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Call To Action- FDA to ban Internet sales of ecigs.

Time is running out to send your comments to your representatives (Dec. 8th). The FDA wants to close down all Internet sales of ecigs to save the kids. Do...

10 Reasons To Put Down The Cigarette and Give Vaping A Try

Removing yourself from the traditional analog cigarette can be a hassle and it never fails to give off headaches, cold sweats and discomfort leaving you with days on end...

Public School Bans E-Cigarettes

By JAMIE KELLY of the Missoulian | Posted: Saturday, November 26, 2011 6:15 am Missoula County Public Schools policy bans 'e-cigarettes' An updated Missoula County Public Schools tobacco policy targets devices that are growing...

Why Does The FDA Hate Us? (ecig users, vapers)

This is a hard article to write. I didn't want to speak for everyone that I've met that quit smoking by using ecigs. An article with multiple opinions and...

Electronic Cigarettes and The Addiction

Electronic Cigarettes are of course new to many and those that have already been marching to the e-cig frenzy have grown a passion for them. There is no doubt...

CASAA successfully stops e-cigarette use ban in Alameda, CA

As reported by CASAA's Call to Action from November 1st, the Alameda City Council was considering a comprehensive smoking ban; which included electronic cigarettes in the definition of "smoking."...

Chance To Win The Lava Tube Kit!

Wednesday November 23rd at 9:30pm EST. You will have a chance to beat nhaler.com - Drew in a poker hand for a chance to win a complete Lava Tube...

Authorities Stub Out E-Cigs

FRANCES STEWART 20 Nov, 2011 01:00 AM CANBERRANS keen to try smokeless ''e-cigarettes'' are running a legal tightrope, with the product banned across Australia despite its increasing availability online.Health authorities and...

DOT Plans to Ban Use of E-cigarettes on Aircraft

Today is the last day to get in comments! CASAA has made this VERY EASY to do! You can write your own, short testimonial (just a couple of sentences)...

How health groups fight against healthy laws

A funny (yet true) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart "report" on the hypocrisy of groups like the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. Proves what groups...
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