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Exceeds Expectations: Slaps Disposable Vape Review

First Impressions While there are many devices on the market that take on different shapes, designs, and colors, I have yet to see anything quite...

7 Daze Egge Review

First Impressions Until its release, I've never seen a disposable vape so small, especially one that is chargeable. The 7 Daze Egge is remarkably...

Delta Extrax God’s Gift HHC Disposable Vape Review

Adding yet another stellar experience to its line-up, the Delta Extrax God's Gift HHC Disposable Vape can easily become the highlight of your day....

Hyde Mag Review

The Hyde Mag is the latest disposable vape innovation from renowned disposable vape manufacturer, Hyde Disposables. It features a unique look that mimics the...

Delta Extrax Purple Punch HHC Disposable Vape Review

Expanding its line of vaping products, Delta Extrax has created yet another product in the form of a disposable vape. However, unlike many disposables...


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