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Heads up Indiana Vapers!

CALL TO ACTION! Any vapers in Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana - there will be a public meeting tonight to discuss the smoking ban that includes e-cigs: http://www.indy.gov/eGov/Council/Meetings/Committees/Documents/2012/2rules01-17-12.pdf Please attend and...

The Vaper Database

Imagine going to a website and being able to search vapers that stored their information in a big database. Imagine being able to find another vaper across the world...

Top Vape Articles of 2011- GTV

Here are a handful of our top read vaper/vaping related articles in 2011 - in case you had missed them. We hope they were insightful, entertaining or at least...

The Prominent Side of Nicotine

The ability of ones choice to decide, nicotine or no nicotine. You're faced with the unreasonable decision everyday once you've become its pawn of non-stop money draining, deadline in-taking...

We Are Vapers -A Documentary Film

(From WeAreVapers.com) [vimeo 34320245 w=400 h=225] We Are Vapers - A Documentary Film from Linc Williams on Vimeo.   We Are Vapers A Documentary Film An Exploration into the World of Harm Reduction WHAT’S THE STORY ABOUT? Smoking tobacco...

GuideToVaping Tally’s Some Interesting Vaping Results

In GuideToVaping's latest Poll, we asked you the viewers, "How long you've been vaping?". We've known that the majority of our viewers and subscribers are new to electronic cigarettes,...

State of Wisconsin – Call To Action!

Call to Action for Wisconsin RESIDENTS! LRB 1287/1 and 3573/1:AN ACT to renumber 101.123 (1) (h); and to create 101.123 (1) (h) 2m. of the statutes. This bill specifies that the...

Boston Globe ecig article and CASAA

Thank you CASAA! We appreciate your commitment in helping smokers find healthier alternatives. If every non-profit health/heart group and/or association was as informed and direct as CASAA we'd be...

Boston’s Board of Health Approves Electronic Cigarette Rules

BOSTON -- One of the appealing aspects of electronic cigarettes is the ability for adult consumers to use them anywhere traditional cigarettes are banned. But that has all changed in Boston. The...
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