet...
recharge disposable

How To Recharge Your Disposable Vape

Ever since the launch of the disposable vape market, users have been amped to squeeze out every bit of use they can to make their devices last that much longer. Although these devices are...
green cannabis plant

Where Can I Buy Organic CBD Online?

CBD is fast becoming a popular supplement that many people are now incorporating into their daily lives. However, although CBD is thought to be good for your health, some people are wanting to ensure...
man vaping at shop

A Guide To Buying HQD Vapes Online

Vaping has grown popular over the years. A study shows that, by 2018, 8.1 million U.S. citizens were e-cigarette smokers. By now, you can be sure the figure has risen. Most people opt for...
Coastal Clouds New Vape Juice

The New Coastal Clouds Vape Juice Collection

Looking for a new vape juice to try? Coastal Clouds has you covered! Their new vape juice collection is amazing, and their flavors are sure to please everyone. Coastal Clouds is a company that...
Hero Vape Store Product

The Complete Guide to 12 Monkeys E-Liquid

12 Monkeys E-Liquid is known to stand out in making users enjoy a great nicotine experience. They are available in a wide range of flavors to satisfy the needs of a wide range of...
medicine bottles on green and brown moss

5 Ways to Choosing the Right CBD Oil for You

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural and non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis. Since CBD doesn't seem to impact one's mental state, doctors often recommend it to alleviate various health problems without the high that...
cbd tincture

Surprising Facts About CBD Oil That Will Change Your Mind

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound found in cannabis, and it is often used to make CBD oil, cosmetics, vape cartridges, and other products. However, CBD oil is increasingly gaining popularity as a result...

The Different Types Of Vapes And How To Choose

Recent years have seen a growth in vaping popularity, especially among young people. Young folks are attracted to vaping for various reasons, including the fact that it's seen as a cool and trendy activity....
NKD 100 Max Disposable

The New NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape Collection

Naked 100 went from an unknown vape brand into an industry-leading giant in just a couple of years, taking over the world of premium vape juice. It is now one of the largest manufacturing...
cannabis joint

What Everyone Should Know About Cannabis Laws

In some form, marijuana is now legal in more than half of the United States. This has led to a lot of confusion about what is and isn't legal, especially when it comes to...
Best Vapes on Gopuff

Best Vapes on Gopuff

There were many changes that happened in the vape industry after the Pact Act went into effect for vape products in March of 2021. One massive change was the new requirement to ship all...
cannbis products

Things you should know before buying cannabis products

Cannabis relaxes your mind and body by reducing your mental and physical stress. Regardless of how you use it, you can experience anxiety escaping your body, making you quite relaxed. Consequently, cannabis benefits you...
Dinner Lady Innokin PR


Vaping technology has the power to create positive change and today two of the world’s leading vape businesses have announced a new initiative to help the homeless community. Both Innokin and Dinner Lady, which are...
Flum Vapor Products

The Flum Vapor Dynasty of Disposable Vapes

Without a doubt, Flum Vapor and its superior collection of disposable vapes have certainly generated an impactful presence in the world of vapor products. The brand started with the Flum Float and quickly began...
cannabis leaves

Top 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana is a popular drug that is used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. It is derived from the Cannabis plant and can be smoked, vaporized, or ingested in food or drink. As the...
cbd dropper

What Are The Benefits Associated With CBD Oil? Find Out Here

Cannabis has gained popularity for medicinal purposes long before its recent legalization in some states. Various studies have explored the effects of Cannabidiol, a compound extracted from cannabis, on health. Studies have found that...
CBD Gummies

The 4 Potential Benefits of CBD-Infused Gummies

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in cannabis. It’s extracted from the hemp plant which is similar to marijuana. But unlike weed, CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the...
CBD Hemp

A Short Yet Concise Look Into the Legalities of CBD in the UK

Cannabidiol, which many know as CBD, is derived from the hemp plant. Part of the cannabis family, it contains Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in it, much like its notorious cousin: the marijuana. However, it is...
green cannabis plant

Choosing The Right CBD Products

The CBD industry has come a long way since the first few products appeared on UK shop shelves. What was once a rare product, CBD is now easily available in many different forms and...
brown seed on the white surface

Is It Easy To Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

A nation requires many things to run itself successfully, including the need to be proper industries with enough employment opportunities for its residents. Apart from industries, a country also needs enough food and other...
Esco Bars Ripe Collection

Esco Bars Ripe Collection Review

I was excited to get the Esco Bars in and even more excited this morning to see the samples sitting on my desk for review. I had always heard good things about Esco Bar...
woman wearing denim jacket

Vape Etiquette Mistakes You May Currently Be Making

Without even realizing it, many vape enthusiasts engage in etiquette faux pas that draw the ire of the people around them. If you develop a reputation for shrugging off vape etiquette, there’s a good...
Water-Based Vaping

Aquios Pioneers Water-Based Vaping

The vaping sector has a track record of embracing innovative technology and applying it to next-generation nicotine delivery. Aquios Labs is looking to introduce an entirely new product category to the industry: water-based vaping.  Most...
Vape Shop Products

How to Open a Vape Shop in 2022

Opening a vape shop is like opening other retail shops except the inventory costs can be a little lower to maintain, and the regulations you will have to adhere to are complicated and cumbersome. ...
Delta 8 Background

5 Reasons To Love Delta 8

Delta 8 is a game-changing new product that will transform your life. Delta 8 contains everything you need to take your health to the next level, with a wide range of advantages. Delta 8...

6 Things To Know About Vaping CBD Oil

If you’re new to the Cannabidiol (CBD) world, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns before you start using its products. The very first thing you need to know about CBD products...
Draco Disposable

Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes of 2022

The vape industry is constantly changing with new innovations coming out every year. While disposable vapes rose in popularity years ago as tiny devices that typically contained about 1ml of vape juice per device,...
dry herb vaping

What Are The Advantages Of Using Herb Vaporizers?

In the beginning, smoking cigarettes was considered cool because of the supporting advertisements on television decades ago. Over time, they evolved into multiple flavor cigarettes, but the leading endorsement of nicotine-derived cigarettes was always...
Slaps Disposable Vape Review

Exceeds Expectations: Slaps Disposable Vape Review

First Impressions While there are many devices on the market that take on different shapes, designs, and colors, I have yet to see anything quite like the Slaps Disposable Vape. It is small, shaped far...
cbd joints

What Are CBD Joints? A Blessing or A Curse?

In the modern world, mental health is gaining importance globally and has become a hot topic among everyone regardless of age, sex or nationality. Everyone likes to talk about things and goals but it...
colorful candy

Delta 8 Gummies Are Here To Boost Your Appetite

Every person in this universe has a desire regarding their life. In other words, everyone is fascinated by one thing or another. For example, many people love physique, love good skin, some people love...
disposable vapes generic

How Vaping Has Transitioned From Mods to Disposable Vapes

You're not alone if you want to quit smoking; thousands of other smokers want to stop. Quitting cigarettes is one of the best decisions for your health. However, it is not easy. Most people...
7 Daze Egge Disposable Vape

7 Daze Egge Review

First Impressions Until its release, I've never seen a disposable vape so small, especially one that is chargeable. The 7 Daze Egge is remarkably compact, yet I was fascinated that it still manages to...
CBDA Tincture

How Does CBD Affect Your Brain And Body?

CBD's hazardous effects on the brain that damage 100% of your consciousness are a dull stereotype. Still, ultimate positiveness is not the prerogative of CBD either. The science behind CBD warns that there must...
cbd hemp

Why You Should Gift Your Brother-in-Law CBD

The holiday season is over, but, for better or worse, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to buy anyone gifts for another 12 months. If you have friends and family, the gift-giving season never...
green cannabis plant

Is It Safe To Consume Delta 8 THC Flower In Case Of Adrenaline Rush?

Sometimes it's the unexpected, like getting a speeding ticket or walking into a house made of candy, that grabs your attention and leaves you with a massive grin on your face.  This adrenaline rush can...

What Is A Boro Vape Mod?

The hype around mods has come full circle, and boro vape mods are increasing significantly in popularity. We're referring to the compact, portable vape mods that have recently started making their way to the...
girl vaping kanger mod

5 Great Reasons To Choose Premium E-liquids Over The Others

More people worldwide are turning to vape products to replace their usual cigarettes. It’s considered the safer alternative, with many vape shops popping up globally to cater to the growing demand. E-liquids, especially, come...
man blowing vapor

What Is The Best Temperature To Vape E-Juices?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are an excellent method to kick the smoking habit. The history of e-cigarettes dates back to 1967. In the early 2000s, it came as a mainstream product. Since then, there...
Vapetasia Killer Fruits Disposables

Vapetasia Killer Fruits Disposable Vape Preview

For years Vapetasia has been blessing us with an outstanding arsenal of vape juice. Each of them has been expertly crafted to deliver the best tastes. Continuously evolving, Vapetasia branched off into the disposable...
the online dispensary

How to Start an Online Dispensary in Canada?

