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Vape Juice Reviews

The Hipster Vape Co E-Liquid Review

  If you like vapes that taste like tea, this review of The Hipster Vape Company’s e-liquid should be right up your alley.  Even if tea isn’t your thing, you may find something in this line that fits your taste buds perfectly.  While walking around at VaporSlam 2, I approached the...

Vape Juice Reviews

Uncle Creepy’s Awesome Sauce E-Liquid Review

  Uncle Creepy’s Awesome Sauce is one of the amazing flavors released by Uncle Mike’s Elixir.  Fun and games on the outside, but nothing but business behind the label is the way I would describe, not only this e-liquid, but also the man behind it all.  Let’s take the next...

Vape Juice Reviews

Gallery Vape – Fresh Prince E-Liquid Review

Today I will be giving my honest opinion of the Fresh Prince e-liquid from Gallery vapes.  Fresh Prince was delivered with two other offerings from Gallery, and each flavor will be receiving its own review.  This was part of a larger package sent by my editor for review and as such I have had no...

Vape Juice Reviews

Cloud Creators Constellation Line E-Liquid Review

Today, I will be giving you my honest opinion of the  Cloud Creators Constellation E-Liquid Line.  Each and every week it seems as though more E-Liquid companies are appearing out of the ether, and after a while it seems many are selling the same products with a different name.  Maybe its just my...




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