Don't know how to start an online dispensary in Canada? In order to be successful in this highly competitive industry, you'll want to follow the advice in this article. To get a new business such...
a man puffing a vape

Vape Juice 101:Top 10 Things New Vapers Should Know About E-Liquids

Over the last 10 years, the popularity of vaping has increased as a viable alternative for cigarettes traditionally. A lot of this happens with the belief that vaping, also known as electronic cigarettes, is...
Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Feature

A Complete Guide To The Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit

The Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit is one of the latest collaborations between Vandy Vape and Tony Brittan. It is the latest installment of the Pulse series and it's definitely causing a stir in...
bearded man vaping

Switching From Smoking to Vaping? 7 Unexpected Benefits You Should Know

Almost everyone these days is aware of the dangers of smoking, and with good cause! Smoking is one of the most destructive things you can do to your health, and it is the largest...
Keefer Scraper

Must-Have Stoner Tools for Your Dab Pen

Dabbing is one of the most flavorful ways to experience cannabis. Extracting the essence of weed’s most potent components is an art form, with the result being a sticky, creamy, buttery, golden, amber, translucent,...
god's gift lifestyle

Delta Extrax God’s Gift HHC Disposable Vape Review

Adding yet another stellar experience to its line-up, the Delta Extrax God's Gift HHC Disposable Vape can easily become the highlight of your day. The device is super compact, portable, and extremely convenient, making...
free base and nic salt

Does Your E-Liquid Have the Wrong Nicotine Strength?

If you live in a nation that has any restrictions on e-liquid flavors for pre-filled vaping devices, the only way to experience the full range of flavors that the world of vaping has to...
THC Edibles

5 Things To Consider Before Using THC Edibles

It’s said that many people have been using cannabis or marijuana for recreation or managing various health conditions throughout the years. The substance is basically derived from the dried flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds...
brands switching

Vape Brands Are Switching To Tobacco Free Nicotine In Droves

The thousands of vape brands that make up the vaping industry are slowly but surely switching to Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN), and they're doing it in droves. From Ruthless Vapor to Humble Juice Co.,...
Hyde Mag

Hyde Mag Review

The Hyde Mag is the latest disposable vape innovation from renowned disposable vape manufacturer, Hyde Disposables. It features a unique look that mimics the style of the popular vape mod, the SMOK Mag. This...
bald man vaping

How To Enhance Your Vaping Experience As A Beginner

Vaping has become a trend and has caught sight of mainstream media. Thanks to the amount of attention vaping devices are getting, more and more people want to try it out. While some vape...
cannabis retailer

How American Cannabis Retailers Are Elevating Customer Experiences

Customer experience is the mainstay of retail success, and the same rule applies to cannabis retailers. You may have a great product offering, but nothing matters more than how you treat your customers. The...

8 Things to Know About Cannabis Products Regulations In Thailand Before Using Them

If you are thinking of using cannabis products while in Thailand, it is crucial to be aware of the regulations that apply to them. There are a few things you should know before indulging...
vape products

A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing Your First Vape Products

Planning to buy your first-ever vape mod? Or are you interested to try and collect the tastiest e-juices today? Whatever your reason is, you need a high-quality vape mod or pen to start. You...
cbd table

8 Different Ways CBD Products Can Help You With Your Pain

When you are experiencing pain, it can be difficult to live your life. The good news is that many different CBD products can help you with the pain! In this blog post, we will...
cbd for dogs

Are CBD Products Safe For Animals? Find Out Here

Many people are wondering whether CBD products are safe for animals. Read on to find out what CBD is, how it works, why pet owners should avoid it, and the answer to the question...
vape mods

4 Budget-Friendly Vaping Tips And Tricks For 2022

Vaping has become more acceptable in various settings over the years, with many pop-ups and online stores making it easier for vapers to get hold of their favorite products.  Still, there are so many e-cigarettes,...
elf bar

Disposable Vapes Are Taking Over the European Vaping Industry – Here’s Why

If you are a smoker in Europe who is considering making the switch to vaping, there’s a good chance that a disposable vape will end up being your first vaping device. What’s more, you’ll...
Surge Ecig Without Coil

How Does an E-cigarette Work Without Coil?

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that work by heating e-liquid into an aerosol that users can inhale. A typical e-cigarette has an atomizer with a small heating element that vaporizes e-liquid and wicking material that draws...
smoking hookah

A Beginner’s Guide On How To Make Your Hookah Taste Better And Fresh

It’s not uncommon to find people who are passionate about smoking hookah. These individuals enjoy the socializing, the taste, and the experience of smoking hookah. However, there is one thing that can ruin your...
cbd isolate

5 Ways To Enjoy CBD Isolate

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes in different forms, such as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Full-spectrum CBD contains terpenes, CBD, the psychoactive cannabis compound, tetrahydrocannabinol, and other cannabinoids. On the other hand, the broad spectrum contains...
hemp cbd

The beneficial effects of CBD from “light cannabis” on stress, anxiety and more

CBD cannabis is becoming more and more familiar thanks to the opening of dedicated shops and the increase in the offer on the web. It is mainly due to the high concentration of CBD of...
woman vaping looking up

Vaping Cannabis: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Vaporizers are gaining popularity in both the medical and recreational cannabis communities. Because of the many benefits it brings, more people are looking for ways to vape marijuana instead of smoking it. With vaping,...
cbd pets

How CBD Might Help With your Dog’s Pain or Anxiety

If you’ve taken CBD before, there is a high chance — pun intended — that you took it for either pain or anxiety. This is because not only are these two health issues incredibly...
cbd oil

7 Signs of a High Quality CBD Oil

With the legalization of CBD products, CBD usage is growing at a tremendous rate — all thanks to its therapeutic properties. People are using it to treat their various health conditions, like depression, insomnia,...
Airbar Max vs Airbar Lux

Air Bar Max vs Air Bar Lux Disposable Vapes

The Air Bar disposable vape brand has been one of the leading names in disposables ever since they have taken over the vaping market. Disposable vapes rose in popularity in late 2019 due to...
tree of life cbd drops

Understanding How CBD Eases Insomnia And Helps You Have A Better Sleep

It is widely known that a goodnight’s sleep is more than crucial for our overall health and functioning. Many experts suggest that people should be sleeping at least seven, up to nine hours. Furthermore, proper...
canada businesses

What to consider before opening a vape shop in Canada

Vaping has significantly risen in popularity in recent years with many people choosing this inhalation method over traditional smoking. Vaping is most popular and commonly used among the youth as well as adults who...
sublingual tincture

A Quick Beginners Guide To Using And Dosing CBD Properly

If you haven’t yet learned about CBD, you are not alone. As it has rapidly become legalized and popular across the States and around the world, it has become a hot topic. There is...
woman disposable vape

Beginners Guide to Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are a great way to get started with vaping if you're new to the hobby. They can be found in many different shapes and sizes, perfect for beginners who might not know...
Cannabis Leaf

Essential Healthy Tips for Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis isn’t something new to Western culture. Almost 20 states in the US have legalized it, and some US territories have decriminalized it. If you are lucky to be living in those states, you...
cannabis smoking

4 Different Methods of Smoking Cannabis and The Advantages of Each Method

You can probably guess the most common method of consuming cannabis is smoking. Inhaling the smoke of burning organic matter has been around for thousands of years. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve...
Birthday Cake Age

How Old Do I have to be to Buy CBD?

CBD is the latest trend in the health and wellness space. Everyone of all ages, even pets, enjoys the natural benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoid products. However, if you are underage, you may wonder how...
CBD Tincture

4 Reasons Why People Love Using CBD Products

Cannabis is a plant that belongs to the genus cannabis, which includes three separate species that are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. The two main species are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica....


Cannabidiol acts in multiple ways, and its different presentations allow a more effective targeted action. Full-spectrum CBD oil is undoubtedly the most famous format and with good reason because it alone covers a wide range...

4 Different Ways You Can Consume CBD for Health Improvement

CBD is all the hype these days for people looking for cures for things from arthritis to high blood pressure to dealing with an injury and even recovering from childbirth. There is a lot...
Cannabis Concentrates

Why Cannabis Concentrates Should Be On Your Wishlist

The legal status of cannabis in Canada ushered a new beginning for the industry. As a consumer, you have access to products with legal dispensaries and online sellers. Even better, you can explore the...
woman vaping

Top Things That You Didn’t Know About Vaping

By now, you must have seen hundreds of people vaping different sorts of compounds around you. Now that vaping is more popular than ever, it has become a part of popular culture. Especially if...
Innokin Why Smoke

Innokin’s “Why Smoke?” vaping campaign hits the streets of London

London, UK - Innokin presents its "Why Smoke?" campaign in London, featuring branded buses, vans, and projection displays on buildings throughout the city. Innokin is proud to create a vaping awareness campaign in the UK...
cbd oil coffee

7 Ways How Using Cannabis Products Can Help You Battle Your Anxiety

The cannabis plant has been around for millennia, but this doesn't mean that it is widely understood. Furthermore, this means that almost all studies into the cannabis possible benefits are carried out on animals...
vape photography

The Ultimate Vape Shopping Guide You Will Ever Need

Vaping is an art, but it takes more than the right skills and technique to get the best outcomes with your sessions. A lot depends on choosing the right product, but it is trickier...
cannabis concentrates

Six Cannabis Concentrates You Need to Try Right Now

Concentrates are the way to go if you want to get your high from cannabis without dealing with plant material. In some instances, some plant material can be harsh when smoked, which is why...
vape shop

Why Vape SEO Is Important

Since the vaping industry was first developed, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, blogs, and reviewers have relied on vape SEO to help them gain viewers and get sales. Without search engine optimization, websites wouldn't gain much...
cannabis tincture

How to Make Cannabis Tinctures?

When it comes to marijuana, there are numerous ways to enjoy it. Various cannabis strains, phenotypes, and products with multiple delivery systems are now available. One of the most convenient and smoke-free methods for...
Purple Punch HHC

Delta Extrax Purple Punch HHC Disposable Vape Review

Expanding its line of vaping products, Delta Extrax has created yet another product in the form of a disposable vape. However, unlike many disposables you'll find on the market, this one is filled with...
CBD oil

CBD Oil: What Is It And Is It Worth The Hype?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has grown in popularity over the last decade because of the many benefits it claims to provide for numerous health concerns and the fact that it is a natural remedy free...
skateboarder vaping

Don’t know How to choose Vape? Here are a few tips from the Vawoo...

Vaping or vaping using electronic cigarettes has taken on the shape of a whole subculture in recent years. Vaping has become a kind of a cult today, allowing not only to reduce the harm...
quit smoking

How Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking Tobacco?

Do you know what an e-cigarette or an electronic cigarette is? Many people regard it as something that helped them quit smoking. But does it help overcome the addiction to smoke?  Researches describe how using...
Delta Extrax Cherry Pie HHC Cartridge Review

Delta Extrax Cherry Pie HHC Cartridge Review

Along with a variety of cannabinoids making their way to the market, HHC is quickly beginning to steal the spotlight. Users have and will continue to flock to the cannabinoid because it isn't an...
vaping cbd

Vaping With CBD Oil – How To Rest Assured About Quality

CBD oil offers myriad benefits, from alleviating chronic pain to relieving anxiety, boosting digestion, and helping with better sleep. The good thing is that the cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, so you need not worry about...
GeekVape Aegis Boost Pro

5 Best Vape Kits To Buy Today

If you want to quit smoking cigarettes or are looking for a new way to keep your nicotine consumption under check, vape kits are a more feasible way to do it. A vape kit...
disposable vape device

Reasons Why Disposable Vape Pens are Popular

Vaping is getting popular quite rapidly these days. A lot of people are selecting this as an alternative to the other options because of the fact that it lets you enjoy clean smoke devoid...
CBD drop

Definitive Guide on How to Purchase Quality CBD Products

The fame of CBD products keeps going up because of increased research and their potential benefits, for example, offsetting anxiety and depression, relieving unmanageable pain, reducing Opioid symptoms, easing diabetic complications, and more. People...
vaping thc

Vaping Advice That Sets You Up For Enjoyable Experiences

Vaping has emerged as a popular consumption method for cannabis users looking for healthier ways to inhale. Its outcomes are comparable to smoking because cannabis reaches your bloodstream quickly through inhalation. But the good...
woman vaping

How To Be More Confident With Your First Vape Session

When you start something new, it is natural to feel apprehensive. Things can get daunting when you vape cannabis for the first time. Thankfully, the reputation of cannabis has changed after its legalization in...
CBD tincture

What Makes CBD The Hottest Wellness Trend

The world sees health and wellness differently today after the lessons that came with the pandemic. Health supplements, fad diets, and quick-fix remedies are no more trending. The focus right now is on holistic...
Elf bar Review

Elf Bar Review

Unboxing I had never seen an Elf Bar before a couple of weeks ago, nor had I ever heard of a chargeable disposable vape.  Upon opening the box, I was intrigued by the way it...

4 Surefire yet Simple Tips to Elevate your Vaping Experience

Are you looking for a healthier smoking alternative? Or, are you just finding a way of quitting smoking or wish to switch for the time being? Well, no matter what your reason is- a...
dry herb vaping

Are dry herb vaporizers different from dab rigs?

With all the different cannabis consumption methods out there, you're not alone in wondering whether one is the same as the next. It can seem rather daunting considering that all you want to do...
vaping ecigarette

Why e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking

The number of people quitting cigarettes is at a 10-year high according to research, with much of the reduction coming from changing attitudes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Quitting tobacco cigarettes can be a massive...
vape concentrates

5 Reasons To Start Vaping Concentrates Right Now

The legalization of cannabis in Canada marked the beginning of a new era for the industry. Consumers have access to legal cannabis around the country, making it a wellness aid everyone wants to try....
winter vaping

Winter Vaping Advice Every User Must Follow

Winter is just around the corner, and you may have to realign your vaping habits. From rethinking your schedule to taking care of your devices, there is much you will have to do. If...
I Love Salts Disposable Vape

I Love Salts Disposable Vape Review

If you've been around vaping for some time, chances are you've heard of the popular I Love Salts brand. It is a vape juice brand that specializes in creating extraordinary flavor concoctions using premium...
cstore new products

Tobacco OTP “Hot New Product Contest” Winners

The C-Store Decisions publication has a yearly contest that rates the best new products available for convenience store shelves. Companies submit new products to a panel of judges at C-Store Decisions and winners are...
cbd gummies


History suggests that human beings have suffered various atrocities. The problems were many ranging from diseases to daily survival. Humans settled around rivers as it was a source of food and other commodities. The...
JustCBD products

Popular Vape Carts Delivery Services in D.C

One pastime that is becoming popular today is weed, as many people are looking at it for various purposes. Some want it to relax, while others are looking at it for medicinal purposes. The...
cbd oil vape

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Vaping CBD Oil

Cannabidiol Oil, or CBD oil, has become a popular topic in the media lately. With the legalization of marijuana on the rise and a growing body of research that supports its beneficial properties, people...

7 Ways to Manage Your Chronic Pain

Managing chronic pain can be very difficult to do. If you suffer from chronic pain or know someone who does, you know that people will try anything and everything to manage their pain levels....
Sirius Disposable

Sirius Disposable Vapes Review

In a world of hundreds of brands and styles of disposable vapes, it is important to find which ones deliver the best flavor, last, the longest and have the highest quality to ensure you...
Hyde Retro

The New Hyde Disposable Vape Review

If you are at all familiar with disposable vaping devices, chances are you've seen, heard of, or even used the Hyde Disposable Vape. It is a collection of disposable devices that elevate your vaping...
Flum Disposable Vape

Are The New Flum Vape Disposables Any Good?

The new Flum Vape Disposable has become the industry's latest buzz, especially since disposable vaping devices are growing immensely in popularity. Due to the hype around them, people are asking many questions regarding them,...
vaporizer and bong

Picking the right consumption method for Cannabis

The legalization of the cannabis industry has propelled innovation and creativity into its various methods of consumption. What was once seen as taboo has evolved into a trend that was fast-tracked because of its...
Cannabis Chocolate

Foods to Calm Yourself Down

“OMG. I need to calm down, I need to calm down, I NEED. TO. CALM. DOWN!” This has become a household phrase for almost every person, especially after 2020. Reducing your anxiety is something...
vaping cannabis

Bongs vs Vapes – what to choose?

The cannabis industry has become massive in recent years thanks to legalization. Besides cannabis being used for recreational and medical purposes, this industry has also infiltrated other industries such as the cosmetics industry where...
cannabis leaf

THC Edibles Guide: How To Find A Perfect Taste For You

Many people enjoy smoking marijuana and getting high. However, some people want to avoid the smoke and the edibles offer a great alternative. If you're looking for edibles that taste great, then this is...
the vape bar portland

The 5 Things You Need for Any Vaping Emergency

Owning a truly reliable vaping device is a great thing, and today’s vaping hardware is more reliable than ever. It’s no wonder that most of today’s troops have turned to vaping instead of continuing...
wedding cake strain

Wedding Cake Feminized Seeds and What You Need to Know

Wedding cakes are known for their sweet taste and the perfect balance between Sativa and Indica traits. If you're looking for a chill but want to remain sharp, the wedding cake strain is your best...

The Main Differences Between Smoking and Vaping Weed: Which Is Better?

When it comes to smoking weed, everyone has their idea about it. Some think it is wrong, while others don’t see anything wrong with it. But whatever you do, you need to know if...
hed chrome cart

What To Check When Choosing A Vape Cartridge

If you are a newbie to vaping, there are so many vape cartridges in the market that can be confusing. First off, you might be wondering how a vape cartridge and pen work. It...
weed friends

Tips for Buying a Gift for your Stoner Friend

If you are looking to buy a gift for your buddy who likes to use cannabis on a regular basis, you are in luck. The impact the coronavirus has had on most industries has...
vapor exhale

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Convection Vapes

As the cannabis industry grows with the latest technology, it brings us more products. Buying the right vaporizer from the pool of portables and vaping pens and that to from the Best Online Vape...
vape juice shelf

Top Unique Vape Juice Flavors That You Should Try

Vaping started gaining popularity as a “hipster” trend in the early 2010s. There are now over 40 million people who vape worldwide, showing just how popular of a habit it has become. To meet...

Main Reasons That Vaping Have a Positive Affect Mental Development During Studying

Smoking is still a popular habit many people adopt for various reasons. As nicotine is addictive, giving up smoking becomes a challenging thing to do. Moreover, the tobacco industry is actively trying to raise...
crown vape tank

How often should you change the vape coil?

Vape coils are an essential part of a vape pen. Even if you use a vape pen seasonally or regularly, you have to change the coil sooner or later. Using a worn-out vape coil...
two joints

Solutions For Smoking Weed Without It Leaving A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

Weed is meant to make you get all kinds of incredible feelings. Different strains of weed have different tastes ranging from earthy and spicy flavors to fruity and sweet strains. Nothing feels better than...
g pen pro vaporizer

5 ways you can benefit from using a dry herb vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers offer an alternative way of medicating that can be more beneficial for your health than smoking cannabis. Vaporizing releases cannabinoids and terpenes while avoiding the toxic byproducts and carcinogens found in...
cannabis lifestyle

Little essentials to enhance the cannabis experience

Are you new to the world of marijuana and cannabis, and want to know what the essentials are before you get started? Are you curious as to what a weed smokers starter pack should...
social vaping

Vaping Is More Social Than Smoking

The human being is a social animal. Social media have exasperated this aspect of our behavior, but we have always been like that. We adopt certain lifestyles and habits while seeking recognition from our...
indoor cannabis

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Cannabis Online

Buying cannabis online seems overwhelming, right? However, consider the health benefits or the pleasure you get out of it. Most importantly, you need some knowledge of where to get your supplies. Cannabis is legal...
big boy mega disposable vape

Big Boy Mega Disposable Vape Review

Giving in to the race to provide the highest puff count, the Big Boy Mega Disposable Vape is the next in line to fill the void. It is just the latest disposable vaping device...
cbd flower

Sourcing And Using CBD Flower

When it comes to curing diseases, we humans have been rather inventive and resourceful. For more than a thousand years, many cultures developed their ways of dealing with diseases. Some lasted even until modern...
vaping thc

5 Beginners Tips for Vaping

The world of vaping seems overwhelming and intimidating to beginners. Between maintaining your vape, adding vaping into your everyday life, choosing the right e-liquid, and how to use e-liquids, you can be left with...
myle vape

What Makes Myle Vape so Popular?

Whether you are thinking about transitioning from traditional cigarettes to electrical ones, or you enjoy vaping and want to try out another device, you might have trouble deciding which one will suit your taste...
disposable vapes guide

Disposable Vape – The Complete Guide

The Disposable Vape has continued to climb the charts and become the industry's best-selling vapor product within the past year. Costly vape mods, big bottles of vape juice, and replacement coils are now a...

Here are the Six Benefits of Vaping Delta 8

The inconsistent schedule of Nickolas Jarosh forced him to take the help of THC ( the compound that gives the psychotic effect of marijuana). He is a 911 dispatcher. His shifts usually flip between...
vaping cbd

Canadian Vape Guide for Beginner’s – The Basics

In the world of CBD products, there is enough variety to satisfy anyone's taste. And with all the ways Canadians can take cannabidiol, one stands out as the most effective. That is vaping CBD....
big bar cube disposable vape

Big Bar Cube Disposable Vape Review

Giving you a range of extraordinary tastes and one of the highest puff counts on the market, their all-new Big Bar Cube Disposable Vape surely isn't a device to shrug off. It is a...
marijuana crop

Top 6 Techniques to increase your marijuana yields

As a beginner, you might be a little nervous as you start to grow your marijuana because you have little knowledge of growing marijuana. Marijuana growers face challenges like pests, diseases, and weather fluctuations....

How Old Do You Have To Be To Vape? (UK)

When vaping and other e-cigarette devices first came onto the market, they quickly became one of the most popular ways to quit smoking. Their convenience and reputation for a smooth pull helped the popularity...
dr dabber vaporizer

The Trials & Errors Of Vaping in 2021

So, you like to smoke weed. You usually smoke dry herb, the OG bud, or even smoke a disposable pen, but you dabbed six years ago, and you liked how it hit and maybe...
cannabis strains

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Strains for You

Choosing the best cannabis strains is a tough decision. There are so many different types of marijuana strains on the market, and all offer something unique to your experience. It is important to understand...

Find Out How Your Body Can Benefit From CBD Oil

Cannabidiol oil is extracted from the hemp plant, a relative of Marijuana. Unlike Marijuana, Hemp plants have less than 3% of Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), which causes the hallucinatory effects in Marijuana. CBD oil is made from...
phyre disposable vape

PHYRE Disposable Vape Review

Creating a world of imaginable flavors, stellar performance, and offering a high capacity nothing sounds better than yet another addition to the disposable vape market. This newly developed device comes with a lot of...
Vape Juice Flavors

Top 10 Benefits of Vape Flavors and Vape Juice from ACS

Vapes have become increasingly popular among youngsters, students, college scientists, and not only. Vapes are mainly used by people who want to give up the habit of smoking cigarettes. S†ttwo they switch to vaping...
weed plant

Want To Grow Your Own Weed? Here Are 7 Things You Need

As recreational marijuana use becomes more widespread across the United States due to medicinal usage, growers everywhere are trying to figure out how to grow weed efficiently. Several techniques are used to grow cannabis,...
Hyppe Max Flow

HYPPE Max Flow Disposable Vape Review

Allowing you to splurge in a range of tastes, there is nothing more pleasing than the HYPPE Max Flow Disposable Vape. It is an outstanding vaping device that quenches your tastes, satisfies your cravings,...
esco bars disposable vape

ESCO Bars Mesh Disposable Vape Review

Adding yet another amazing vape to the market, the ESCO Bars Mesh Disposable Vape is one that is sure to please you... and your taste buds. It provides all of the features you would...
marijuana plant

How Is Cannabis Used In Medicine And What Are Its Benefits

Marijuana has been an illegal drug for decades. However, the realization that the drug can be used medically is slowly changing the notions surrounding cannabis. Today most countries have legalized the use of marijuana...
cigars smoke shop

Great Ways To Make Sure Your Smoke Shop Is Well-Protected

Setting up a smoke shop can be quite challenging with all the requirements that you need to complete before you are allowed to operate. For this reason, you need to ensure that your shop...
CBD Hemp

Everything You Need to Know About CBD

According to the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CTADS), more than 4.4 million Canadians (15%) aged over 15 years use marijuana and related products each year. What do these statistics tell us? More...
hemp cbd

CBD Hash: Everything You Need to Know

CBD is receiving a lot of attention right now. The therapeutic use of the non-intoxicating cannabis component is being lauded. It's also one of the most commonly available cannabis-derived substances because it's legal all...

Know Everything About Delta-10-THC

While there are various THC and cannabis products out there in the market, Delta-10-THC is the new talk of the town. Cannabis products such as Delta-9 THC are known to make you high, euphoric,...
man using dab rig

Beginner Bud Enthusiast? Here Are 6 Reasons to Start Dabbing

Lighting up some potent flower is all good and fun, but ask any experienced stoner, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing quite like a dab. Dabbing involves heating wax concentrates to extreme heat until...
Flum Float Disposable

The New Flum Float Disposable Vape Review

Although the market is flooded with disposables vapes these days, there are several that have certainly stood out compared to the rest. For example, the new Flum Float Disposable Vape is making waves throughout...
TOBO Disposable Vape

The TOBO LED Disposable Vape Review

As the industry continues to shift, disposable vapes are lighting up the market with a variety of designs, shapes, and mouthwatering flavors loaded into each one. The latest to join this growing collection is...

What to Buy Your Father on His Birthday?

Oh no it’s that time of year again when you have a big decision to make, no it is not Christmas or his anniversary but your father is a year older and it is...
hemp capsules

6 Surprising Benefits Of Hemp Products You Didn’t Know About

Hemp oil and hemp seeds are the major products of the hemp plant. They are used in different ways; food production, cosmetics, and agriculture to benefit mankind. In appearance and biologically, hemp and cannabis( marijuana)...
hemp cbd

Grow Lights for Your CBD Indoor Garden – 6 Easy Guidelines

CBD lovers are known to love to grow lights for their incredible benefits when gardening indoors. Indoor lights are perfect when your goal is to produce large yields of quality cannabis. They can take...
cbd oil

Who Are the Top Manufacturers of Cannabis Oil Today

Cannabis is slowly being accepted for its medical properties all around the world. More and more countries are removing, or at least easing up restrictions on the production and sale of cannabis products. With...
CBD oil for dogs

Are CBD Products Safe for Your Dog? This Is What You Should Know

Being a pet parent can both be challenging and rewarding at the same time. It can be challenging because of all the things that you need to provide for your furry friend apart from...
plants desk

3 Important Pieces Of Advice To Ensure The Growth And Health Of Your Plants

There is something so relaxing and refreshing about plants. Besides giving us fresh air, they also reduce stress. So, it is no wonder that more and more workplaces embrace the culture of having desk...
cannabis bud

The Mystery About Delta 8 Hemp Flower Is Now Solved

In the world of cannabis and vaping products, technology and science have changed the traditional methods of consuming these components yet have not jumped too far away from the pond. However, not everything is...

Best Travel Destinations for Cannabis Lovers

The laws and regulations surrounding cannabis use in many places around the world have taken quite a while to catch up to cultural shifts that have been playing out since the 1960s. We are...
cbd vape

Is Purchasing a Vaporizer to Inhale CBD worth the Money?

People throughout the world have been vaping nicotine products to help quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Although it is still unknown what the long-term effect will have on those who vape on a regular basis,...

Using CBD To Relieve Chronic Pain

When it comes to CBD and its therapeutic effects, most people automatically think of psychological benefits, and its use for relieving stress, easing insomnia, and so on. However, there is a growing body of anecdotal...

A Definitive E-liquid Buyer’s Guide

If you love vaping, then you will know about e-liquids. The popularity of the people who are having e-cigarette has increased. E-cig can only be effective, and you must have it filled. In this...
Girl vaping pod

How to Choose the Best Delta-8 Vape Cartridges

Delta-8 THC has made quite a name for itself in the cannabis world. It is only slightly chemically different from delta-9 THC. The structural similarity allows them to have similar effects, although there are...
dry herb vaporizer

Vape or Shatter? Which is Better?

Since countries like Canada and many states throughout America legalized the sale of cannabis products a lot has changed. In the past, most people would consume marijuana through a joint, a bong, or even...

Reasons Why Cannabis Is Good For Your Health

As people are just now realizing the benefits of cannabis and its components, more and more have been considering it as a form of medication. Although, the information can seem pretty scarce, given that...

CBD as Stress Buster: Bring the Calmness Back

Stress has adverse effects on your daily life beyond the anxiousness you get during stressful situations. Prolonged intense stress causes your body to produce hormones when your body’s fight or flight response is triggered....
rookie mistakes

Don’t be tripped up by these common rookie vaping mistakes

Even the most dedicated smokers who seemed destined never to give up the habit have been known to make the transition to vaping. And the stats don’t lie – unlike other methods people might...
Large Vapor Clouds

The Latest Trends And Developments That Will Make You More Excited For The Vaping...

Every smoker has a preference. It may be in the form of what they want to smoke, where they want to smoke, and even how they want to hold the vape or cigarettes. In...
Uwell Caliburn G

Uwell Caliburn G Pod Starter Kit Preview

With a fierce market, brands are looking for many ways to steal your attention with better designs, greater features, more convenience, and substantial performance. It's truly a tough position to be in if you...
Pod Twist Disposable Vapes

Pod Twist Disposable Vape Preview

The disposable vape market is becoming extremely oversaturated, leaving a rough experience for any manufacturer or brand. They have to shine above the hundreds of other options to get your attention. While it isn't...
HITT XL Disposable Vape

HITT XL Disposable Vape Preview

The disposable vape market has continuously evolved by manufacturers stuffing large capacities into them, bigger batteries, new designs, and more features. With this, the market took on yet another disposable vape known as the...
Eleaf Mini Stick

Mini Mods vs. Pod Systems: What’s the Better Choice?

If you’re in the market for a new vaping device, there has probably never been a better time to buy than right now. The amount of variety in the vaping market is absolutely amazing...
quitting smoking

3 Amazing Tips for Quitting Smoking That You Need to Know

Smoking can be addictive, and sometimes you may feel like quitting. It may not be easy to stop since your body system is turned to nicotine. Besides, when you think of leaving, you always...
girl looking at cannabis

How to Smoke Weed Properly: The Grown-Up’s Guide

You will need some tips on how to smoke cannabis efficiently if you really want to take full advantage of your pleasure. It's even more critical if this is your first time smoking marijuana. Many...
girl vaping mod

Top Facts About Vaping That You Must Know

Vaping is an activity that is more popular now than ever. Vaping is essentially the act of using an electronic cigarette. Vaping was introduced as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Though people still...
Innokin Sensis

The Evolution of Vape Technology

Innokin has teamed up with Fourier Technology to develop the Sensis, the first vaporizer with 4th generation vaping technology. From the first generation Ruyan cigalike to the latest devices, vape technology continues to evolve as...
smoking bong

7 Most Creative Ways to Smoke Weed

Have you ever been sitting there smoking away and thinking to yourself if there were more exciting ways to smoke your dope? Every smoker at one point or another has considered breaking the monotony...
girl vaping

Delta-8 Vape Liquid: Everything You Need to Know

There is crazy talk going on among vaping enthusiasts about Delta-8 Vape liquid. The terrific cannabinoid is fast sweeping the vaping market. So, why are more and more vapors going for this vape liquid...
hemp flower

How to Find the Highest Quality Hemp Strains

In this age and day, the word cannabidiol is not very new to most people. Many of us might have actually used it. CBD has been gaining massive popularity as countless nations and states...

3 Popular Benefits Of Using Cannabinoid Products

Cannabinoid products, like weed, do not have a good reputation. It is seen as something illegal and socially unacceptable. Smoking weed can cause health issues and memory problems. Although this might be true, these...
v2 cigs platinum eliquids

All The Things You Need To Know About The UK’s E-liquid Market

Whether you prefer to call it vape juice or e-liquid, the vaping industry has been constantly evolving. It is estimated that almost 55 million around the world will use vape by 2021. Vaping is...
relief cbd tincture

What You Should Know About CBD Before Consuming It

Have you ever heard of Cannabidiol, also known as CBD? The oil is coming from the cannabis type of plant. Not everybody is familiar with CBD. But some of them are aware as they...
CBDfx Vape Pen

What You Need to Know About Vaping CBD

More and more people are delving into the use of cannabidiol or CBD to help them manage the symptoms of their medical condition. For others, the consumption of CBD aids them in maintaining excellent...

How to Easily Find Great Skincare Products for You

We all want clear skin. But with so many skincare products in the market, it’s hard to know which one will work for you. It’s usually a long trial and error process, and it...
friends summer

The Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Smoker Friends In 2021

We all have at least one friend who smokes. Most of them nowadays go for vape at first and try other smoking accessories. If you have some smokers in your life, you will need...
cannabis vaping

Why the Herbal Vaporizer Is the Future of Cannabis Consumption

You have probably noticed that many weed smokers are switching to vaping. Sure, vaping is becoming quite popular and not just among young people who want to show off their vaping prowess.  Market projections show...
vape starter kits

How Vape Starter Kits Help New Vapers

Vaping has taken the world by storm in recent years, and that is great news for vape enthusiasts of every kind. The huge influx of e-liquids, box mods, pod systems, and vape starter kits...
drug testing

Benefits of Having a Drug Test Program at Your Company

Drug testing remains a controversial topic to most people, though it has existed for years now. Most people feel like it violates their rights, while others assert it is necessary. Employers should know how...

6 Important Things to Know About Growing Marijuana

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in many states, as you might know, has prompted many customers to get used to buying cannabis. However, the potential that legalization has provided for adults and...
Inookin Sensis Mod

Innokin launches Sensis Pod Mod with next-gen vape tech inside

Innokin Technology recently announced the launch of the new Sensis Pod Mod. The Sensis features an upgrade in technology that extends coil life and boosts flavors for an unrivaled experience. Featuring three new modes: Coil+,...
wholesale vape

Wholesale Vape Suppliers Are Gearing Up For Demand

Wholesale vape suppliers have always been an important part of the vaping industry, however, due to vapor laws forcing compliance and shipping companies outright banning parcels containing vapor products, wholesale vape suppliers are becoming...
Nicotine Salts

Is Nicotine Salt Vape Juice Losing Popularity Among Mainstream Vapers?

A couple of years ago, it almost seemed like a foregone conclusion that nicotine salt vape juice would one day be more popular than traditional freebase nicotine e-liquid among mainstream vapers. Refillable pod systems...

6 Not So Obvious Differences Between Tobacco and CBD

Do you know the differences between tobacco and cannabidiol? What are the effects they have on your body when consumed? First, we have to get to know these substances individually. Both have been deemed...
cbd oil

5 Things To Consider Before Starting A Cbd Business

Are you thinking about the business potential of investing in the CBD industry? You have probably read somewhere that this industry is booming and that now is an excellent time to jump on the...
Man Blowing Vapor

A Guide Book On Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges

This article will require a technical approach, but we will do our best to explain everything so that anyone can understand. Here we go. THC is released in plants as a protective mechanism of the...

Find-F, Find the code and unlock a new generation vape technology?

Gamers may remember Contra and the famous Konami code, shared by friends playing video games together in living rooms all over the world. Entering this secret code at the title screen would grant extra...
man vaping e-cigarette

4 Hemp-Related Tips That Will Optimize Your Vaping Experience

Smoking or vaping CBD are some of the popular cannabis consumption. When it comes to comparing these two methods, it is obvious that vaping is a much better option because it has far fewer...
Delta 8 THC Distillate

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Online?

One of the most trending cannabinoids on the market now is one of Delta 9 THC's close relatives, Delta 8 THC. It is a fascinating compound derived from hemp that everyone is talking about......

What is E-nail and How Does it Work

In a quick span of time, dabbing has become one of the most popular methods of consumption among cannabis users and offers powerful highs and a flavor-packed experience. To differentiate dab with dabbing, the word...
CBD Hemp Plant

CBD Oil: What No One Is Talking About

There has been much talk about cannabis, cannabis oil, and CBD in recent years, but not all of it is correct or valid. That’s why we decided to discuss the differences between hemp and...
blowing vapor distorted

9 Vines About E-Juice That You Need to See

Vaping is becoming more and more popular all over the planet. Videos of people doing vape tricks are hugely popular among young adults who are always trying to bring something new to the table....
cannabis vaping

A Guide To The Top Trending Strains for Vaping 2020

Within the last decade, there has been a tremendous boost in the cannabis market. Increasing levels of worldwide stress, people seeking more natural remedies to anxiety and physical pain, and the decriminalization of recreational...

How Long Does a Vape Coil Last?

Aside from refilling your device’s tank or pod, replacing your atomizer coil is the maintenance task that you’ll perform most often as a vaper – and if you’re like many of today’s vapers, there’s...

Explore The New Flavors of Humble Juice Co.

If you are at all familiar with Humble Juice Co., you are well of their massive collection of vape juice. They've won award after award for their iconic flavor creations and have ultimately become...
Kilo Eliquids

5 Things To Know About Kilo Eliquids

If you are a veteran of vaping, you may remember when Kilo Eliquids first brought its products on the market back in 2014. The Southern California based brand quickly emerged victorious in the world...
Dinner Lady Max Disposable

Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Review

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is an auto draw disposable ecig which requires no filling or charging. It is the type of easy-to-use device that adult vapers prefer. The Vape Pen Max is...
Woman Holding Vape

A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping: How is it Different from Smoking?

Smoking is one of the leading causes of diseases and death all over the United States of America, that is why many people are trying to find ways to quit smoking and find an...
SMOK TFV16 Mesh Tank

SMOK TFV16 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Preview

Whether you are looking for a budget tank or one that can out-perform and out-deliver the best of them, the newly released SMOK TFV16 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank will surely fill the void. This masterful...
GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Kit

GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Starter Kit Preview

If you are at all a fan of vaping products, there is a very good chance you've heard about the GeekVape brand. They have created and developed some of the industry's most iconic vapor...
Most Affordable Disposable Vape Bars

Top 5 Most Affordable Disposable Vape Bars

Ever since disposable vapes flew back onto the market and made a big bang, nearly every manufacturer has created its own vape bar. Now, there is a massive market of disposables, which means it's...
Marijuana Grow

The new Products from the Marijuana Plant you must know about

In many countries, the use of marijuana is becoming more legal, making more industry surrounding it to expand day by day. Many people are now campaigning on a platform of total weed legalization. Even...
vaping cannabis

Pros And Cons To Vaping Cannabis

Vaping has been a revolution in the way that people consume nicotine and cannabis. There are many advantages to vaping cannabis in comparison to traditional methods. There are also lots of different devices available...
weed farm

Effective Tips That Will Make Your Weed Vaping Experience Much Better

Vaping weed is becoming more popular by the day as it offers a pure cannabis experience. It is healthier and more flavorful than smoking. However, you need some care and diligence to get the...
Air Factory Salt New Flavors

An In-Depth Look: Air Factory Salts New Flavor Lineup

If you are at all familiar with Air Factory, we're sure you've heard or have even tried their Salt Factory collection. Both Air Factory and their salt collection has gained an extraordinary amount of...
man vaping

The Technology Behind Building a Quality Vaper

Vaporizers are devices you use to smoke vape juices as an alternative to traditional smoking. If you are making the transition away from cigarettes, or just new to vaping as a whole, you will...
vaping cbd

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil You Need to Know

CBD is a compound got from cannabis plants and is known for its numerous health benefits. It is produced without intoxication and you shouldn’t worry about getting high. It’s legally allowed and present in...
Guy Vaping

Debunking 5 Myths About Vaping CBD

As CBD, or else known as the “miracle natural remedy,” is soaring in popularity these days, misconceptions about it are also skyrocketing, particularly about vaping CBD, one of the most popular methods of CBD...
One Hit Wonder Salt

An In-Depth Look: One Hit Wonder Salt E-Liquid

For those that are familiar with the monstrosity of the brand known as One Hit Wonder E-Liquid, you know that they have a massive collection of the industry's finest premium vape juice. Their salt...
ESL Football

Innokin Teams Up With EFL to Advocate Smoking Alternatives

Innokin recently announced that they are glad to reach thousands of people by spreading their message at the EFL Championship matches this year. They hope this campaign brings attention to smoking alternatives. The health...
blowing vapor

What It Means to Vape Hemp

Hemp and marijuana are not the same. Though both terms are used to describe products from the cannabis plant, those products differ greatly in what they can offer interested users. Typically, “marijuana” is used to...
diy eliquid bottles

What’s in an E-Liquid?

So, let’s talk about your liquids for a moment. Do you know what it is that you are smoking on a regular basis? Because a lot of smokers don’t actually have a clue what’s...
Dinner 1500 Puff Vape Pod

Dinner Lady 1500 Puff Pod Device Preview

For those familiar with the Dinner Lady brand know the delicious tastes that it offers, which places it in a leading position amongst a crowd of many. To one-up the competition, reach a larger...
Vape Tank

What to Expect at a Vape Shop

In recent times, an activity known as vaping has grown increasingly popular. The products necessary to engage are often found at an establishment called a vape shop. Continue on to discuss vaping, vape shops...
18650 Batteries

Top 5 Best 18650 Battery In 2020

The 18650 battery has become a very important part of vaping, and is one of the most common batteries used to supply power to larger devices, often referred to as vape mods. Both mods...
I Love Salts Vape Juice

Choosing the Vape Juice for the First Time

First, you need to use an e-cigarette. Then, you will be aware that if its charging is low and it shuts down then you are left with only a piece of technology in your...
new vaping uk vape deals

The Best Vape Deals In UK

The vapor products market continues to boom and manufacturers are still producing a hefty number of vaping devices, tanks, pods, and vape juice. The good thing for you is that all of these manufacturing...

How Technology Is Changing CBD Vape Cartridge Designs

In the wake of the rising cannabis and vaping industries, vape brands are now completely focused on better user experience and boosting the most competitive vape products worldwide. The good, old-fashioned vaporizer is still...
cannabis vaping

4 Rookie Mistakes that Every First-time Cannabis Buyer Must Avoid

The popularity of cannabis and cannabis-related products is quickly gaining momentum. In the wake of booming demand, more producers are swooping in to corner this market. Sadly, not all have the customer's best interest...
Delta Effex Vape Pod

Guide To The Delta Effex Delta 8 Vape Pod

With the Delta-8 THC scene currently booming, big brands and manufacturers are starting to release the best that they have to offer for the market. Delta Effex is the first to release a device...
cbd oil bottle

2020 Top Online Marketplaces And Their Stand On CBD Products

What if we could get everything that we needed at the click of a button? This could be a dream come true for most people, especially in today’s world, where people are being advised...
Black Note Prelude Vape Juice

Was Tobacco E Liquid Really All That Popular?

Vaping and electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular over the last few years with smokers looking to give up cigarettes for their health. With so many different flavors to choose from is tobacco e-liquid actually...
vaping ban

Australian Vape Juice Supplier Fights Nicotine Ban

The first of July marked an important day in Australia’s vaping laws. Supporters celebrated this news, but many did not. July 1st is important, as this is the day that it became illegal to import...
CBD For Menopause

Can CBD Oil Help With The Menopause?

Menopause is an inevitability for half of the world's population and something that many people anticipate with dread. For many years, menopause has been cloaked in a certain degree of mystery, with sufferers not being...
hemp history

Everything You Need to Know About the History of CBD Oil

If you've been excited about purchasing CBD oil and thought it's a brand-new revelation, you need to think again. Since time immemorial, the hemp plant has been used for medicinal purposes. The plant's evidence...
vape clouds

7 Premium E Juices You Should Try In 2020

Choosing e-juice is all about selecting a taste and flavor that you like. But more importantly, choose a product that will calm and give you comfort. Normally, quality ingredients improved preparation methods, and better...
Traveling Plane

Traveling With Your Vape: All You Need To Know

Everyone has their reason to travel. But whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, traveling is exhilarating. However, traveling as a vape enthusiast is a different thing. It’s all fun until you’re stopped at...
Innokin Sceptre

Innokin Sceptre Pod System Review

The Innokin Sceptre is the latest addition to the holy selection of vaping devices in Innokin's famed collection. It is just another big hit Innokin has created, and boy has it created quite a...
cbd oil

Factors to Consider When Choosing Effective CBD Oil

CBD has numerous benefits to your health; that’s why the number of people buying it has increased significantly. Buying CBD can be a challenge since many sellers are now emerging, and you have to...
Delta 8 THC

What Is Delta-8 THC and How It Is Made?

What Is Delta-8 THC? Delta-8 THC is a fascinating chemical compound found within Cannabis. Though it is considered to be one of the top four cannabinoids out of over 100 that exist, it is quite...


Among the extensive variety of portable vaporizers, the DaVinci IQ and DaVinci IQ2 are stunning creations suited for individuals in need of the ideal vape tool. The DaVinci IQ is the predecessor, a product...
Sonata by Black Note

The 10 Most Popular E-Liquid Flavors Ever

Vaping has become increasingly popular in the last decade or so, only ten years ago hardly anyone had heard of vaping, but now there is an e-cigarette shop on every high street. Some people vape...

SMOK SCAR-18 Starter Kit Preview

Working its magic for years, SMOK has created a masterful collection of vapor products for the market. Consumers have been showered with the most remarkably crafted mods anyone has ever seen, and it all...
SMOK RPM160 Starter Kit

SMOK RPM160 Pod Mod Kit Preview

Building a foundation of collections within its brand, SMOK has captured the eyes of thousands of people by developing innovative products that rest in each one. The RPM Series has become one of its...
nu-x cbd disposable vape pen promotion

nu-x CBD Disposable Vape Pens Review

Our nu-x® CBD Disposable Vape Pens Review takes a closer look into one of the industry’s best vapor products that utilize cannabidiol and all of the powerful benefits that come along with it. We’ll...
SMOK Novo X Pod System

SMOK Novo X Kit Preview

For those that keep up with the market, know SMOK is the industry's leader when it comes to vaping devices. SMOK continuously pushes out some of the industry's most popular devices, and just about...
man vaping

Knowing These 9 Secrets Will Make Your Smok Nord Look Amazing

The SMOK Nord kit is one of the most popular pod mods at the moment. However, it isn’t a real pod mod since it has coils. It’s more of an “All-In-One” device, but this...
Delta Effex Cartridge

Delta Extrax Strawberry Cough Delta 8 Cartridge Review

Our Delta Extrax Strawberry Cough Delta 8 Cartridge Review offers a closer look at one of the industry's newest brands that have developed cartridges containing a hemp-derived cannabinoid that delivers psychotropic effects. In this Strawberry...
VIGGO Series Pod Vape

Vaper Empire Viggo Vape Pod Review

Pod vapes are getting better and Vaper Empire's new Viggo Series is proof. It doesn't leak, recharges fast, and lasts a surprisingly long time between charges. It also has variable voltage technology that provides...

How To Use Shortfill E-Liquids With Nicotine Shots

Vapers outside of the United Kingdom may not have heard of shortfills before, but for UK vapers who want a higher concentration of nicotine in their e-liquid or want a larger bottle of nicotine...
Drag Mini Refresh Edition

VOOPOO Drag Mini Refresh Edition Starter Kit Preview

Achieving great lengths, VOOPOO has certainly come a long way in a quite saturated industry. It continues to develop some of the industry's most innovative devices, creating hit after hit. The devices and tanks...
Beard Disposables Vape

An In-Depth Look: Beard Disposables

After dominating the market with some of the industry's most innovative vape juice flavors available in freebase and salt nicotine, Beard Vape is taking its brand to new heights with the introduction of Beard...

SMOORE, VAPORESSO’s Parent, Frist Vaping Billionaires!

The vapor products industry is moving forward, growing to new heights, and now one of the world’s largest vaping device providers has become the first vape company listed in Hong Kong. More notably recognized...
Woman Taking CBD

5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid While Buying CBD

CBD products are cropping up everywhere and are becoming an international sensation. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of this wonderful cannabinoid. However, many confuse CBD’s relation to marijuana. Then there is hemp. So,...
vaping cbd devices

Why Staying Hydrated Is Important When You Vape Cannabis or CBD?

Vaping can be a fun and adventurous experience for novice users. High-quality vape devices and liquids give a smooth and comfortable experience with distinct flavors of nicotine and various herbs. Vaping can be a...
Woman Vaping

7 Ways to Cope-up With Stress Without Vaping

Quitting vaping is easier said than done for many people worldwide. When they get anxious or feel stressed out, the first thing they do is grab a vaporizer. If you feel the need to...
sub-ohm salt vaping

What Is Sub-Ohm Salt Vape Juice?

Sub-Ohm Salt Vape Juice is the new wave in the vaping industry, yet not a lot of people know what it is or why it was even made. Chances are, you were once vaping...
VOOPOO Drag 2 Refresh Edition Preview

VOOPOO Drag 2 Refresh Edition Kit Preview

The VOOPOO Drag 2 Refresh Edition Kit is the latest release from one of the industry's most popular brands. Manufacturers are continuously spewing out device after device with little attention. When VOOPOO launches a...
Puff Bars Disposable Vapes

Puff Bars Temporarily Stops All Sales In The U.S.

Plastering the front page of the Puff Bars website is a new announcement stating that it has stopped all sales in the U.S. temporarily. This announcement comes at a time where Puff Bars are...

SMOK RPM 2 Starter Kit Preview

The SMOK RPM 2 Starter Kit is the next generation of the RPM Series, boasting a two-part design that delivers an incredible structure, a pleasing appearance, a multitude of fascinating features, and a performance...
POSH Disposables

An In-Depth Look: Posh Disposables

As the vapor products industry shifts gears, disposable vaping devices are taking the lead. In this era of vaping, it's all about disposables for a handful of different vapers. From the beginner vaper that...
man vaping

The Best Tips for Flavor-Chasing Vapers

Vaping enthusiasts are increasing by the day in the world today. Some are changing camps from cigarette smoking while others are just newbie youngsters joining their peers in the trend. All in all, the...
smoking herb in pipe

Smoking Hemp Buds in a Way That Works for You

Thanks to research, people are getting to know the benefits of hemp buds. This has increased its worldwide popularity with some countries legalizing its use for medical reasons. As you plan to buy dried...
man blowing vapor

5 Vape Technology Upgrades to Give You a Better Experience

While vaping is still a relatively new industry, experts have been dedicated to making the experience better for users. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, you might be confused as to how you...

Know What to Look for In A Cheap Vaporizer Deal

Are you tired of looking for a cheap but quality vaporizers? Does nothing live up to your expectations? Do most of the vapes seem out of your reach? No worries, as we have brought...
SUA Vapors Vape Juice

An In-Depth Look: SUA Vapors

Gaining traction in a short amount of time, SUA Vapors is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most popular brands. This Los Angeles-based e-liquid manufacturing brand is making waves throughout the community for its...
hemp herb

Why A Grinder Is an Essential Part of Quality Vaping

Who wouldn’t want to get the best out of their vaporizer? Everyone tries to maximize the quality of vaping in their own way: some prefer buying herbs of superior quality, while others look for...

How Many People Died From Vaping: Shocking Find

If you are searching for how many people died from vaping, you are probably interested in vaping yourself or maybe you are simply researching the topic. It's strange to us, as vapers, to even...
mesh coil build

Know Everything About Advanced Vape Coils

Has it ever crossed your mind that how your vaporizer actually works? Whether you have newly picked up the vaping habit or have been doing it for a while, the curiosity will eventually get...
blowing vapor

How To Get More Flavor and Vapor From Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Besides buying a quality vaporizer, there are several things you can do to enhance the flavor. Sometimes, even a small effort can improve your experience many times over. And you wouldn’t have to tolerate...
cbd tincture

Different Ways to Consume CBD More Effectively

The admiration for CBD or Cannabidiol has spiked up since experts have authenticated its health-promoting nature. It has proven to have anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic properties, which can deal with several physical and mental...
vaping mod rebuildable atomizer

Technological Advancement in Vaping

A few years back, your favorite vapes products weren't as efficient as they are today. The whole industry has come a long way from being confined to a few societies to spread widely across...
vape pen and cigarette

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking: Research Yields Facts

Is vaping better than smoking? If you had to answer this before reading this article or doing any research, what would your determination be? The problem the vaping industry faces is that there are...
quit vaping

How To Quit Vaping: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are very few people asking how to quit vaping but there are those few out there, and this article is for them. If you are wanting to quit vaping, we've constructed a step-by-step...
vape juice brands

Vape Juice Online: Where To Find The Best Flavors

When it comes to vape juice online, you are likely wondering where to find the best flavors. There are thousands of online vape stores to choose from. Unfortunately, there are no restrictions on who...

Is Nicotine-Free Vaping Safe: Ingredients List

Is nicotine-free vaping safe, and if so, why are people doing it with nicotine? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of vaping, well, since the e-cigarette was invented simply as an alternative to nicotine? There...
Vaping Alcohol

Vaping Alcohol Is Real and Very Dangerous

Vaping alcohol is real and very dangerous, judging by the extensive research we've conducted on the topic. We have all heard of vaping concentrates, cannabidiol, vitamins, caffeine, and several others. But have you ever...
SMOK Nord 2 Pod System

5 Reasons Why The Nord Vape Is A Must-Buy

The Nord Vape is a must-buy for several reasons, and in this article, we will list 5 of them that stick out to us the most. We're sure that you are all familiar with...
game controller mod

The Most Interesting Vapes in 2020

Thanks to the innovative spirit of the vape community, there is a handful of leading brands that really stand out among the rest. However, today we will not mention any best vape or famous...
Vuse Alto

The Alto Vape Is A Big Breakthrough For Vuse

If you haven't heard about the Alto Vape, you may want to direct your attention to this once overlooked brand because their new device is a big breakthrough for Vuse. That opening line may...

PG/VG Ratio – Why Does It Matter

Whether you choose your e-liquid for the flavor or you like a juice that gives you big clouds, one thing that will help you pick the right liquid is an understanding of PG/VG ratio.  In...
Juice Head Cali Bars

Juice Head Cali Bars Disposable Preview

With disposable vape pens growing rapidly in popularity, you will notice the market is shifting. Popular vape juice manufacturers are now teaming up with the industry’s most recognized disposable vape pen manufacturers, creating the...
new york vape flavor ban

A Vape Flavor Ban Leaves New York In Crumbles

A vape flavor ban has left New York in crumbles after the New York State Assembly placed a ban on the sale of vapor products that contained flavors, other than tobacco. You would expect...
disposable wax pen

How To Use A Disposable Vape Pen

How to use a disposable vape pen is a question that many people are asking as of late. The reason why these disposable devices have become so popular and sparking interest from a wide...
fix a leaking vape tank

How to Fix a Leaking Vape Tank

When you’re dealing with refillable vape tanks, leaking is a fact of life. In fact, it’s amazing that vape tanks don’t leak even more than they do when you consider the fact that they’ve...
girl vaping

An Introduction to Vaping

Things have come a long way since the first e-cigarette was released on the market more than 15 years ago. The first range of electronic cigarettes actually looked like a regular cigarette complete with...
custard monster

Custard Monster Custard E-Liquid Collection

The market is filled with millions of flavors to choose from, so it is especially hard to stand out amongst the competition. That is unless you can create a trio of scrumptiously delicious flavors...
broken disposable vape pen

Disposable Vape Pen Not Working?

Is your disposable vape pen not working? Then you've come to the right place for a complete breakdown. You've probably landed on this post because you too are experiencing the woes of using a...
DOSE Disposable Vape Pen

The Industry’s Best CBD Disposable Vape Pen

The best CBD disposable vape pen is something many people are beginning to ponder due to the popularity of both disposable vaping and cannabidiol (CBD). The medicinal benefits of CBD are soaring through the...
vaping cbd

How To Vape CBD?

Vaping has become popular across the globe as more and more people decide to give it a try. This technique has also become a common way of introducing CBD to your system due to...
Best Device for CBD Vaping

What’s the Ideal Vaping Device for CBD E-Liquid?

You don’t need this article to tell you that CBD has become an insanely popular supplement. People are buying CBD from all sorts of retailers, and they’re using it for a seemingly endless variety...
disposable vape no nicotine

Disposable Vape Pen No Nicotine: Is There Such A Thing?

A disposable vape pen with no nicotine; is there such a thing? Believe it or not but there is. In fact, not only are there regular disposable vape pens that contain no nicotine but...
disposable vape tank clear

Is A Disposable Vape Tank Worth It?

Disposable vape tanks... whew, we've come a long way. The market for vapor products is so innovative. It has come a long way since the days of eGo's and cartridges, that's for sure. I...
vaping cbd

Guide To Vaping CBD and CBD Oil

Vaping CBD and CBD oil is a trend that is spreading quickly throughout the world, and the legalization of marijuana in various states has opened the eyes to a large majority of the public...
Trip Cloud Pen

Trip Cloud Pen Disposable Vape

The competition is thickening in the disposable market, especially with the launch of the all-new Trip Cloud Pen Disposable Vape. It is a new device that is fresh off the assembly line, packing the...
Moti Vape

One of The Best Vape Brands of 2020: Moti Vape

If you are wondering which brands are considered the best, you may want to turn your attention to one of the up and coming best vape brands of 2020, Moti Vape. With the competition thickening,...
V2 Cigs Disposable Vapes

Flavored Pod Ban Makes Disposable Vapes Relevant Again

Unless you’re a very new member of the vaping community, you’re likely aware of the fact that the U.S. federal government issued an edict in early 2020 banning flavors other than menthol and tobacco...
vape pen oil

How To Use A Vape Pen: Complete Instructions

If you are wondering how to use a vape pen, we have the complete instructions you're looking for. However, to provide an accurate answer, it's best if we know what type of vape pen...
naked 100 salt flavor name change

Naked 100 Salts Preview: Updated Flavor Names

Billowing with clouds of flavor, Naked 100 Salts has always been a name that is recognized for its delicious tastes. It utilizes expert mixologists to construct the perfect recipes, adding just the right amount...
Avail Vapor CEO James Xu

Avail Vapor To Buy The Largest eCommerce Vapor Company

You heard it right, Avail Vapor, one of the industry's most iconic vapor retail stores that operate both online and off, as agreed to buy one of the largest eCommerce vapor company's in the...
disposable vape pens

Can You Recharge A Disposable Vape Pen?

Wouldn't life just be great if you could recharge a disposable vape pen? A device that doesn't even reach upwards of twenty dollars. Purchasing an incredibly affordable product for less than a quarter of...
vaping cannabis

Guide To Vaping THC and THC Oil

Vaping THC and THC oil are increasing in popularity at an overwhelming rate. Due to the legalization of marijuana in various states, manufacturers have had greater opportunities to create modern equipment to make cannabis...

Vaping Guide For 2020: The Updated Version

The vaping guide for 2020 has been strategically written to deliver necessary information about vaping without the detailed nonsense. Here at Guide To Vaping, we're known throughout the community for sharing vape guides on...
mod button press

Vape Mod Secret Button Sequences – How To Use Them

While manufacturers do provide instructions, in reality, they often end up in the trash along with the packaging of the product. We know how difficult it is to read those instructions, much less follow...
smpl ejuice deal

SMPL Ejuice 240ml Deal – $14.99

When it comes to ejuice, it's all about finding a deal that will satisfy your tastes and your pocket. This is why we're sharing the SMPL Ejuice 240ml Deal that will only cost you...

SUPER CHEAP Vape Juice For $10 or Less

If you are on a budget and need an online store that can offer good deals, you have come to the right place. In this article, we'll tell you about one vape store where...

How To Fix SMOK RPM Series No Atomizer Warning

The SMOK RPM series of devices have been awesome, especially the original SMOK RPM40 Starter Kit and the more advanced SMOK RPM80 Pro Mod Starter Kit. The brand we all have come to know...
vaping art

Guide To Vaping Tips

Getting Started: If you're just starting out as a new vaper enough to where your breath still reaks of cigarette smoke, the best thing we can do is to advise you to view these...

Introducing EightVape – The Largest Online Vaping Superstore

Chances are you may have learned about the industry's largest online retail stores. You see them everywhere online and they always have the best deals. What you didn't know is that these stores use...
vape coil rda

All About Vaping: What Can Damage Your Coils?

Have you ever been happily puffing along on your favorite e-liquid when you suddenly wrinkle your nose in disgust due to a horrible dry pull and burnt taste? You frown in confusion because you...
disposable vapes

What Is The Price of Disposable Vapes on The Market?

Despite the popularity of vape mods, disposable vapes are quickly taking over because of the convenience, affordable price, and disposable design. This is something that mods simply cannot compete with. The most intriguing part...
Cuttwood Cali Bars Mega Melons Ice

An In-Depth Look: Cuttwood Cali Bars

What do you get when you combine two of the most legendary names in vaping, who are known for creating the most fascinating vaping experiences on the market? You get utter, pure vaping satisfaction....
puff bar background

The Difference Between Regular Vapes and Disposables

Believe it or not but disposable are on the rise and regular vapes, such as mods and vape pods are taking a backseat. Your prized mod that you shelled out one-hundred-plus dollars for is...
online shopping uk

How to choose an online vape shop in UK?

If you are located in the UK and wondering how to choose an online vape shop to handle all of your vaping needs, we have the answers. We've taken the time to research vape...

Best Disposable Vape UK 2020

In the world of vapor products, disposable vaping is quickly gaining the market spotlight. It originates from the days where devices like Blu and Njoy gained its claim to fame but those devices and...
Most Unique CBD Products

Top 5 Most Unique CBD Products

The CBD industry is booming and we're witnessing a colossal of unique products entering the market. With so many products all infused with highly beneficial cannabidiol, it's making it hard to choose all the...
ORO Disposable Bar

Twist E-Liquid ORO Disposable Bar Preview

Launching itself on the market full throttle, the Twist E-Liquid ORO Disposable Bar has quickly become the industry's hit disposable. One may ask how it differs from every other disposable vape on the market,...
Bang Disposable Vape

An In-Depth Look: Bang Disposable Vape

For those that are looking for the next best thing when it comes to disposable vapes, you won’t have to look very far. Bang is the latest name gaining all the chatter, and it...
naked 100

An In-Depth Look: Naked 100 – New Names, Same Great Flavor

The History of Naked 100 and NKD 100 Salt Naked 100 is a brand that has been around for many years and is considered a premium vape juice company. The company started in Southern California...
moti mojo

MOTI-MOJO, The World’s First E-Cig Design That Is Recommended by Green Product Award

MOTI’s Two E-cig Won the Award Competing with 1000 Entries from Six Continents Las Vegas, USA, April, 2020 – The Green Product Award, initiated by German companies, is an award for green creative products. Held...
Posh Plus OG Image

Posh Plus Disposable Vape Preview

Disposable ecigs are incredibly popular because they are easy to use, satisfying, and come in great flavors. With flavored prefilled vape pods no longer on the market, disposable vapes are the only game in...
moti vape

Why the Disposable e-cig is Getting More Popular than Ever

Compared to conventional cigarette smoking, disposable e-cigarettes are becoming more popular. Many factors explain the popularity of e-cigarettes and the constant reduction in the usage of conventional cigarettes. According to the report published by...
cali bars blog image

Cali Bar Disposable Vape Preview

The Cali Bar Disposable Vape is a convenient stick style disposable vape. Less than 4 inches in length, the Cali Bar holds 1.3ml of nic salt ejuice. This gives the Cali Bar almost twice...
e-cigarette alien mod

4 Important Things to Look For in Your Next Vape Pen

You've gotten into vaping, and you're ready to buy a brand new vape pen. Or maybe you're prepared to graduate to a more sophisticated pen than the first one you picked out. No matter...
Suorin Reno

Suorin Reno Pod Kit Preview

For those of you that are aware of the Suorin brand, you know it is one of the largest vapor products brands in the industry, yet they never settle for being better but instead...
migvapor vape device

Dab Pen vs. Vape Pen: Which Is Right For You?

Dabbing vs vaping is quite the heated discussion that has often bothered the stoner community. Although dabbing isn’t actually new, several improvements in glassblowing and technology in the last couple of years have allowed this...
nord 2 instructions

SMOK Nord 2 Setup Instructions

Releasing more products than ever, SMOK never seems to pull its foot off the gas. Yet again, it has developed another fascinating vaping device, and this time it is the SMOK Nord 2, an...
puffbar background

Electronic Cigarette – The Next Quit Smoking Device

What do we know about e-cigarettes or the other vaping devices? Many research suggests that vaping is a safer alternative when compared to the previous methods of tobacco consumption. This is why it is...
RPM80 Pro Setup Instructions

SMOK RPM80 Pro Setup Instructions

While there are many pod mod vaping devices in its class that pose as a great competitor, the SMOK RPM80 Pro towers them all when it comes to convenience, design, features, and performance. The...